Ashthorpe Banjo Review

It is said that a banjo does not play a sad tune or have a mellow tune, so add some joy to your life with just an Ashthorpe banjo.

With this Banjo instrument, as well as the ability to properly execute the strings, style, and components of the instrument versions you have, you will be certain to find the ideal connection for your playing style.

So whether you’re playing any kind of music for your friends or family, you’ll get a bright and clear sound that everyone will like.

The banjo comes with a cushioned tour bag, additional strings, a cleaning cloth, and picks, so you’ll be prepared to pluck any favorite melody in no time.

Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo
Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo
Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo
Our Score
  • Traditional style: This 5-string banjo is perfect for any style of play with its guitar-style headstock and neck combined with a tambourine shaped body. Whether you’re playing mellow country tunes, folk, bluegrass, clawhammer-style, even rock, you’ll get a great response and sound from this right-handed banjo.
  • Remo head
  • High-quality craftsmanship: Ashthorpe's banjo features a mahogany neck and laurel fretboard with finely manicured, smooth seated frets. The body is crafted from mahogany with a high-gloss finish. The closed-back resonator can be easily removed, allowing this banjo to be played open back. 
  • Geared 5th tuner and adjustable truss rod: This 5-string banjo also includes a geared 5th string tuner, typically found on more expensive banjos. 
  • Banjo bundle kit includes: This banjo is safely stored inside a 15mm premium fabric padded “gig bag” guitar case with pocket, carry handle, and shoulder strap. Extra strings, a polishing cloth, and three celluloid picks are also included.

Main Takeaways

The Pros & Cons


  • The body is made of mahogany and finished in a high-gloss finish. 
  • You may adjust the neck with the flexible truss rod to straighten it.
  • Beginners should use geared tuners to make tuning easier and avoid the banjo from going out of tune.
  • Affordable for most people.


  • Picking and straps could be better, but they’re easy to change.
  • It’s a little difficult to replace the resonator once removed.
  • The tone is quieter and less punchy.
  • Not Brand Name.

The Sound

Some of the banjos played have an open-back. These are often less in weight and have a softer sound.

A wooden bowl called a ‘Resonator’ is affixed to the rear of the drum on other banjos.

Because the resonator generally rests on your body as you play, sitting down is more comfortable and aids in transmitting the sounds forward.

Most Bluegrass players chose ‘closed back’ or ‘Resonator’ style banjos as they’re a little louder.

Unfortunately, they are relatively heavy, and standing up to play them can be exhausting. Many people believe that if you want to play Bluegrass, you have to use a closed-back banjo, but perhaps the most important thing for a beginner is to feel comfortable.

The open-back banjo will be lighter to handle and easier to play for many people.

The Price Range/Value

A complete beginner kit with a lower-end model will cost around $150 and $300 for those just getting started, making it an ideal buy if you’re unsure if you’ll persist with it. $300 and $425 will get you a pretty good mid-range banjo.

The Style

With guitar-style tuners and a neck mixed with a tambourine-shaped body, its 5-string banjo is suited for any performance.

This right-handed banjo will respond and sound wonderful whether you’re playing calm country classics, folk, Bluegrass, clawhammer-style, or even rock.

The ‘Scale length’ is the gap between the bridge and the nut on the string.

In other terms, the entire width of the vibrating steel cable creates the sound when the string is not fretted. String lengths on banjos vary, and they’re always set to the same melodic notes.

There’s a lot of strain in a steel wire if you stretch it tight enough to generate a sound.

So even if you add a half-inch to the length, it will make a tremendous impact on the sound and how effortlessly accessible it is to play.

Long-scale banjos with a scale length of roughly 26 inches are popular among professionals due to their superior tone, but they can be challenging to play.

Beginners should consider instruments with a shorter scale.

The Quality

This banjo kit features a Remo head, which the renowned Remo drum manufacturer manufactures. The crisp white, polished head delivers brilliant sound and clarity.

A magnificent 5/8″ maple/ebony bridge rests on the Remo’s head for enhanced string vibration transfer and is held with 24 chrome-plated brackets.

The Ashthorpe banjo has a mahogany neck and laurel fingerboard with finely manicured, smoothly seated frets and a mahogany body with such a high-gloss surface.

About The Brand

What do music-loving amateurs and professionals have in common? They communicate through music, which is a worldwide language.

No one knows this better than Ashthorpe. They create instruments to bring the music community together and link musicians with their fans.

Their devices are ideal for everyone from children to students to event concertizing performers, allowing all performers to express themselves artistically.

Everything that you need to compose music may be found in Ashthorpe.

They provide a large selection of high-quality guitars, including traditional acoustic, electric, and acoustic-electric models. Left-handed guitars are also available, which are made explicitly for left-handed players.

Regardless if music for you is a hobby, a passion, or something you do for fun or a career, show yourself with a guitar that generates high-quality sound.

The Ashthorpe instruments are made from high-quality materials and polished with meticulous attention to detail.

The well-crafted guitars offer more excellent sound and tonal quality with great playability and longevity for school kids new to music classes and classical musicians in small piece bands.

A musical instrument is a priceless investment.

Bottom Line

This conventional 5-string banjo is ideal for musicians of all ability levels, regardless of prior experience.

This lovely high-gloss mahogany banjo, made of 5-ply maple with such a mahogany shell and has a movable hinged truss rod, is a great way to have a good time with friends or family.

This is the ideal instrument for someone who has always wanted to learn to play instruments. This could be your opportunity to uncover your God-given talent. To realize your desire, get an Ashthorpe 5-String Banjo now!

Go over to the site and look for beginner banjo reviews. Allow the stories of your fellow musicians to guide you along the road. For the most part, buyers will tell you how they felt about the instruments and the maker.

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