Aulos vs. Yamaha Recorder (Which One Is Better?)

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Have you finally decided to get your hands on a quality recorder? Are you torn between Yamaha and Aulos? Well, for starters, both of these brands are quite reputable. You can be assured of getting a durable recorder with a good pitch, whichever route you go.

However, as you know, all brands aren’t built the same. Many believe that Yamaha recorders tend to have a better pitch and produce more consistent sound across the mid and high range.

Not to mention, Yamaha ventured into the sound industry way earlier than Aulos. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that Aulos recorders are knock-offs in any way. This brand is also well known for their durable instruments that offer solid intonation.

Are you still not sure which brand is better? Well, below we are going to review both brands. And by the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea which recorder brand is ideal for you.

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Which Brand of Recorder is Better? (Aulos vs. Yamaha)

Let’s start with Yamaha Recorders

When it comes to the sound industry, Yamaha is a renowned brand. Founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, the company sells some of the best musical instruments in the world. This company manufactures a huge variety of recorders, designed for players who are at all different levels.

Yamaha recorders feature a simple yet impressive design. For instance, the Yamaha YRS-23 features a three-piece construction that makes it easier for players to adjust their fingers and produce high-quality sound.

Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder, German Fingering, Natural 1.00 x 2.00 x 13.75
  • Excellent tuning and sound quality
  • Made from durable and safe ABS plastic resin with no BPA
  • Double holes for low C/C number and D/D number to improve tuning
  • Simplified German fingering

The pitch produced by Yamaha recorders is quite consistent. The only downsides of some of their recorders is that they can break easily and need to be handled carefully. Nonetheless, the instruments from this brand can be relied on by both students and teachers.

What about Aulos Recorders?

First of all, you should know that recorders manufactured by Aulos are tough and will serve you for years. Even though this company surfaced years after Yamaha, they’ve been very dedicated to making the best recorders.

For the past 50 years, Aulos has only made recorders and their accessories. The idea behind the Aulos brand name was borrowed from the word for a double-reed instrument that was played in ancient Greece, which was very similar to the recorder.

The construction of the Aulos recorder makes it perfect for modern-day music classes. It’s a bit expensive compared to other brands, but they really do deliver on features.

Aulos is very keen on design. If you look at their recorders, you’ll realize that most feature an impressive finish. The intonation is also solid and consistent.

The Aulos Descant 903 is one of their more popular models, and has been designed with easy playability in mind (in part due to its single holes for low C and D, which makes it easier to play in the lower register).

Aulos Descant Recorder (903)
  • Three-Piece Student Descant / Soprano Recorder
  • In Ivory colour
  • Detachable thumb rest
  • Curved wind way

This brand goes the extra mile to ensure comfort when using this instrument, by offering a thumb rest as one of their accessories.

What are the Differences Between Aulos and Yamaha Recorders?

One difference is that Aulos recorders seem to have more of a focus on looking aesthetically pleasing. For players that appreciate beautiful instruments, it’s worth giving Aulos a shot.

Another key difference worth noting is that Yamaha recorders are perfect for tenor and bass, whereas Aulos leans more towards alto.

From personal experience and from other players’ reviews, the sound of Yamaha is a bit richer.

Regarding joint fitting, Yamaha and Aulos also differ. Aulos molding technology ensures that there is no leak of air, which is sometimes not the case when it comes to Yamaha.

What are the Similarities Between Aulos and Yamaha Recorders?

Despite these differences, Aulos and Yamaha recorders do still have their similarities.

For example, both of these recorders are built for players at all different skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can get a recorder that matches your skill level from either of these brands.

Secondly, the surface around the thumb holes of both Yamaha and Aulos is very clean and smooth. This enables you to move your thumb faster when playing low and high octave notes.

The three front holes in recorders from both brands are shifted to the left, thus adding comfort when using the instrument.

If you are considering buying from either of these brands, you should know that the accessories you will get are almost the same (items like fingering charts, recorder cream, and a cleaning rod).

On the accessories note, one thing that’s easy to forget when you’re purchasing a recorder is a book or two to help get you on track with learning. Make sure to throw a couple of those in – they’ll make a world of difference in the pace of your learning.

[PRO TIP: Speed up the pace of your learning with this recorder book from one of the most trusted brands out there.]

And one more thing on the topic of accessories – if you happen to go for a recorder that doesn’t come with a case, make sure to add that to your shopping checklist as well. Recorders might seem fairly easy to tote around, but you definitely want to scoop up a case to avoid all the dings and dents that can add up over time.

[PRO TIP: If you can find a hard case at a good price point, go for it over a soft case or gig bag. This recorder case fits that bill.]

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best recorder isn’t easy, especially if you are new to playing woodwind musical instruments.

Yamaha and Aulos are both reputable brands. The ideal brand for YOU depends on your tastes and preferences.

Hopefully, this guide will put you on the right path!


Q: What is the difference between Aulos and Yamaha recorders?

A: Aulos and Yamaha are both well-known brands of recorders, but the main difference lies in their design and sound quality. Yamaha recorders tend to have what many consider a refined, more polished sound, while Aulos recorders have a warmer, more natural tone.

Q: Which one is easier to play?

A: Both Aulos and Yamaha recorders are easy to play, but some players may find that Yamaha recorders have a slightly smoother and easier-to-play feel.

Q: Can Aulos recorders produce the same quality of sound as Yamaha recorders?

A: Yes, Aulos recorders can produce a high-quality sound that is comparable to Yamaha recorders. However, the sound quality may vary slightly depending on the specific model of Aulos or Yamaha recorder being used.

Q: What is the best type of recorder for beginners?

A: For beginners, it is recommended to start with a plastic soprano recorder as they are more affordable, easier to play, and have a better tone quality than wooden recorders. Aulos and Yamaha both offer high-quality plastic soprano recorders that are ideal for beginners.

Q: What is the lifespan of an Aulos or Yamaha recorder?

A: The lifespan of a recorder depends on how well it is maintained and how frequently it is used. Both Aulos and Yamaha recorders are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last for years, with proper care.

Q: How do I clean my Aulos or Yamaha recorder?

A: To clean your recorder, use a soft cloth to gently wipe the body and bore of the instrument. Avoid using water or any other cleaning agents as this may damage the recorder.

Q: Are Aulos or Yamaha recorders easy to repair?

A: Yes, both Aulos and Yamaha recorders are relatively easy to repair, with the right tools and knowledge. However, it is recommended to consult a professional for any repairs to ensure the best results.

Q: Should I purchase a case for my Aulos or Yamaha recorder?

A: Yes, it is recommended to purchase a case for your recorder as it will protect it from damage and dust. Aulos and Yamaha both offer high-quality cases that are specifically designed for their recorders.

Q: How do I choose between an Aulos and Yamaha recorder?

A: The choice between an Aulos and Yamaha recorder depends on personal preference, skill level, and budget. Consider factors such as sound quality, ease of play, and durability when making your decision.

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