5 Best Autoharps For Beginners (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

If you have a high level of interest in learning how to play the autoharp and are wondering about the best autoharp for beginners, then this buying guide review will provide helpful information regarding some of the best autoharps.

You will surely find a top quality authoharp among these selections that will meet your needs that will allow you to learn to play beautiful music well.

#1 The Oscar Schmidt OS45CE Appalachian Electric Autoharp

The Oscar Schmidt OS45CE Appalachian Electric Autoharp is crafted of fine quality spruce that is applied to the top of this instrument. Further, the sound hole is made with a unique shape in the form of a flower. The body of this autoharp is constructed of solid maple, which contributes to the durability of this musical instrument.. The pin block is laminated with rock maple. This device has a pristine satin finish and provides you with twenty-one chords. The notes that this autoharp produces are clear and distinctive.

Most people enjoy playing this autoharp. It is quite common for people to take time to play it each day. At first, it will require a lot of tuning in order to allow the strings to loosen for top quality playing and enjoyment. Then it is normal for the device to require tuning about every three to four days. However, only usually a few strings are off note, as most strings do stay well tuned for a considerable amount of time. This autoharp will perform well on its own and it also sounds terrific when you use an amp. This musical instrument can be laid on your lap during playing. Also, it is enjoyable to play when it is placed in an upright position. This autoharp is great to play with finger picks and will also sound amazing with the usage of regular picks.

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#2 The Oscar Schmidt OS15B Autoharp

The Oscar Schmidt OS15B Autoharp demonstrates a high level of handcrafted quality. The pin block is constructed of rock maple and provides the assurance that your amazing autoharp will remain in tune. It comes with a delightful sunburst finish that is glossy. This instrument allows you to play a range of fifteen chords. You will enjoy many long hours of musical pleasure when you play this top quality autoharp.

You will be impressed with the finish of this autoharp that is astoundingly beautiful. This instrument will likely last you for a lifetime, as the quality is evident immediately. The chord bars all have even felt placements to enhance the quality of the music that you produce. The turning pins are just right, to ensure that all the strings possess the right level of tightness in order to ensure the correct tuning of this instrument, so that you can produce top quality music whenever you desire.

#3 The Oscar Schmidt OS11021FNE 36-String Autoharp

The handcrafted quality of the Oscar Schmidt OS11021FNE 36-String Autoharp makes this musical instrument highly appealing. Also, its top is made of flame natural maple that is beautifully distinctive, as it is set off with a gloss finish. There is the integration of the Ft600 tuning system that elevates the quality of music that this instrument produces every time.

You will surely enjoy the opportunity to play a range of twenty-one chords. You will further be impressed with the pickup that is built into this device, as this is a wonderful element that resolves issues with volume. This device comes with a convenient tuning wrench as well as a great assortment of picks for your preference. There is also the provision of an amp cable, which is rather easy to insert into this top quality autoharp. It is easy to tune this autoharp, as the majority of strings require an eighth of a turn or even less in order to achieve the perfect tuning that you desire.

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#4 The Oscar Schmidt OS21C Autoharp

The maple body of the Oscar Schmidt OS21C Autoharp certainly contributes to the exquisite beauty of this instrument. It comes with a pin block that is made of rock maple. Moreover, the appearance of this autoharp is distinctive with the quilted maple top that is set off with a gloss finish. You will enjoy playing a range of twenty-one chords with this top quality autoharp.This autoharp tunes relatively well to ensure that you will be playing the most beautiful music possible at all times.

The strings do not break easily, which will ensure that your autoharp will be ready to produce wonderful music whenever you are in the mood for some inspirational musical entertainment. This instrument produces beautiful music for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. The strings produce clear notes, which means that the notes will not sound tinny. Overall, this is a great choice when someone is looking to get a fine quality autoharp. This device provides a good volume when playing, so that the music is easy to listen to. This device is highly durable and will truly last for a long time.

#5 Oscar Schmidt OS73B Autoharp

Many people are truly delighted with the Oscar Schmidt OS73B Autoharp. It has such a superior quality in regard to the sound. This is an impressively beautiful instrument. The wood is gorgeous and the strings on this musical instrument are truly sturdy. They do not break easily when you are tuning this autoharp, which ensures that this device will provide many long hours of enjoyable music.

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Once you start playing this autoharp, it will be easy to understand why so many people like this instrument. It is easy to play a wide range of chords on this autoharp. It will blend well with the playing of gentle guitar music, piano music or a violin. It even sounds incredible when accompanied by flute music. This demonstrates that the autoharp is truly versatile for many different types of musical situations. The tuning is quite easy, as this device plugs into an electric tuner with real simplicity.

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