7 Best Bagpipes For Beginners (2023) – Buyer Guide & Reviews

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If you’re looking to embark on the adventure of learning to play the bagpipes yourself, you likely have been wondering which are the best bagpipes for beginners.

This article will help you sort that out, as we review some of the best on the market today, which will help move you along on your learning journey and enable you to play the bagpipes with beautiful mastery.

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Top 7 Beginner Bagpipes

#1 AJW Bagpipes Set – Best Overall

Bagpipes Beginner Full Set with book Learn to play bagpipe
  • Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe 40″ X 20″ Full Size Synthetic Bag 30 X 12.Made Of The Finest Seasoned Rosewood Buy With 100 % Satisfaction.

For anyone looking for bagpipes that they can play well as a beginner, the AJW Bagpipes Set tops our list. These bagpipes are very user friendly. You’ll appreciate the fact that they come with a cord, so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy the cord separately.

As soon as you see these magnificent bagpipes, you’ll realize how much quality has actually been put into making them. When you play them, you’ll experience first hand how that quality helps these bagpipes put forth a gorgeous, clear sound that is distinct and impressive.

In our opinion, you’d be hard-pressed not to be delighted with these bagpipes, and probably won’t need to look elsewhere for other options. These bagpipes are highly durable also, and all the pieces fit well together, so they should last you a nice long time.

These bagpipes are also highly responsive, in that they don’t require you to be constantly exerting all your breath just to get sound from them. Just a bit of breath will result in gorgeous bagpipe notes that are full and harmonious.

#2 AAR Scottish Bagpipes – For The Money

AAR Scottish Bagpipe Rosewood Royal Stewart Tartan Black Finish with Silver Plain Mounts Free Tutor Book, Carrying Bag, Drone, Reeds
  • AAR Scottish Bagpipe Rosewood or Black Finish with Silver Plain Mounts Free Tutor Book in Various Tartans
  • Finish Outside Smooth and glossy Finish Inside Hole Polish and all Projecting Silver Mounts Sole, Ferrule, Ring Cap.
  • Full Size Bagpipe 40 x 20 Synthetic Bag 30 X 12.

We’re going to go out on a limb here – when you get the AAR Scottish Bagpipes and try them out for the very first time, you will not be able to put them down. These bagpipes are ideal for beginners, as they are easily playable.

This is because they respond to the slightest amount of breath with rapidity and prowess. These are excellently made bagpipes as well, and are able to withstand a lot of usage. The wood is top quality.

The bores of the drones are finished off nicely, which adds to the majestic look of these finely crafted bagpipes. Much effort was made in the manufacture of these bagpipes to produce a product that you’ll be pleased with for a long time.

The supplied reeds are of high caliber, and contribute to the playing enjoyment of these bagpipes. When you get these amazing bagpipes, you are truly getting real value. 

#3 Champion Legacy Junior Playable Bagpipes – For Kids

If you’re looking for bagpipes that will be able to hold their notes, even for children, then you’ll want to take a close look at picking up the Champion Legacy Junior Playable Bagpipes. These bagpipes will provide easy playability for kids without making them gasp or lose their breath.

They allow for plenty of notes without having to gasp or struggle. Your kids can get a serious sense of pride and accomplishment when they play these bagpipes, as the process of filling the bagpipes with air is not as cumbersome as with other types of bagpipes. For children, this means way more enjoyment, and way less frustration.

The notes come from the bladder of the bagpipes in a unified manner that produces magnificent bagpipe music that is pleasant to listen to. These bagpipes are great to use either for your childrens’ own personal enjoyment, or for when he or she has the confidence to play for a crowd to try to develop their playing skills even further. 

#4 Clan Tartan Bagpipes Starter Kit

Bagpipes Starter Kit withh Tutor Book Practice chanter for beginner
  • Great Highland Bagpipes wood Silver mounts/Scottish Bagpipe with Tutor Book
  • Beginner set with tutor book
  • Black carry bag
  • Extra drone reeds with accessories

When you want to know where you can get good bagpipes for a new beginner bagpipe player such as yourself, look no further than the Clan Tartan Bagpipes. This starter kit provides some truly nifty bagpipes that are a great option for beginner bagpipe players.

You’ll be able to get acquainted with your bagpipes as soon as you open the package, since there are no additional elements that you need to buy in order to make the bagpipes function well. All the necessary parts of these bagpipes are present in the package when you receive it.

Note that it will take some time for you to notice if the bagpipes are fully in tune. This calibration process is normal when it comes to bagpipes.

You’ll enjoy playing Clan Tartan bagpipes, and, like some other picks on our list, you’ll be happy that they will not get you out of breath like other bagpipes that are much harder to fill with air. These bagpipes fill with air easily and offer a satisfying playing experience every time. These bagpipes are truly worthy of your investment.

#5 TNYC Great Highland Bagpipes

The TNYC Great Highland Bagpipes are nicely designed bagpipes that are truly worth the money. The directions for how to use the bagpipes give some helpful information that will enhance the playing experience. The parts are well made and demonstrate wonderful quality.

These bagpipes are relatively straightforward in getting them to work with high class precision. The bagpipes are easy to assemble, and you shouldn’t have any hassles getting up and running. The valves all work well, so you’ll have the peace of mind that these bagpipes will be ready to play a beautiful tune whenever you’re in the mood. 

Overall, these are great bagpipes that are highly responsive to new users. They’ll provide lots of fun and satisfaction as you learn to play bagpipe music.

#6 AAR Full Size Rosewood Bagpipes

AAR Full size Rosewood Bagpipe Mackenzie Silver Plain Mounts Black Finish Scottish Highland Bagpipes with accessories
  • AAR Scottish Bagpipe Rosewood or Black Finish with Silver Plain Mounts Free Tutor Book in Various Tartans
  • Finish Outside Smooth and glossy Finish Inside Hole Polish and all Projecting Silver Mounts Sole, Ferrule, Ring Cap.
  • Full Size Bagpipe 40 x 20 Synthetic Bag 30 X 12.

If you have been disappointed by some other bagpipes that you’ve tried out, and found that the quality wasn’t up to par, then you need to get the AAR Full Size Rosewood Bagpipes.

These are world class bagpipes that are constructed with meticulous care, and they are always delivered to new players in great shape, ready to play your favorite bagpipe music.

The instruction booklet is well designed, and provides clear information on how the bagpipes are to be properly set up. These bagpipes provide real value for the amount that you pay for them.

The chanter on these bagpipes is also super powerful, and can hold notes all the way through to completion.

#7 AJW Great Highland Bagpipes

Irish Bagpipes for beginners Full Starter kit Learn to play bagpipe
  • Great Highland Bagpipe Rosewood Metal silver Mounts Made of Finest quality material
  • cottish Great Highland Bagpipe Full Set Ready to Play.
  • 40 x 20 Black Valvet & Matching Cord Synthetic Bag Size:- 30 X 12
  • Outside Smooth and glossy finish Inside: All bores are polished and smooth
  • 1 practice chanter 2 practice chanter Reeds 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set 1 Cane Drone Reed Set 2 Cane Pipe Chanter Reed 1 Carrying Bag. 1 Tutor Book

For those that have been disappointed by some other bagpipes having a weak chanter, you need to give the AJW Great Highland Bagpipes a serious look. These bagpipes come with a leading-edge chanter that will perform wonderfully well for you at all times.

The reeds prove to be top quality and contribute to the great sounding music that these bagpipes produce. If you have an itch to play for crowds to show off your new bagpipe playing skills, these bagpipes are definitely up to the task.

This instrument also just looks fantastic, on top of sounding outstanding. These bagpipes have been designed to accommodate beginner players very well. 

Choosing Bagpipes For Beginners – Buying Guide

Bagpipes Sound

Choosing a set of bagpipes with the right sound is an important consideration for any player. One factor to consider is the blowstick length, as it directly affects the volume and tone of the instrument. A shorter blowstick will result in a higher, more focused sound, while a longer blowstick will produce a lower, more resonant tone. Other factors to consider include the material of the drones and chanter, as well as the overall design and craftsmanship of the instrument. You should try out several different sets of bagpipes and listen to each one carefully to determine which has the sound you are looking for. Also think about your individual playing style and the type of music you will be performing on the bagpipes when making your final selection.

Bagpipes Size and Weight

When choosing a beginner set of bagpipes, give some thought to the size and weight of the instrument. For beginners, a smaller size may be more comfortable to handle, as well as easier to play. The weight of the instrument can also affect how easily it can be carried and played for extended periods of time. A lightweight set of bagpipes may be easier to handle for those with limited upper body strength, whereas a heavier set may provide more stability. Think about these factors and find a set that is comfortable to handle and play. You’ll be glad you did when it comes to your overall experience and progress.

Bagpipes Brands

Getting a brand that you can trust for quality bagpipes is essential.

Best Beginner Bagpipe Brands:

  • AJW Bagpipes – AJW is a highly regarded brand for beginner bagpipers, offering well-made instruments with great sound quality.
  • AAR Bagpipes – AAR is a trusted brand for beginner bagpipers, known for producing instruments that are both easy to play and affordable.
  • Gibson Bagpipes – Known for their affordable and high-quality bagpipes, Gibson is a popular brand for beginners.
  • McCallum Bagpipes – McCallum is another well-respected brand for beginners, with a variety of options to choose from.
  • R.G. Hardie & Co. – R.G. Hardie offers beginner sets that are well-crafted and easy to play.


Decide how much you want to spend on your set of bagpipes. Do you want to leave out some features and accessories and go easier on your wallet, or opt for the more expensive option, with everything provided for you and the highest quality available? Think this out ahead of time – don’t try to figure it out once you start looking at some options!

Last but not least, when you decide which bagpipes to go with, remember to pick up some books to speed up the learning process! It’s an easy thing to forget, but once you get the absolute basics down it’s always a good idea to start working through some music in a well structured way.

[PRO TIP: Go to “College” and speed up your learning with this excellent bagpipe tutor book from The College of Piping.]


What should I look for in a beginner bagpipe set?

When choosing a beginner bagpipe set, look for good quality reeds, easy-to-play chanter, and good intonation. A good quality carrying case is also a must-have.

What is the best material for a beginner bagpipe set?

The best material for a beginner bagpipe set is African blackwood, as it is durable and produces a good sound. Synthetic materials are also a good option as they are more affordable and easier to maintain.

Are bagpipes hard to play for beginners?

Bagpipes can be challenging for beginners, but with proper lessons and practice, they can be mastered.

What is the average lifespan of a beginner bagpipe set?

The average lifespan of a beginner bagpipe set is around 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Can I purchase individual components of a beginner bagpipe set?

Yes, you can purchase individual components of a beginner bagpipe set, but it is recommended to purchase a complete set for a better playing experience.

How often should I re-tune my beginner bagpipes?

You should re-tune your beginner bagpipes every time you play them. This will ensure that they sound their best and that you are playing in tune.

What is the best way to clean my beginner bagpipes?

The best way to clean your beginner bagpipes is to use a soft cloth and gentle soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the pipes.

Where can I purchase a beginner bagpipe set?

You can purchase a beginner bagpipe set at a music store specializing in bagpipes or online. Make sure to choose a reputable supplier to ensure that you receive a high-quality set.

What are the benefits of playing beginner bagpipes?

Playing beginner bagpipes has many benefits, including improving musical skills, physical dexterity, and cultural appreciation. Additionally, playing bagpipes can provide a sense of community and social connection.

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