Best Banjo Around $1,000 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Even though you have set your budget you still have to find a worthy banjo that meets your requirements and specific needs. That is what this article is for, to provide peace and comfort knowing that you picked the perfect banjo for you.

The 5 banjos that we review are made with unbelievable quality and will provide the kind of tone that you are looking for when you spend this kind of money.

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Top 5 Banjos Around $1,000

#1 Recording King RK-R35-BR Madison Tone Ring Banjo

When it happens to be your personal preference to have a banjo that possesses a top quality maple resonator, then you will be pleased with the Recording King RK-R35-BR Madison Tone Ring Banjo.

The usage of maple wood adds to the quality and power of this resonator, so that you will achieve the level of volume and the quality of tone that you desire every time when you play delightful banjo music whether for your own enjoyment or to entertain a crowd. The neck of this finely crafted banjo is also constructed of maple. It is noted that the truss rod is adjustable for your maximum performance options.

You are empowered to play music that has a real professional quality when you use this banjo as a result of the mastertone-style tone ring that is made of brass. In addition, the professionalism of this banjo is displayed further in the mastertone-style flange of the banjo that is constructed in one piece.

Also, this banjo is highly impressive with the provision of dual coordination rods that enhance your musical performance even more and probably the best bluegrass banjo around $1,000.

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#2 The Gold Tone WL-250 White Ladye Open-back Banjo

When you want the appeal of a banjo that reminds you of the vintage era, then you will be pleased with the Gold Tone WL-250 White Lady Open-back Banjo that comes in the prestigious color of vintage brown. It cannot be denied that this banjo has a truly vintage appearance.

This banjo has a solid fingerboard that is made of gorgeous hard rock maple. The fingerboard scoop area is crafted of exquisite ebony that adds to the real elegance and prestige of this first class banjo. Also, there is the addition of mother of pear for the cloud scoop area. You will achieve great music as a result of the tension hoop that is constructed of brass that allows you to achieve precise music on key every time you play your favorite tunes on this amazing banjo.

The tuners on this banjo will ensure that your banjo is always in tune ready to play music whenever you are in the mood. The good news is that dual coordinator rods adjust with relative ease according to your preference.

#3 Deering Goodtime Artisan Americana Banjo

The neck of the Deering Goodtime Artisan Americana Banjo is slender, which will allow you to grasp the banjo well during playing for a more solid performance. The neck is made of top quality rock maple with a luxurious brown stain that adds real richness to the beauty of this well performing instrument.

You know that this is a real Goodtime banjo, as the logo is engraved on the area of the peg head to provide proof of the authenticity of this banjo to give you real peace of mind that you are getting the real thing and not a replica. This banjo is the best open back banjo around $1,000.

The planetary tuners work wonderfully without any hassles or complexities in order to ensure that your banjo is always in tune and ready to play your favorite songs whenever you want to play them for your own personal enjoyment or when you want to entertain a crowd.

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#4 Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-String Banjo

This banjo is stunning due to its unique feature of being completely black in color. When you want a banjo that will give you a top performance every time without sounding tinny, then the Deering Goodtime Blackgrass 5-String Banjo is the one for you. This banjo allows you to play wonderful music with a real professional quality that is sure to please many crowds.

The good thing is that this banjo stays tuned for long periods of time, which gives you the confidence that you will be sure that all the notes of the songs you play will truly sound as they should. This banjo puts forth a great volume to make all your music enjoyable to listen to.

Also, when you are looking for strings that are rugged that can handle many hours of playing, then you will be impressed with how strong the strings on this fine quality banjo prove to be. You will be impressed with the overall quality of this banjo and likely it will become your preferred type of banjo to play if you have played on any other brands of banjos.

#5 Deering Goodtime 2 Resonator Banjo

The Deering Goodtime 2 Resonator Banjo is a great performing banjo as a result of the eleven inch high crown head, which has a nice frosted top. The neck is slender to allow for comfort during playing and it is crafted of lovely rock maple that showcases real quality. The rim is also made of maple and is extra sturdy because of the usage of three plies of wood. There are twenty-two frets that are covered in nickel silver. You get extra value with this beautiful banjo due to the inclusion of a protective case.

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You will love how well the music projects from this banjo as you play your cherished songs due to the world class resonator. You see the fine craftsmanship at every point of this banjo, as the Deering company always creates all its banjos with real integrity and quality.

This banjo is light in weight, which makes it comfortable to play for long periods of time. When you want a banjo that has a superior quality of clarity in the tone that it produces, then this is the banjo to select for sure. 

Buying Guide


There are many different styles of banjos such as open back, resonator, etc. Finding the right style requires you to know what type of music you want to play.

Some banjos can come with an attachable resonator for the best of both worlds.

Type Of Music

Knowing the type of music you want to play is the main thing to look for when deciding to purchase a banjo at any budget. Type of music and style go hand in hand.

For instance if you want to play bluegrass you want a resonator banjo but if you want to play some old time tunes then an open-back banjo is your best bet.


You obviously want quality in your banjo especially if you’re paying a grand and will most likely obtain quality at that price point with whichever banjo you get.

But make sure to research all the little features such as the inlays and body for slight damages or mistakes that might have occurred in manufacturing, shipping or in the store.


You probably have been confused about which banjo one to get, because there may be many available on the market to choose from.

We hope we have given you a proper understanding of the stings you need to know before you spend a thousand dollars and great selection of banjos to choose from.

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