Best Banjo For $200

Choosing a good quality banjo for $200 can be tough. There are a lot of cheap banjos that don’t stand up to our standards as banjo players no matter if you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned pro.

The market is nowadays saturated with different banjo models and deciding on the best one for you can be an overwhelming task in this case.

That’s is why we wanted to give you the three best banjos to choose from.

Below are among the best models to find for $200:

Jameson 5-String

The Jameson 5-string banjo is without a doubt the best banjo for $200.

Is has stood the test of time and has is still loved and adored and surprisingly handled the qualitly and sound throughout.

This full scale 38 inch banjo comes with a closed mahogany back.

The resonator is removable which allows versatile sound and playability.

Pyle PBJ60

Both elegant and affordable the Pyle PBJ60 is one of the best banjos for $200.

It stands among the best affordable options with a geared 5th tuner in the market.

You will find most banjos in the market with friction tuners, but then, this is different from this model. The 5th tuner gear is very accurate and ensures all strings get kept tuned for extended periods.

It has a design that honors the early 20th-century musical tradition. This is among affordable high-gloss market models designed with a rich wood finish.

The entire hardware of this banjo is sturdy and chrome-plated. This banjo is a closed-back unit with a resonator made of mahogany. It has a rosewood fingerboard and a maple bridge.

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Event component of this banjo has been constructed precisely despite its modest rate. It has both a Remo M1 drum head and white jade tuner key pegs.

This banjo also has an adjustable truss rod that helps alter the sound produced by the banjo. You will have your adjustment tool to help you with this. See our full Pyle review here.

Vangoa 5-String Banjo

The Vangoa 5-String Banjo is a great banjo with a modern and glossy look, this is the option to consider.

This beginner kit comes with the banjo obviously but also extra strings, strap, gig bag, tuner, picks and much more and definitely worth buying.

Out in the market, you will find many banjo models using zinc at the tone ring. However, this is different from this model as the manufacturer has utilized the cast aluminium for this part.

It also has a Remo drumhead, 5th tuner gear, and a multi-inlay rosewood fretboard.

This is among the durable models in the market despite its purchase rate. The resonator can be removed to offer different sounds, and it has such excellent acoustics.

ADM 5-String Banjo

The ADM 5-String Banjo is the best model for the beginner or student grade musical group. Those who have used it before can agree with me that it’s a playable and enjoyable product assuring enjoyment and success in pursuing this instrument. 

The ADM features 5th tuner gear rarely found in affordable models in the market. It also has a maple bridge, a chrome-plated armrest, 24 brackets and an adjustable tailpiece.

The ADM banjo is not only a great looking instrument but also offers excellent sounds at large.

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It’s a durable banjo formed with selected quality imported rosewood attaining a hard feel texture. This helps at keeping the entire structure stable as it also increases its general stability and sound transmission. See our full ADM Banjo review here.

What to look for in a good Banjo

Getting the right banjo to use is the joy of every person. Since there are plenty of options, settling on the right one is not easy.

Making a selection can be two ways after completing the deal; your choice can either give you great joy or also sore disappointment at large.

Your ultimate goal when purchasing this instrument is always kept satisfied with it. You’ll be buying the instrument, not for anyone’s enjoyment but your own.

A great banjo can be an investment of life, and it will serve you best the rest of your life if taken care of the best way possible.

Below is what to look for in a good banjo;


You will find that most three-finger players out there like playing a resonator banjo. The reason is that it complements the sharp quickness style it has. Bluegrass banjos players love resonators to.

The clawhammer players like most open back options. You need to try out both of these to pick the best option for you.


You can find other banjos surprisingly heavy; this is more especially the higher-end models.

This can be a factor to consider most if you have back problems or to individuals who are slighter build. Models weigh up to 12 pounds, so, you should choose the one that fits you right.


When we talk about this factor, we generally mean all about the feel.

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In case you like to make a purchase online, don’t rush at completing deals. Look for a similar model in a local store and try it out.

Most brands in the market are relatively the same in all the other models they are offering. So, you should try out a different model from a particular brand as this can be an excellent proxy to what other options lying in the same brand will feel like.

Get a test how the neck of the model you choose feels with your left hand and how the right side will drape over this instrument’s head. Consider the model if the overall feeling is right.


The core purpose of your instrument is to produce beautiful sounds.

You can find sound clips of particular models on the website or play it yourself.

Different banjos have different unique qualities; there are that are brighter, others mellow, some more clipped, others hold sustain.

All these sounds will have some sounding great to you and others bad on your side. It’s upon you to choose the banjo you’ll enjoy its sound all through.


Shopping for a good banjo is vital for great sounds whether you’re a professional or beginner banjo player.

There are various factors to consider to guide you get the best market brand under your budget.

You should not be left confused when looking for the right banjo. All you should do is consider all essential purchasing factors to land on the best option.

After considering all factors, your budget comes in. Settle on a model that fits you right.

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