Harp Music Books For Beginners (Play Your First Songs)

If you are looking for harp books that are beginner friendly, with guides and real sheet music, and taught by some of the best harpists in the world, then you are in the right place.

We are going to enlighten you on three products that you can consider.

These are the best-selling beginner music books for the harp:

  • First Harp Book
  • Basic Harp Beginners
  • Teach Yourself Play Folk Harp Edition 30th Anniversary

Our products are based on the top-rated authors in the market.

Table of Contents

First Harp Book

If you are here looking for the best music book, then we are happy to suggest this product. 

It will get you started while coordinating both the left and right hand. The beginning exercises are perfect for propelling you to the next level. 

There is no doubt that when you use this book you will turn out to be a great harpist. Nonetheless, it is not a book based on the methods. 

It teaches you the importance and understanding of finger positions. As well as understanding how to pluck strings and everything you need to know to get started. 

Many musicians have recommended this book. Purchase and improve your skills.

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Basic Harp for Beginners

This product will offer you a suitable way step by step about playing your harp. There is a glowing report online about this product. Many people have discussed it as the best for getting the basics down.

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Additionally, this book plays a major role for all musicians interested in learning how to play the harp. On the other hand, the material used in the book can be used on any type of harp that you have. 

Some of the topics covered are basic tuning, etudes, techniques, and positioning. Nonetheless, each part of this product is designed to offer you the most ideal way of learning easily and quickly. This product will meet the value of your money. just try it.

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Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp: 30th Anniversary Edition

This product is written purposely for folk harp which teaches students different ways of playing the instrument step by step. 

All 12 lessons are comprising of instructions, exercises, folk, and classic pieces demonstrated during the lessons. It is an excellent book that can be used by any student notwithstanding any previous music training. 

You should consider buying this product and reap all the benefits and skills it has to offer. You will never go wrong with this product.

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Sheet Music For Beginning Harpists

If you want just straight sheet music with some easy songs to follow then there are a bunch of great books for people who just want pure sheet music such as the first fifty songs you should play on harp.

Final Verdict

Identifying the right product might be a complicated affair. But at this juncture, we are pretty sure that you will consider one of the above books.

Remember that these music books are from authors with years and years of experience in this field and have spent their life giving this information out to you so you can learn it as well.

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Don’t be afraid of checking the reviews out and finding the best one that fits where you are at as a beginner harpist.

You will never go wrong with these books.

Check out some great starter harps here.

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