10 Best Concert Ukuleles for Beginners in 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

After a soprano, a concert ukulele is a go-to stringed instrument of regular uke players. While a concert isn’t as large as a baritone, you can’t undervalue the warmer tone and fuller sound that it brings to the table. Also, unlike the smallest uke, a concert uke is made for everyone—i.e., not only for people with small hands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your hands on a concert uke for your child or an adult, you’ll find a concert ukulele satisfactory. Put differently, you don’t have to worry about the fitting.

The best thing I like about concert ukuleles is that they are neither too small nor too big for hands. That’s why they’re made for everyone, not just for a specific group of people. But when compared with soprano ukes, you can take it for granted that concert ukes are slightly bigger than a soprano, but not as big as tenor ukuleles.

If you’re switching from soprano to concert, you also have to understand that a concert ukulele is slightly heavier than the former pick. Now, you must be thinking if the concert is heavier, why is it worth it? Well, if you spend some time with it, you will also notice that a concert ukulele will offer better sound projection.

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Best Concert Ukuleles

If you’ve also loved those warm and fuller tones in a ukulele, you’d love the top picks that I’ve arranged in this thorough article for you. What’s more, the concert lets you have more comfort as far as string tension is concerned.

Yes, if we talk about the string tension caused by tenor, they are 35% to 50% more, which makes a huge difference. There’s more to these concert ukuleles than just meets the eye—they’re less expensive, entry-level friendly, and yet sound great.

Best Concert Ukuleles for Beginners

Although if you have been playing ukuleles for a long time, you must know the differences among all uke family, if you’re having confusion about concert and tenor ukes, you must check out my take on the differences right here: concert vs tenor ukuleles.

If you’re feeling a bit skeptical, rest assured—some of the uke companies listed here even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which should be sufficient to help you make up your mind for the final decision.

Picking the perfect-fit concert ukulele requires in-depth knowledge of sound projection (tones), tonewood, construction method (satin or laminate), cost, and most significantly tuning.

As I can assume, you’re just starting which means you’re not acquainted with the ukulele buying guide. But there’s nothing to worry about—I’ve put together a list of the best concert ukuleles you’ll love.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.

1. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele (Front Runner)

 Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele (Front Runner)

Do you love ukuleles with laser-etched designs?

If you said in the affirmative, this concert uke from Luna is for you. If you can’t get enough of Hawaiian vibes, you will fall head over heels in love with this ukulele for sure. It’s one of the best ukuleles with tattoos out there on the market, and when it comes to purchasing a uke from the top brand, Luna is the one, and I can’t stress this enough.

Let’s talk about the main attraction.

It boasts pure mahogany construction, meaning you will be getting clear, resonate sound. What also sets this one apart from others is that its designs are monochromatic. You’ll fall in love with the craftsmanship, especially shark’s teeth inlays (those tiny triangles).

In most parts of this uke, you’ll treasure the pure mahogany construction like top, neck, and back. However, in the making of fretboard and bridge, they’ve used high-quality walnut.

It is also packed with bronze strings, which is something you won’t find in all uke models in this day and age, and guess what—some professional players prefer this type of strings, but not everybody. However, if you don’t like bronze strings, don’t worry—you can replace them with nylon strings.

If you’re still not surprised, the story of Luna guitars will have you hooked. Also, unlike other ukes that only have 12 frets, this one is having a total of 18 frets, allowing you to easily mark out various notes and pitches.

That way, you’ll be able to come up with an instrumental in the most efficient way, letting you take control of those higher pitches or notes. If you’ve been bursting to play the ukulele and feel hose Hawaiian vibes at the same time, look no further—this is the uke you must go for.


  • Inspired by Hawaiian islands; laser-etched design
  • Boasts a-one mahogany construction
  • It’s an 18-fret ukulele; more control on notes
  • Projects clean and fuller sound; tremendous value
  • Versatile; available in 3 models (colors); also acoustic
  • Made for beginners; entry-level concert ukulele
  • Well-balanced tones; a perfect combination of bass and treble
  • Features stability while you’re busying playing


  • No accessories included

2. Ranch 23-inch Concert Ukulele (Second Best)

 Ranch 23-inch Concert Ukulele (Second Best)

Ranch has been making good-quality string instruments for both beginners and pro players. Its instruments sound great, offer well-balanced sounds or tones, and are packed with smooth and long-lasting elements, such as strings and fretboards.

But unlike professional players, what a beginner looks out for—most of the time—is a uke that comes with accessories. If you’re someone who needs add-ons to get the most out of your practice, this concert uke couldn’t get any better. If looks are something that always make you wow, I believe it will have your heart at the first sight because it has been ergonomically crafted.

There are several reasons why this is THE uke you must be investing in, one of them being is that it offers a complete kit. Put differently, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your uke. There’s a digital tuner that you can clip either on a ukulele fretboard or use it however you like.

Although this concert ukulele comes with pre-installed nylon strings, if after using this instrument for years you think it needs new strings, you’re good to go—the pack contains extra strings.

But apart from making your uke sound better, keeping it stable at all times is something most beginner players don’t pay attention to. Luckily, this one will keep you satisfied in that area as it comes with a strap that can help you keep the uke in place when you’re playing the uke standing up. This way, you will have better control on the uke and it will resonate well.

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Seamless connection is what this uke has to bring to the table. Its arched back is what makes it stand out and provide the ukulists with more resonance. In the end, this is going to put a big smile on your face.

Fuller, warmer, and deeper wood sounds are what this concert ukulele famous for. If you don’t want to miss out on these tones, it’s about time you make up your mind for it.

But, before you do that, let me shed some light on the pros and cons.


  • Made of elegant Sapele & mahogany
  • Boasts Aquila strings (also extra strings)
  • Projects cleaner, warm, & fuller sound
  • Designed with beginners in mind
  • Easy to tune; comes with a tuner
  • Gigbag to keeps the uke protected from damages
  • Packs free online lessons for instructions
  • Arched back that offers better resonance
  • Reasonably priced


  • Nothing to complain about

3. Enya Nova 23-Inch Concert Water-resistant Ukulele

 Enya Nova 23-Inch Concert Water-resistant Ukulele

Every time I see this ukulele from Enya, I picture myself sitting under a tree, reminiscing about the mates I used to have fun with. I don’t know, this one gives me those beautiful vibes of the weather—like you’re floating on cloud seven.

Anyway, if love when it rains, you’ll love this concert uke, too.

Plastic isn’t cheap, not especially if it is made of—the main attraction here. What’s impressive about this ukulele is that it is water-resistant, meaning you can take it anywhere even when it’s raining heavily.

If you’re considering this one for your little daughter, I’d suggest you pick any color from the given options, except black—unless, of course, she likes black. This one is pretty sturdy and, therefore, will last longer, thanks to the multi-carbon fiber. Enhanced with super quality material, it will offer protection from bad weather conditions, heat, dent, smudges, etc.

Not only does the plastic body make it a one-of-a-kind ukulele but also it makes the cleaning process super easy. Guess what—that way your uke won’t attract the dust either.

Loads of aspects to take into account here, one of them being is its capability of offering more resonance, thanks to the arched backradius fretboard. Also, the cutaway body is what made me fall in love with its design. In fact, you may notice that it produces a much brighter sound than other wooden ukuleles.

Now, let’s be familiar with the pros and cons of this uke:


  • Water-resistant ukulele; use it even in the rain
  • Made of high-quality polycarbonate; durable
  • Sounds great; produces bright sounds (tones)
  • Thin & super lightweight; only weighs 1.25 lbs
  • Futuristic design; boasts Next-level cutaway, radius fretboard, and arched back
  • Comes with a case that keeps the uke protected
  • A strap to keep the ukulele stable while you play it
  • Includes a capo to keep things in the perfect pitch
  • Good for beginners; packed with free online lessons


  • No picks included

4. Kala “Learn to Play” Concert Ukulele (Starter Kit)

 Kala “Learn to Play” Concert Ukulele (Starter Kit)

Although there’s nothing wrong with buying a high-quality plastic ukulele, it’s just… not everyone is a big fan of ukes made of polycarbonate because some people only prefer to enjoy those wooden vibes.

So, if you can’t get enough of the wood-based instruments, this Kala’s “Learn to play” concert kit is made just for you.

If you’ve already heard about Kala’s ukuleles, this learn to play kit should be no news to you, is it? This kit is packed with all the accessories that you—as a beginner—might need, such as a tote bag and quick-start guide.

Made of tiptop mahogany, this ukulele is designed to deliver that exceptional sound that touches the hearts of millions. By getting your hands on this one, you’ll also get access to their app that will allow you to easily tune your ukulele. What also sets this one apart is that it uses shark teeth laser-etched rosette.

This uke is available in two variations: “Learn to play kit” and “ukulele”. If you’re just getting started with ukulele playing, you should consider going with the former choice because it’ll include the free online lessons that will help you get the most out of training.

I don’t have to tell you that Kala’s ukes have been used by most famous artists and music bands—and, 21 Pilots is one of them. So, if you’re concerned about longevity and sound production, you can count on this one. But, don’t just take my word for it, behold the reviews left by the verified users and see for yourself.


  • Crafted with love by a top company: Kala
  • Made of a-one tonewood: Mahogany
  • Boasts Aquila strings made in Italy
  • Produces nice, warm sounds (tones)
  • Beginner’s friendly
  • Highly giftable; perfect for your kid
  • Features GraphTech’s nut and saddle
  • Free online lessons: makes learning easy
  • Kit includes a tote bag (with custom logo)


  • No cleaning cloth

5. Hola HM-124EB+ Deluxe Concert Ukulele

 Hola HM-124EB+ Deluxe Concert Ukulele

When it comes to buying concert ukuleles—or ukes of any kind, Hola has never failed to impress us (or the newbies trying to set a footing in the community).

While the ukulele itself is meant to offer excellent tones to you, the bag is something you won’t take your eyes off of. Yes, it’s a first-rate padded gig bag. Every part of this ukulele, except the bridge which is made of walnut, is made of mahogany.

So, when I say you can feel those Hawaiian vibes at the tips of your fingers, I mean it.

Are you tired of having those finger calluses? Well, you can rest assured if that’s what you’ve been afraid of lately because three colorful picks are contained within the package.

Despite having peace of mind as far as those bright sounds are taken into account, people have to lose out on their favorite color. If you always wanted to pick a concert uke in a color you lost most, this ukulele will never let you down. It’s available in a large variety of colors, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred one.

Aquila strings have always been people’s favorite or go-to strings, guess what—this one also boasts the same, not to mention those rubber tuning pegs that help you get the most of precise tuning.

Use it for your training sessions or gift this to loved ones, it’s a perfect piece of work to consider this year. Plus, those 2-month free live lessons make it even more special for the novices.

Are you left-handedThis one with the same specifications is made just for you.

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  • Boasts high-quality construction: mahogany and walnut
  • Features premium Aquila strings
  • Great for gifting to one of your loved ones
  • User-friendly concert ukulele
  • Pack includes an a-one padded gig bag
  • Free live ukulele lessons for 2 months
  • Value for money; doesn’t break the bank
  • Beautiful ukulele strap; stands out
  • 2 picks included in the bundle


  • None I could find

6. Caramel 23″ KOA Acacia Striped Concert Ukulele

 Caramel 23" KOA Acacia Striped Concert Ukulele

Are you someone who has a high regard for exotic acacia wood? If so, you’ll fall in love with this Caramel’s concert ukulele that boasts good-looking wood grain patterns.

If you always loved beach strolls or bonfire sing-alongs with your friends, this one is a dream come true. Packed with tiptop 18:1 metal gear tuning pegs, this concert uke will really melt in your heart for sure. You can take it anywhere you want, be it beaches, rivers, lakes or mountains, you will never get enough of it.

It’s no wonder that acacia is known for deeper and woody tones, you can count on it because you’ll experience truly balanced sounds coming out of it. Yes, acacia has the property of balancing out the natural brightness.

This concert uke is tuned in the same way the others are, which is G-C-E-A. Apart from offering natural tones, you’ll receive all those accessories that a beginner usually looks for in a ukulele kit. Even a digital tuner will get things done if tuning becomes a pain in the neck.

But, can this ukulele get better than others out there? Well, there’s something about this uke that makes it noticeable. Yes, what I am referring to is that 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you can buy it risk-free. If there’s something you don’t like about this uke, you can simply return it, you won’t be asked any question.


  • Made of high-grade acacia, mahogany, koa wood
  • Sounds great; offers deeper and natural tones
  • Beautiful wood grain patterns (looks elegant)
  • Offers satisfaction; 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Plays without buzzing; no more struggling
  • True beauty; a stunning abalone inlay soundhole
  • Made and used by professionals
  • Packed with all add-ons; no need to buy separately


  • No capo included

7. Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric with 3 Band EQ

 Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric with 3 Band EQ

If you’re the first person who likes to record and listen to those unique and comforting strumming patterns, you’ll love this acoustic-electric ukulele from Lohanu.

What’s with the brand name?

Well, Lohanu is made up using three different words: love (first two letters), ohana (it’s a Hawaiian word representing family), and unity (nu used backward).

This concert ukulele boasts Sapele and mahogany construction, and that cutaway design makes it a one-of-its-kind feeling and look. But this isn’t only about looks because looks are not everything.

Moving on, what also makes this notable is that it is capable of being played as an acoustic and electric ukulele—all packed in the same uke (no need to get two separately). And since it can also be played using electricity, that 3 band EQ with a built-in tuner will be a plus point for those who love to listen to music on loud sounds.

Although sound matters a lot to the uke players, sometimes they are devastated because they have to drill a hole in the ukulele to use a sturdy ukulele strap. If that’s something even the thought of which gives you nightmares, then this ukulele will ultimately offer peace of mind as it doesn’t require you to drill a hole.

Lohanu is famous among the top ukulele brands because it offers an unconditional lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. Kids love toys and gifts made by this company, which is one reason they fall in love with all products that Lohanu makes.


  • Made of top-notch Sapele and mahogany
  • Two in one; Acoustic-electric ukulele
  • Let’s you plug into your amp easily
  • Two plastic picks, one leather pick
  • Boasts arched back; sounds pretty well
  • All accessories included in the package (picks, strap, bag, tuner, extra strings, and video lessons for beginners)
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Features a 3-band equalizer with a tuner


  • Not all parts use mahogany

8. Hricane 23-Inch Koa Hawaiian Concert Ukulele

 Hricane 23-Inch Koa Hawaiian Concert Ukulele

Just because this one ranks at the #8 position doesn’t mean that it is less impressive. It uses high-quality, legendary wood material—the koa wood (which is native to Hawaii), which brings warm and clear tones to the table for you.

As good as this ukulele is in terms of sound production, the style couldn’t get any better, and delicate rosette and white wipe edge (a bit of specialty) will have your heart undoubtedly. It features a top-notch saddle that is made of bovine bone.

Some people, especially beginners, tend to miss out on the resonance because they only go over the basics when looking for the best ukulele. Due to no knowledge, they end up buying a ukulele with a flat back. However, this one boasts an arched back that helps boost the resonance and provides you with loud tones.

Another issue that most newbie uke players face is buzzing. If you always hated that buzz every time you strummed, you’d love this one as it has wide frets that let you do away with all the buzzing things.

It even lets you level up your playing game because the fretboard is smooth—no more struggling with the sharp frets.


  • Made of top-notch Koa—a wood native to Hawaii
  • Produces high, warm, and clean tones
  • Next-level craftsmanship; boasts delicate rosette
  • Includes all accessories meant for newbies
  • An elegant no-drill strap; no more fear of damage
  • A gig bag to keep your uke protected & safe
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee of one month


  • Hard to come by

9. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 15SM Soprano Ukulele

If you always love to hit those high notes, this concert uke from Cordoba couldn’t get any better. Usually, concert ukuleles feature 15 frets, this one is having a total of 17 that will allow you to come up with unique strumming patterns on a high-pitched tone.

Don’t get fooled by its simpler look, you’ll earn your people’s intimacy as soon as you start playing this uke around or in front of them.

I get it—matte isn’t the cup of tea of every player out there. That’s why Cordoba couldn’t keep the newbies satisfied with this one. It shines perfectly with the satin finish, not to mention those pearl buttons and sliver tuners. On top of that, it boasts premium Aquila strings that are produced in Italy to achieve excellent tones.

This uke is entirely made using a-one mahogany, meaning you’ll be able to hear those warm and bright sounds right of the box. In the beginning, you may have to tune your uke every time before playing it, but that is rare—it happens with most of the ukuleles out there because strings need some time to stretch out.

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It’s a perfect gift for your kids who are aged between 5 to 20 years old or more. If you’re a student and wish to grab this one for your music sessions, it would be a great deal.

The sound is exceptional and so are the looks. If you spend some time browsing top models from Cordoba, you’ll notice that there’s not much (add-ons) included in the package. They believe that you don’t need many accessories to get the most out of your uke.

You’ll see this uke on top of the list when hunting for the ukuleles with an abalone-style rosette. Its ivoroid body and fingerboard binding will give you goosebumps while playing a song on it.

It comes in a satin finish, so if you’re someone who admires matte, this one isn’t for you. However, what I’ve personally felt is that it doesn’t look bad even I, myself, am a huge fan of the matte finish.


  • Made of pure mahogany construction
  • Boasts abalone-style rosette; stands out
  • Features ivoroid body; loved by PROs
  • Built-in Aquila Nylgut strings for full, rich sound
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced players
  • Exceptional looks and class aesthetics
  • Tuning is easy; silver and pearl button tuners


  • No accessory included

10. Balnna High-Gloss Maple Colorful Concert Uke

 Balnna High-Gloss Maple Colorful Concert Uke

Are you someone who always appreciates those color combinations, patterns, or designs in that thingy?

Meet Balnna ukulele—a concert uke with the most fashionable and unmatched design. As they say… “The first impression is the last one”, I couldn’t satisfy more when I looked at this one. And, it’s not only the design that is appealing to the eyes, its sound will also melt your heart because it boasts Aquila strings that are everyone’s favorite. However, this time they are colored.

It’s no news that famous builders include hardwood (on top of softwood) in the construction of a uke, therefore, maple is a great choice for you if you’re dying to hear those even-keeled tones with good levels of clarity.

Don’t have any idea which tonewood you should be picking? You should read my take on the top ukulele wood types for peace of mind.

Apart from getting high-quality sound out of the ukulele, you’ll be able to keep the uke from unwanted damagesdust, heat, and bad weather conditions. And, it’s not your typical tote bag, it’s a padded bag that will offer extra protection.

If this is your first time trying the uke, those two colorful picks will be a lifesaver. Plus, you can use the strap to keep the uke stable if you’re playing the ukulele standing. As good as this uke is when it comes to producing excellent tones, what I also like about this uke is the two-side strap in the padded gig bag.

Although this one is at around $80, it’s still one of the top-rated ukuleles because it gets a clear 4.8 rating.


  • Mad of high-quality maple wood
  • Unique design; colorful uke and strings
  • Boasts colorful fingerboard
  • Waterproof gigbag
  • Comes with extra strings
  • Two picks included in the set
  • Beautiful strap to keep uke stable
  • Digital tuner to keep the uke in tune


  • Not minimal; some may find too many colors unattractive

FAQs on “Best Concert Ukuleles”

Q.1: Are concert ukuleles good?

Absolutely. Concert ukuleles, like others in the uke family or stringed instrument, are good. What’s also surprising is that everyone can play concert ukulele, including kids, grown-ups (adults), and professional players already use them.

Q.2: How big are concert ukuleles?

Although I’ve already talked about the ukulele sizes, if you can’t help but feed your curiosity or believe in the TL;DR approach, you should know that concert ukes are around 23 inches long (i.e. 58 cm).

Q.3: How to tune concert ukulele?

Now, this is where things get tough. That’s because tuning takes some time. When you purchase a new ukulele, strings are also fresh and, therefore, need some time to stretch out.

As for the tuning process of a concert uke, it is as same as that of other ukuleles. You don’t have to follow any specific steps to tune your concert ukulele.

Q.4: How to reach high notes on a Concert Ukulele?

If you’re a fan of getting control of those high notes, you should probably invest in a ukulele that offers more frets (the more, the merrier). However, the length of the string also plays a significant role in delivering high-pitched notes. So, you can consider both of these factors while making a well-versed decision.

Q.5: Should beginners go for a Concert Uke?

Of course, beginners can purchase a concert ukulele because these ukes can accommodate anyone’s hands easily—size is not an issue here. But I strongly advise you to watch out for cheap material. I mean, it’s good to consider budget-friendly ukes, but that doesn’t mean you should invest in a uke that will only last for a week.

Wrapping Up!

Although buying a concert ukulele for the first time may sound hard to you, believe me, it isn’t—all you need to do is keep in mind all the must-haves I’ve explained above. Put differently, you need to understand what type of tonewood you should invest in because every tonewood offers different tones.

I’ve already gone over these different tonewoods so you don’t have to waste your invaluable time to research the perfect one for yourself.

After you’ve got the perfect-fit concert uke, the very next thing you want to do is make sure that you keep it stable, and that’s where a beautiful, sturdy, and comfy uke strap comes in.

The best thing about concert ukuleles is that they can be used as ukes for kids—in addition to being the topmost choice of grown-ups.

I’ve been bragging about the benefits of owning a Kala uke. If Kala’s ukes have you hooked to even a little context, I believe you’ll love Kala’s ukuleles that are made of first-grade tonewoods. And guess what—they are all entry-level friendly.

Not a huge fan of concert ukes or jumped to this article by mistake? Perhaps, tenor ukuleles or soprano ukuleles are your cup of tea.

Also, these guitaleles are taking the uke or guitar lovers by storm. If you haven’t tried one of them, I’d suggest you take a look.

Anyway, that’s all I have today for concert ukes.

I’ll see you in the next article with something new and amazing!

Till then, keep strumming!

Get a Concert Ukulele and Strum like a PRO!

If this is your first time buying a concert ukulele, you can cherry-pick any of the above-mentioned ukes on this page above. However, if you still can’t make a decision, check out editor’s choice below. Also, keep in mind all the things we’ve mentioned above so you don’t end up buying a piece of junk.

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