Best Harp Tuners of 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Tuning your harp is probably the most annoying thing about being a harpist.

That’s why you need a harp tuner.

Here are the 4 best tuners for harp on the market.

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4 Best Electronic Harp Tuners

#1 Korg OT-120 Tuner

Due to its range of detection and superior octave this is the best device available for tuning your harp and will tune it to perfect concert pitch.

It does everything you will need a tuner to do with your harp.

#2 Snark Harp Tuner

For every harp user this product is an essential requirement. It is very helpful even for basic level beginners. Its clipping is very easy.

The clip is useful for direct attachment and comes with multiple positioning is possible with it because of the ball joint. Amazing visibility.

#3 Korg CA40 Tuner

This is a product with insane features for the price tag. It has a wide range. With great design it can be placed at any surface. There is a specific function of sound out in it to play out the tone.

Incredible battery life and precision. Also comes with automatic shutoff.

#4 KLIQ Tuner

This tuner is very popular with clip on facility. It is recommended for all the instruments. It is very easy to use for anyone who is a beginner.

Due to its accuracy and fast process you can spend more time playing your harp than tuning them its positioning is adjustable and due to its color & bright display you can see it from any angle.

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How To Choose The Best Tuner For Your Harp

The basic work of a tuner is to hear the pitch coming out of the instrument and find out whether it is in tune or not.

From fresh beginners to experienced professional musicians they all can compromise on the price but they cannot ignore the final outcome. Due to this matter what we need to understand is what kind of tuner is best for our requirement.

As there are different kinds of harps from pedal harps to lever harps and their functionality differs from each other due to its shapes and sizes.

It is only wise to choose a product which is appropriate for your specific harp design, shape, size and type.

In this guide we want to reach basic points which can help you find those products which can be used and are appropriate for all kinds of Harps.

Following are the points:

  • If the display of light is larger on your electronic tuner then there is a great chance of fine tuning. You can adjust your tuning pin if you realize how far you are.
  • In some of the tuners combination of lights and the needle works very well. It can be very helpful during your tuning.
  • When it comes to expansive tuners they are more durable with longer battery time options and their note range is large.
  • Mic clip is another option to evaluate your decision to buy the suitable tuner for you.
  • Through mic clip you can adjust your tones after hearing them
  • A tuner should be easy to use. If its functions are very complicated then there it will be very difficult especially for beginners to go for such products.
  • Automatic shut off is another prominent facility to look out for. If there is no activity in your instrument for quite some time then your tuner should have the facility to automatically shut itself off.
  • With regard to every product anything which is coming with guarantee or a warranty is always reliable.
  • A good tuner should be durable.
  • You don’t want to spend more time adjusting the tones of the instrument. Rather your goal should be to play it more and more. That is why a good tuner should be accurate.
  • A good tuner should support multiple positioning.
  • It should be able to rotate itself at 360 degree angle.
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These are some of the key points which you should always keep in mind before going to buy a tuner for your harp.


Price range of suitable harp tuners is under $10 to over $100 but when it comes to choosing the best tuning instrument for Harps what matters more than the price is the quality of the product in question.

Compatibility Of Tuners With Harps

We must understand that due to its structure and functionality not every electric tuner is compatible with all kinds and types of harps.

There are only specific electronic tuners which are helpful for harps. Please keep that thing in mind that only chromatic tuners are best of harps.

Chromatic tuners are devices which are electronic in nature and which uses hardware and software in order to detect pitch of notes of musical instruments and later on display it.

Best Tuning Brands

  • Korg
  • Snark
  • KLIQ


After describing every product in detail we can safely say that each and every product is worth your buy.

Due to their all in all support for various kinds of musical instruments and orchestra this is the one of the best products available in the market.

Click here to learn how to tune your harp.

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