Best Lap Harps 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

No matter who you are lap harps are amazing instruments to play.

This article shows you the best lap harps on the market today and which one you need for your specific needs.

The lap harps below have been thoroughly researched and are absolute top tier.

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4 Best Lap Harps

#1 Music Maker Lap Harp – Best Overall

This harp will enable the child to play and enjoy music without prior experience. Using it is a fun experience and once the child begins they will not want to stop.

It is as simple as sliding a song sheet in the player and plucking the strings according to the music note instructions.

The music maker is hand-constructed only from the best material available and by highly skilled artisans in Belarus. The construction is of only selected hardwoods and ash. There are no two Music Makers that are identical. 

Each one is unique and different in an artistic and beautiful way. It is also constructed with convenience in mind and tuning or replacing the strings can be done in the comfortability of your home with ease. It is quite simple to tune and maintain it.

It comes with 12 songs, a tuner, a pick and spare wire in case you need to change it in future. It is also pre-tuned so that you can unbox it and the children can begin on it as soon as possible.

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There are also additional song sheets available and can be purchased at your own convenience.

This harp can be used in all environments applicable to children including schools, homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

#2 Hape Happy Harp – Best For Beginners

This award winning harp is one of the best for kids. It will create beautiful memories for the kids as they pluck away. The music created with this harp is melodious and pleasant. 

The sound will not be harsh or high pitched but rather soft and enjoyable. It designed with the size of the user in mind as it is well suited for small hands. The strings are made from nylon and assure great comfort and safety of the child.

It comes with various accessories such as playing and tuning tips with five songs to get the child going, two picks for easy plucking and in case one is misplaced, and a tuning wrench to adjust and tighten the strings. 

The harp is safe for children as it is constructed only from premium materials that are non-toxic to the child’s health.

#3 TK O’Brien’s Birch Lap Harp

The O’briens birch lap harp is great for intermediate to advances players. It is the top of the line.

It’s handcrafted and made of the highest quality. It comes with 11 songs that you can start learning right when it gets delivered as well as a pick, tuning wrench and spare strings.

This 15 string harp will last you a very very long time and give you lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

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#4 Koyes Music Maker

If you’re looking for the absolute top of the line lap harp then the Koyes Music Maker is perfect for you.

It is absolutely stunning and definitely the best looking in this bunch. Handcrafted with Premium African wood and the highest quality materials.

This 19-string harp comes with a tuning wrench, extra strings, book and a bag.

This is definitely the highest quality lap harp but also comes with a premium price.

Buying Guide: Choosing a Lap Harp

Whether you’re looking for a great lap harp for yourself or for a gift you need to focus your attention on the quality most of all. These small harps are quite delicate and need the absolute best materials used.

Other things to consider:

  • Sound
  • Quality
  • Brand
  • Price

How Much Does a Lap Harp Cost?

Lap harps cost around $40 to $100 dollars depending on the quality, number of strings, brand and accessories that may come with it.

Is The Lap Harp Easy To Play?

Yes, Lap harps are extremely easy to play. No matter what your skill level is you can start playing very quickly. It is probably one of the best instruments to start with if you have never played a stringed instrument before.


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