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This article will show you the top performing recorders for anyone who happens to have small hands.

Don’t fret – you’ll be able to pick up a great quality tenor recorder no matter what your hand size is, by choosing which one of these options makes the most sense for you personally.

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#1 Yamaha YRT-304B Tenor C Recorder

The Yamaha YRT-304B Tenor C Recorder is definitely a wise choice in terms of a top quality tenor recorder that performs just the way you need it to do. You will be pleased that this recorder is truly crafted with high quality material, which contributes to the high level of durability of this impressive recorder.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy playing delightful recorder music for long periods of time, over many years.

Plus, this recorder features an arched windway, for the sake of granting more control to recorder players who are more advanced in their playing skills.

This recorder plays in the key of C. It’s designed with an impressively appealing look, which also contributes to the playing enjoyment.

When your recorder not only sounds great, but also looks appealing, the musical experience of the player is heightened even further.

This recorder sounds amazing, and provides a good balance of intonation for all the notes that can be played on it. As a result, this recorder allows you to play music of all kinds of varieties with refined expertise. 

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#2 Aulos 211A Robin Tenor Recorder

When you want a recorder that packs a wonderful sound that is mellow in essence, then you need to consider getting the Aulos 211A Robin Tenor Recorder.

This recorder provides top-notch sound for all notes, with terrific balance and a well-harmonized manner. As a result, this is a great recorder for playing solos, for making album recordings, and even for playing in a professional group.

With this recorder you can truly have the peace of mind that your music will always have a superb quality. That is why this recorder is truly impressive and has held a strong reputation over time for being a preferred tenor recorder of recorder musicians across the world.

Another positive note is that there is no application of any harmful adhesives in the construction of this recorder. So, if it is of utmost importance to you that all components of your recorder are made with materials that are safe and eco-friendly, you can rest easy with this one.

#3 Woodi WRT-248B Tenor Recorder

If you are looking for a tenor recorder that has been designed with ensemble playing in mind, then you definitely need to take some time to consider the Woodi WRT-248B Tenor Recorder.

This is a wonderfully created recorder that brings a classy quality of music that many other recorders are not able to match. It is also an especially convenient recorder, in that it is lightweight and super easy to play.

These features focused on ease of use mean that many beginner recorder players love playing with this recorder in particular, as it helps them to learn their new music repertoires faster and with more dedication.

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This recorder has been designed to harmonize flawlessly and beautifully with other recorders and instruments, for a smooth musical experience no matter who you’re playing with.

The mouthpiece is designed with a comfortable shape and size to fit all mouths and enable long playing sessions.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that the music of this amazing recorder will not sound too high pitched or shrill. This recorder allows for music that is always enjoyable to the ear, which is why it is a great option for playing recorder music in front of audiences on a frequent basis.

PRO TIP: Whichever recorder you choose, you can drastically speed up your learning process with a couple of good instructional books. This tenor recorder book covers it all, from exercises to duets, trios, and quartets.


How do I know if a tenor recorder is suitable for small hands?

Look for tenor recorders with a smaller distance between the finger holes and a smaller stretch between the thumb and the pinky.

What is the difference between a tenor recorder and a soprano recorder?

The main difference between a tenor recorder and a soprano recorder is their size, with the tenor being larger and having a lower pitch.

Can children play tenor recorders?

Yes, children can play tenor recorders, but it’s important to choose one that is suitable for their hand size and skill level.

Can I use a tenor recorder for classical music?

Yes, the tenor recorder is commonly used for classical music.

What is the best material for a tenor recorder for small hands?

The best material for a tenor recorder for small hands is typically made of ABS resin, which is durable and affordable.

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Do I need to have previous experience to play a tenor recorder?

No, tenor recorders are suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

What are the benefits of playing a tenor recorder?

Playing a tenor recorder can improve breathing, hand-eye coordination, and overall musical ability.

Can I play jazz music on a tenor recorder?

Yes, tenor recorders are versatile and can be used to play a variety of musical genres, including jazz.

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