14 Must Have Ukulele Apps for Android and IOS

These days, thanks to technology, we are able to learn a lot of new things. Technology may be beneficial or dangerous for a person.

It is up to us whether or not we use it responsibly.

We can learn many new things if we make use of it correctly. Are you interested in learning ukulele without having to go to an institution?

You may use ukulele apps on your Android or iOS device to do so easily.

These applications allow you to effortlessly learn how to play the ukulele for free.

With the aid of a smartphone, we no longer have tuners, metronomes, paper songbooks, or chord charts accessible all times.

Best Ukulele Apps

Here are the top 14 best ukulele apps for android and Iphone (Ios).

1. Uke Hunt (ios)

Uke Hunt

Uke Hunt

Uke Hunt is a comprehensive app that includes video lessons, chord diagrams, tips, and more. It’s ideal for beginners and is free to download.

The internet’s number one source for ukulele tabs, videos, and education has an app filled to the brim with ebooks.

You’ll have access to everything you need to know about playing this versatile instrument wherever you might want to take it!

Whatever your experience level there are plenty of things in here that will expand what little repertoire they already have while perfecting their skills as well as entertaining anyone who cares listens

2. Ukulele Tuner (Best ukulele app for android)

Ukulele Tuner (android)

Ukulele Tuner by Yousician is a great tool for tuning your ukulele. It’s also free to download.

” /> Tired of tuning your ukulele all the time? Get a free app that makes it easy and quick.

With this tuner, you can set up in seconds to play tunes for hours! Simply use the built-in microphone on any mobile device (like an iphone) so there is no need go looking around with one hand while holding onto something fragile like strings ” />” />

3. Kala Ukulele app (best for beginners)

Kala Ukulele app is the fastest way to tune your ukulele and learn how play songs with a wide range from beginner, intermediate or advanced players.

Whether you want lessons on how music theory works in general; are looking for specific skills such as tablatures & fingerings (both standard notation), tabs of popular tunes categorised by difficulty level or just need some help learning new chords- KALA has got it all!

4. Ukulele Tuner and Learn Ukeoke

Ukeoke is the fastest way to learn new ukulele chords and songs. With this beginner-friendly tuner, you can master your favorite hit tunes without ever having played a note on an instrument before!

From pop hits like Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” or John Lithgow’s elegant recitation of Theatre/ opera standard ‘The Lord Low’,

UkeOeka breaks down these complicated melodies into simple 3+2 format for immediate easy repetition that even includes adjustable backing tracks so no matter what level player they are at first glance will know how each song goes perfectly with their chosen pitch pipes.

5. Ukulele tabs and chords (android)

Ukulele tabs and chords

Ukulele tabs and chords is one of the best apps that help you learn how to play your favorite songs anywhere, anytime!

You could Browse 100K+ popular tabs or create a personalized version that can only be seen by you with just one tap on the app designed specifically with luthiers (ukulelist) like yourself in mind.

With an intuitive interface designed for ease-of-use so you can learn anytime anywhere – whether it be morning page-turners or late at night before bedtime jamming out that favorite tune from yesteryear’s vinyl collection.

6. U- chord

U- chord is not just a small handy app to have on your phone. Grabbing this program will allow you the privilege of being able to see any diagram, no matter what type it may be without charge!

There are many benefits that come with owning such as displaying larger diagrams and even figuring out new ways by which we can play our favourite songs left-handed if need be (a real-life saver).

Not only does U-chord offer these great features but also some really cool upgrades including having access all day every single.

7. Kordi Ukulele

Kordi Ukulele

One of my favourite apps is Kordi Ukulele. I can find chords alongside their tabs, fingering photos and even the sound for each one!

 It’s perfect to learn a song on your own time or just when you’re feeling bored at home with no plans in sight because there are always ways around any problem if we work together!

8. Ukulele Fretboard

Ukulele Fretboard is an amazing new app for ukulele players! It helps you learn the fretboard, find chords, and explore scales.

You can even tap notes on your guitar to change from one fingerstyle to another in no time at all – saves a lot of frustration when learning how do things by ear as well.

Plus there are always plenty more ways than just playing what’s written because this program has features like customizing chords with different sounds or seeing them visually via animations so that everyone who learns music theory knows exactly where they need their fingers placement (in case someone was having difficulty).

9. UKE Magazine – Ukulele Mag

UKE Magazine - Ukulele Mag

UKE Magazine is an app for ukulele players who want to stay up on the latest news and tunes. With a UK focus, but with worldwide reach.

There’s something inside this magazine for everyone! Every issue features interviews from famous musicians as well informative articles about how different cultures play their own versions of our favorite instrument.

The Ukulelists (love it!). Plus songs that you can learn right away or reviews covering all kinds; including gear available now at any store near me!.

10. Ukuvibes

UkuVibes is the perfect tool for tuning your ukulele! It’s light, simple and efficient. Just open up this app on any device with internet access.

You’ll be able to tune in no time at all thanks to its intuitive interface designed specifically with musicians like yourself who want their music sounding great without hassle or fussiness attached .

The best part? There are different tunings available so that every song can have an unforgettable tone – even those difficult ones from years ago when we were just beginning our journey as musicians…

11. How To Play Ukulele by Smule (iOS)

How To Play Ukulele by Smule (iOS)

This app is essentially an interactive tutor in app form. The interface is very easy to use and you can even record yourself playing so you can play back over your own performance to help improve your skill level.

There is also a range of instructional videos available if you prefer watching or learning from someone else rather than reading instructions onscreen.

Like most apps, it’s not quite as good as having live instruction with life teacher, but this application is perfect for learning on your own time or when you’re out and about and don’t have your ukulele with you.

12. U-chord (best ukulele app for iOS)

U-chord is an app that is essentially a chord dictionary. You can look up any chord, see a diagram of how it’s played, and even hear how it sounds.

This is a great app for beginners as it will help you learn the basic chords quickly and easily.

 You can also use U-chord to find songs to play, as most songs will include the chords required in the song notation.

13. Kordi Ukulele (iOS)

Kordi Ukulele is another great app for learning chords. It includes photos of each finger position for each chord, as well as the option to change the chord’s tuning.

If you struggle with changes in tuning, this is a great app for you as you can play each chord in whatever tuning makes it easiest to learn on your ukulele.

14. Ukulele Play Chords on Ukulele (iOS)

Pocket Ukulele (iOS)

Play chords on Ukulele is perfect if you want to play along with some tracks from your iTunes library. It includes 12 free songs and allows you to purchase additional songs through itunes once you’ve mastered them all!

There last few positions of chords are more difficult than others, but this app more than makes up for that by being so much fun once you get going.

Summing Up!

So there you have it! 14 Ukulele apps that can help you improve your ukulele skills.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there’s bound to be something here for you. So go ahead and download them all – there’s no time like the present!

The best part about all of these apps is that they’re either free or very affordable, so there’s really no excuse not to try them out and see which ones work best for you. With such a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find something that will help you take your ukulele playing to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading!

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