5 Best Ukulele Cases for Travel in 2023 [Elegant & Affordable]

Did you know that there are only three things that a ukulele player should have in their necessary accessories?

First, a ukulele. Second, the right case to protect the instrument. Third and most importantly, the confidence to play it out loud for everybody to hear.

I know, playing ukulele is a lot of fun, but it’s imperative to take care of your instrument. A good way to do so would be getting a protective and stylish case that will protect your uke from scratches and damage while you’re on the go.

After you’re done playing your uke, putting it anywhere willy-nilly is not ideal, or else you’re likely to damage or break it—or worst-case scenario; termites will eat it.

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Why Buy a Ukulele Case?

If you are a ukulele player, then it is important that your investment of time and money in learning to play the instrument not be lost due to lack of protection.

Just as with an expensive violin, ukulele, or guitar; without proper storage, your adorable little instrument can suffer from accidental damage like scratches on its surface which could ruin the sound quality.

Not just that. Termites could be a nightmare if your ukulele isn’t made of high-quality tonewood.

Best Ukulele Cases

Therefore, investing in any type of case for storing your new ukulele will help protect against all types of potential harm while also giving off some much-needed pride about having something so unique.

Tip: Before you get into the list, I’d like to shed some light on the shapes of ukes. I know no one will ever tell you this. Some ukes exhibit pineapple shape, some show cutaway design, and then are standard ukuleles (also known as figure-8 ukes). This list is based on that last pick—the figure-8; you’ll find the cases for standard ukes.

Best Ukulele Cases for Travel

As a serious ukulele player, you need to make sure that your instrument is always secure and protected.

There are some great cases out there for the hardcore players but not everyone can afford them.

I’ve done the digging for you and came up with these 5 options that you’re about to lay your eyes at. Don’t worry, these are affordable and, therefore, won’t break the bank.

Some of these cases are packed with padding on all sides and some feature soft fabric covers that are perfect for carrying all day and offer extreme safety for your ukulele.

So, no matter how far you plan on traveling or what style case suits your needs best, this guide will help bring peace of mind while protecting one of life’s most important instruments: the ukulele.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Carrying Case (Soprano)

Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Carrying Case (Soprano)

What’s the point of buying a carrying case for your ukulele if it isn’t water-resistant?

Lucky you—this uke case will have your back, even when it’s raining.

For the musician on the go, this sleek and fashionable ukulele case is perfect for any occasion.

Built to withstand wear and tear, thanks to its durable exterior fabric with an easy carrying handle that can fit your instrument inside comfortably while also protecting it from weather elements such as a sudden downpour or snowstorm.

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For added convenience, there’s even an external compartment that you could use for storing cables, straps, strings, or other small accessories.

If you’re looking for the best ukulele case for travel purposes, look no further—this is your dream come true.

However, before you make up your mind about this case, think about what type of ukulele you have. Is it a concert, tenor, soprano, or baritone?

This is important because there’s a separate uke case designed for each type. Put differently, if you get a soprano case for your baritone ukulele, it just won’t fit and you’ll end up regretting your decision.

I don’t want you to experience anything like that and, therefore, suggest you double-check the compatibility.

One shown above is meant for soprano ukes. If you’re having another one, perhaps, you’ll find the below ones satisfactory.

2. Roaring Iron’s Ukulele Hard Case

Roaring Iron’s Ukulele Hard Case

Can a ukulele case withstand the weight even if someone sits on it?

This uke case roars—not because it’s from a company called Roaring Iron but because it’s capable of surviving even the hardest shoves.

Introducing Roaring Iron’s wood-based ukulele case—a one-of-a-kind uke case that even gets the upper hands on a padded case. Wait till you see that crocodile pattern on top.

The case is made of durable materials that are specially designed to fit safety needs. It will protect your uke from any accidents and keep the instrument safe for years to come, so you can continue making beautiful music—with no interruptions at all.

The exterior sturdy shell provides protection against scratches and scuffs, while the interior foam padding gives excellent cushioning should anything fall on top of the case.

It’s made of high-quality wood, leather, foam, and plush and is sturdy enough to protect your beloved instrument from any harm or damage that might come to it while not in use.

It will keep your instrument safe from dust, water, and anything else that could potentially damage it.

Not just that, its sleek handle makes carrying easy while also providing protection so you don’t bump into anything.

And, here’s the best part: it’s available for all ukulele types: soprano, tenor, and concert.

The only thing I didn’t like is its weight.

Having used one like this, I am more than familiar with the situation. From the weight in my arms to my back, it was difficult for me to imagine how someone could stand up under such a load.

But still, sometimes these cases are necessary and cannot be avoided. You have got to take your ukulele from one place to another.

So, if you’re okay with the weight, you’re good to go. Speaking of weight, it says 3.99 pounds on the tin.

3. Hot Seal’s Ukulele Case with Storage (Tenor, Concert, Soprano)

Hot Seal’s Ukulele Case with Storage (Tenor, Concert, Soprano)

Up for grabs in 5 different colors, this one is no exception if you’re on the lookout for a lightweight and durable uke case.

This one is a beast, in my opinion.

You can keep your most treasured ukulele safe inside this marvelous padded case that is 10mm thick. The cotton fabric will ensure it stays dry as the double metal zipper ensures the minimal chance of hitting the edges of your uke.

There’s a leather handle that provides an easy grip to hold on tight when you are rushing, and no matter how many times you use this bag, it’ll stay in good shape for a long time.

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This uke case is made out of high-density woven comfort material that will keep the user comfortable on their commute or walk home from school.

It’s even having a separate big pocket where you can store all those small accessories like keys, phone charger, water bottle, etc., without losing your mind.

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds with our affordable professional packaging and friendly customer service, they couldn’t get any better.

With a range of services tailored for every need, they could be a go-to brand for all ukulele-related needs.

The walls of this bag are quite thick to protect your instrument against any bumps or drops on its way home.

There are also two straps for easy use as an over-the-shoulder backpack, perfect if there were no coat checks at a venue.

There’s something else that they haven’t mentioned (but you’ll get it).

Yes, you’ll also get an iconic Dogecoin purse in the package that you can use to store additional picks or strings.

4. UKUEE Solid Color Waterproof Ukulele Case

UKUEE Solid Color Waterproof Ukulele Case

Everyone likes the rain. However, for some people, it could be a little annoying as you can’t always go out with your friends and play your ukulele.

But, why?

Well, that’s because it’ll require a waterproof ukulele.

What’s even more impressive is that it’s available in all sizes. So, no matter if you’re having a soprano, concert, or even a tenor, you won’t have any trouble packing that inside this water-resistant uke case as it’s designed to accommodate all types of ukes.

Featuring 10mm padding of top-notch cotton, it’ll feel very comfy when worn or taken from one place to another.

But what if you have more than just a ukulele at the moment? Is there any way to take care of those accessories? Lucky you—there’s a little compartment to place your add-ons on the go.

Whether you like to carry your uke case on your shoulders (i.e., like a backpack) or prefer using the handle, this uke case would offer you the ultimate satisfaction in that area.

People who purchased their first uke ended up buying another, all because of the high-quality construction, sturdiness, ease of use, not to mention those little patches that make it a more “You”.

What’s with the color? Well, there are 4, and if you can’t think of which one to go for, I’d suggest picking the blue (which resembles the one from Hot Seal’s above) because that’s my favorite, or maybe you may want to consider the khaki version.

5. Ukulele Backpack Case for Men, Women, and Kids

Ukulele Backpack Case for Men, Women, and Kids

Pithiness, solid color design, water-resistance property, you name it, everything is present in this ukulele case, designed with your comfort and the safe of your ukulele in mind.

This one has been perfected stitched, and there’re no signs of poor craftsmanship. Plus, different color combinations will help you match your outfit like a pro.

Like most ukulele cases above, it also follows a 10mm padding which brings more than sufficient space for your uke’s safety. NO matter which uke family you have (tenor, concert, or soprano), each of them will fit right in—choose the size based on your uke model.

Although it’s up for grabs in 6 colors, my fave ones are brown and white.

But, can you use this case like the backpack? And, what about the adjustability, is there an adjustable strap or something?

Well, they’ve got your back.

Now, you can adjust the length of the strap however you like (depending on your height or personal preference), and to take your carrying experience to the next level, there’s a comfy handle.

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While carrying your uke in a safe case (bag) is always recommended, you don’t want to carry the accessories in your hands, do you? That’s why there needs to be a pocket to carry all the must-have add-ons like picks, capo, and extra strings.

How to Choose the Right Ukulele Case?

How will you make sure that the ukulele case you’re picking is the right one for you?

I can completely understand where you’re coming from, and I know what I’d do if I were in your shoes. There are some points that you should bear in mind while hunting for the best case for your ukulele.

Here’s what you should take into account before making up your mind for a uke case:


The market is flooded with hundreds of options which makes cherry-picking a ukulele case a daunting task. However, if you narrow down the features, you can easily decide which one is a perfect fit case for you.

Some cases use hard cases while others make use of soft material, and then are those that comprise soft shell cases. If you’re someone who needs the highest level of protection for your uke, then a hard case is the right choice.

On the contrary, the soft ones are nothing but gigbags which—I don’t think—will offer much safety.

The soft shell cases fall somewhere between hard and soft cases. These are made of padded nylon and are rigid on the edges.


Just like all ukuleles are of different sizes, the same goes with the cases, too.

You can’t just go on buying a soprano uke case for your baritone ukulele, that won’t just fit and you’ll end up regretting your choice later.

The rule of thumb is that you should also pay close heed to the size of the case and make sure that your uke will fit right in.

You can measure the size of the case and then compare it with that of your ukulele. If you believe that everything looks fine, then you’re good to go.

Wrapping Up “Ukulele Cases”!

Time to wrap it up!

If you’re like those aficionados who don’t want to be taken away from their most precious jewel—the ukulele, then you’re either passionate about your music career or you’re in love with your instrument.

Either way, you have to make sure that the instrument that makes you happy stays as fresh as new i.e., it doesn’t go out of tune, wear scratches, or break. And that’s only imaginable if you invest in a top-of-the-line, protective, and long-lasting ukulele case—a uke case that is water-repellent, made of high-quality material, and offers bang for bucks.

So, there you have it—a list of 5 of the best ukulele cases that you can try to advance your musical journey, with no interruptions.

If you like to play your ukulele standing, it’s better to get a ukulele strap because you don’t want to put an unnecessary burden on your shoulders, do you?

Speaking of the accessories, if you want to complement your instrument while protecting it from unwanted damages, these ukulele stands are worth trying.

The Best Uke Case made for Beginners?

Buying a ukulele case for the very first time? If affirmative, any of the above-reviewed uke cases should give you peace of mind. If you still can’t decide which ukulele case to choose, you should go with the editor’s choice below.

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