10 Best Ukulele Strings for Beginners: Uke Strings That Don’t Break (2023)

While experts might be eulogizing the prominence of tonewood, they can’t fail to appreciate the significance of strings—no wonder strings are the key element when it comes to playing any song on your tiny instrument and bring those perfect tunes to life.

I know, to some folks this may seem unconnected or beside the point, the packaging of these ukulele strings give me the reminiscences of those strong coffee cups, especially when beheld from the top.

However, these wires (strings) aren’t less captivating, regardless of which one you’re an admirer of — nylon, steel, or fluorocarbon strings. Don’t worry, for your peace of mind, I’ll walk you through each of them just like I kept you posted on tenor vs concert.

If you look forward to running your fingers through those strings like Jake, you can’t make the mistake of investing in bad ukulele strings, which most beginners do.

So, if you don’t want to ruin your investment and look like a rookie, you probably want to avoid those mistakes, and that’s what I’m going to help you with in this article.

Best Ukulele Strings

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Best Ukulele Strings for Beginners

Imagine gifting one of your best friends the most treasured ukulele on their birthday.

The instant the uke arrives, your friend is super excited to open the package and pay it right away as she waited her whole life for this.

She holds the ukulele in her left hand and goes on playing her favorite song to impress everyone gathered at her birthday party.

As soon as she strums on, the G string (one of the four strings i.e., G-C-E-A) pops out.

As disheartening as this experience sounds, it’d just break her heart for sure, plus, the appreciation she wanted to receive would die right there—and yes, she may hate you forever.

Now, you may experience the same situation if you, by mistake, invest in the poor-quality ukulele strings that you’ll find almost everywhere on the market.

So, if you don’t want anything like this to happen, you can’t shop ukulele strings in a willy-nilly manner, and guess what—we’ve done the digging for you. Put differently, you don’t have to research anything, this thorough guide will have you back.

Craving to lay your eyes on the best ukulele strings?

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

1. D’Addario EJ65S Nylon Ukulele Strings

D'Addario EJ65S Nylon Ukulele Strings

Are you ready for the one-of-its-kind and tiptop ukulele strings from a brand recommended by experts?

Meet the true beauty—D’Addario EJ65S, the uke strings that will blow your mind, projecting those most sought-after warm and sweet sounds. Having a gauge of .024 will exceed all your expectations in the first place, not to mention the accuracy that it brings to the table, courtesy of laser-cut design.

Recommended by Jake, Ingred, and the renowned pop band “Walk off the Earth”, this piece of beauty has been manufactured with all types of ukulele models in mind. That being said, no matter if you’re having a tenor or soprano, you have the freedom to choose any.

Crafted exclusively for musical instruments, these strings will promise you unsurpassed intonation, precision, and warm acoustic tone with a pitch that every musician is after.

The best thing about these D’Addario strings and the reason why they sit on top of this list is that you can pick any size you need or customize as per your style preferences.

Yes, you read that right—regardless of whether you’re in love with Fluorocarbon, Titanium, or Nylon (Clear, Nyltech, or Black), you’re good to go.

I mean, what’s not to like about these strings; they are super easy to install, offer next-level sheerness, project those desirable tones, and last long. What’s more, these won’t cause any corrosion no matter where you put your most precious ukulele.

If you have no previous experience with strings, I’d suggest you try these out.

2. Aquila Corde Armoniche New Nylgut Ukulele Strings

Aquila Corde Armoniche New Nylgut Ukulele Strings

If you’ve heard Aquila strings before, you’re not alone—all because Aquila strings have made quite a presence in the market lately.

The regular key tuning of these, like most strings, is G-C-E-A which works for all right-handed ukulists out there. Aquila uses its patented strings known as “Nylgut”—a compound of 3 different components, not like carbon or nylon.

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If you want your ukulele to sound as good as it could while making sure you get a reasonably priced deal, this pack has the same thing to offer. Ranked for high sheerness, it’ll stay in tune once you get the hang of it.

Regardless of which uke brand you’re using (be it Fender, Kala, or any other), these strings will serve up a genuine compliment to your instrument.

If you’re a lefty ukulele player, you can put these strings to good use by installing them on your left-handed ukulele, the process is not time-consuming whatsoever.

These have been smoothened so you don’t have any finger calluses, and they’re polished too; that means you don’t have to worry about if there’ll be noises as your soft fingers rub onto them; rest assured, there’ll be no such thing.

Another thing why people have affection for these is that they’re made in Italy—no sacrificing on the quality.

3. Martin Ukulele Strings (M600) for Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone

Martin Ukulele Strings (M600)

Do you remember Martin & Company that was established in 1833?

They’ve been in the business for quite a long time. They started when no other brand was in the business and at the time, there were only 24 states.

Anyway, if you’ve always been after those clean and warm tones without giving up the quality, these non-corrosive strings will fit right in (your uke)—no pun intended.

You can either choose polygut or Fluorocarbon based on what your personal preferences are. These strings will give you unmatched tuning stability, excellent playing experience, and your day will be brightened like never before.

Installing these professional-grade strings into your ukulele will only allow you to get clean and warm sounds but also you’ll be able to listen to all the lows, mids, and high tones while writing a prelude of your first song or playing your favorite ever song.

If you want your ukulele to hold the tuning for longer periods, I’d suggest you go with the high-tensile fluorocarbon ones. That way, you’ll also improve the harmonic output and get a more consistent tone.

No matter if you’re a touring ukulists or you’re just getting started with your little soprano, these strings will make your day. Just like Martin’s guitars are second to none in the industry, these strings are equally important.

Founded in 1883, Martin has been producing top-notch stringed instruments. Since they’ve been in the business, they know what they’re doing. If you admire the hard work and sustainable practices of brands put into efforts, you should try these strings out.

Would you like to take your playing experience to next level? Well, you can’t miss out on these!

4. Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings (P02326)

Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings (P02326)

Playability, stability, and super easy installation, you’ll get it all with these ukulele strings from Ernie.

Ernie earns trust, it even earned mine. People are going crazy for it, and for a good reason.

Whether you’re planning to invite your friend over for sing-alongs or late-night parties, these custom-gauge strings will bring excellent tunings to life.

Crafted by professional craftsmen in the beautiful Coachella Valley of Southern California (USA), these strings project legendary tones that legendary ukulists are always on the lookout for. Also, you can choose any style you prefer: black and clear.

While this package is meant for people having soprano and concert, I’d suggest double-checking the size before finalizing the order.

Create banging dance tunes or make people fall in love with your song’s opening using these classic ukulele strings that are made of 100% nylon monofilament. These are capable of delivering balanced, bright, and warm, rich tones no matter what weather you’re playing in.

Unlike tie-end strings, Ernie’s strings boast a ball-end construction which helps you level up the installation. That means you won’t have to get stuck doing loop-di-loop.

That way, there’ll be no tension around the bridge post—no unwanted slack anymore.

Still not goggle-eyed?

See full features and then make a well-versed decision.

5. Yoklili Nylon Ukulele Strings (5 Sets), with Capo, Picks, Winder

Yoklili Ukulele Strings

When ukulele brands were offering nothing but strings in the package, Yoklili took it even further.

In addition to strings, you can get your hands on other musician-choice accessories, namely capo, picks, and winder. Each string that comes packed is named which makes telling which one is which an easy task, plus the installation becomes a cakewalk.

While most professional ukulists tighten the strings using fingers, this could be a little intimidating for beginners and they could even end up hurting their hands. Luckily, there’s a string winder that comes with a non-slip handle.

Some players have a habit of putting the capo on the 4th or 5th fret. If you find yourself in the same group, you may find these strings fascinating as they also feature a high-quality aluminum capo that leaves no scratches when placed on the fingerboard and offers a buzz-free playing experience.

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You don’t only get a set of strings, there’re some add-ons as well. So, if you believe in extras, this option could be a way out for you.

These strings are lightweight, sturdy, and produce great tunes no matter which ukulele you put these on. However, this specific pack is designed for the soprano ukuleles. To get the right size strings, make sure that the strings are designed with your uke model in mind.

I fell for the winder because there’s nothing like this add-on seen in other string packets.

So, what do you think about these strings and the add-ons?

I’m sure you won’t get all these extra accessories without paying separately for each item if you consider other options.

6. Aquila AQ-86 Concert Ukulele Strings (Low G)

Aquila AQ-86 Concert Ukulele Strings (Low G)

These strings are a part of Aquila’s red series, and it has a low-G tuning. If you have no idea what a low- or high-G tuning is, here you are: high-G produces brighter tones whereas the low-G is fuller and deeper.

These strings feel comfortable when touched and offer excellent tones for both beginner and touring ukulists.

Packed with proprietary composite material, it’s capable of absorbing less moisture; you’ll never have to struggle with the tuning stability anymore. The composite material also makes the design responsive across the fingerboard.

No matter which strumming technique you prefer, you’ll get along with these strings just fine. To take it even further, Aquila uses a revolutionary approach that modifies the weight of each string, leaving the gauge unaffected.

FYI, the low-G is wound, however, it won’t feel like it is so—there won’t be any difficulty in the fitting. Plus, if you want to have a distinct “Classic Guitar” vibe, the low-G (wound) is there for you.

I’ve seen many people complaining about the wound string that it’d break or wouldn’t sound good, however, that’s not the case. The wound string helps project the tone better.

If you want your ukulele to offer fuller and deeper tones, this would be a perfect pick, undoubtedly. Not just that, if installing a low-G string on your uke will give you extra 5 notes.

These added above are for concert ukuleles only. If you possess another model from the uke family, you can browse other options; the red series is compatible with all types of ukes.

7. Fender 90C Concert Ukulele Strings (Set of 4)

Fender 90C Concert Ukulele Strings (Set of 4)

Do you need a set of strings that is ready to deliver warm, well-balanced, and clear sound projection?

Look no further; this set from Fender is your dream come true!

Optimized for G-C-E-A tuning, these nylon strings are well-matched for all types of ukuleles: tenor, concert, and soprano. Proudly made in the USA, these will offer you peace of mind if you’re after quality construction.

No matter who you’re considering these lively, resilient, and pleasant-sounding strings i.e., your husband, son, or daughter, you won’t ever have to face the tuning issues.

If you’ve been rocking a Fender’s ukulele for a long time, I’m confident that you have had a pleasant experience with it. The vintage models produced by Fender are second to none.

It doesn’t matter if you want these strings for your professional work or just want to put them to good use to have leisure, you won’t regret the decision in the least.

The good news is you don’t have to spend loads of bucks to get these strings as if you would when getting a ukulele from Fender; yes, those are expensive.

Need a waterproof ukulele?

If you need a water-resistant ukulele so you could continue playing even when it’s raining, you should try out the waterman uke from Kala.

8. UKUSTIC Clear Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings (High-G)

UKUSTIC Clear Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings (High-G)

Most of us play our most cherished instrument (ukulele) indoor or maybe outdoor (but when it’s not raining)?

What if it’s pouring? How will you be able to play your ukulele in such weather conditions?

Well, if you desire to run down your fingers through your ukulele when it’s raining, you’ll need water-resistant strings—and, of course, the ukulele, itself, must be waterproof. If you haven’t tried a waterproof ukulele yet, get your hands on Kala Waterman Ukulele and see what it feels like to record your song on the ukulele in the rain.

Producing crisp and brighter tones, these strings will make you wow at the first strum. Getting stable tuning is what every ukulist dreams of, and guess what—you’ll experience the same with these.

But what makes these strings water-resistant?

Well, it’s the fluorocarbon that not only protects the strings from water and bad weather conditions, it also helps in maintaining longevity.

If your old uke strings have started to sound “plunky”, it’s about time you replaced them with these.

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With these strings, there will be no bendy noises, and yet it’s imaginable for you to play a bend if that’s what you want to do. Also, if you’ve been using nylon strings lately, you may find these a little thin, but that doesn’t make them fragile.

If your mission is to highlight the fretboard, you’ll achieve the same thing because when installed, they look transparent and leave anything disturbed.

If you want your uke to sound like a guitar—bright and crisp, you don’t want to miss out on these. Yes, there have been some major improvements recently.

9. Auihiay 18 Pieces Ukulele Strings Accessory Kit

Auihiay 18 Pieces Ukulele Strings Accessory Kit

In addition to having strings, do you want to get other must-have accessories without having to pay separately for each of them?

This kit has some extras to offer.

Apart from including 20 strings (i.e., a set of 5), the package comprises a capo to make sure you get a well-balanced pitch, aclip-on digital tuner to make sure the ukulele is perfectly tuned, a winder to help you tighten (install) the strings professionally, and 8 beautifulfelt picks so you never have to suffer from finger calluses.

No wonder highly-rated and well-priced strings are hard to come by, but that’s what you won’t struggle with—not today!

Many ukulists, especially beginners, feel that they will be able to go on with their training sessions without the picks, but most of the time they’re wrong. Even the experts suggest that having a pick around when learning to play the ukulele is helpful. So, think about it while finalizing your final purchase.

Newbies may also cut their fingers while installing the new strings and this happens a lot because strings are thin and especially because the hands perspire. People with calluses on fingers have to deal with this issue a lot.

Luckily, there’s a winder that will help you dispense with the squeezing process. Don’t tighten the strings too much that they may break and don’t let them stay slack either.

So, as you can see, you’ll get a lot with these strings—all without having to pay more.

Go, grab these; get peace of mind!

10. Mudder Nylon Soprano Ukulele Strings (Key of C)

Mudder Nylon Soprano Ukulele Strings (Key of C)

Last, but certainly not the least on this list are these strings from Mudder.

Offering a straightforward experience to ukulists, Mudder has received loads of appreciation from verified consumers.

These strings have been properly labeled so you can identify which string wire will go which side of the ukulele so you could achieve the G-C-E-A tuning, provided that you’re not a lefty person, or else you’ll need a left-handed ukulele.

Since these are made of nylon, they’d be a perfect choice for fingerpicking. But don’t worry, you can behold other options below for your peace of mind.

Regardless of whether you own sopranino (short scale uke), tenor, or baritone, these won’t dishearten you at all. Also, each one of them is unwound.

If you need good-quality strings from a brand that promises straight from the factory freshness, this is it!

You can grab these for your granddaughter, son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone you adore, but make sure you choose the right size strings because these are only meant for soprano.

Summing Up!

Choosing the right ukulele strings, especially for beginners, is no piece of cake. You need to figure out who you’re purchasing from; the brand you’re considering should have good ratings and reviews from verified customers. Plus, checking on the length of the strings is a real deal because you don’t want to invest in a pack of uke strings that will fall short for your ukulele.

Besides, the longer the strings hold tuning, the better. Therefore, look for the strings that can stay tuned for longer, no matter which strings you’re after—nylon or fluorocarbon.

I’ve tried to keep you informed on ukulele strings from big brands like D’Addario, Fender, Caramel, Aquila, and Martin.

So, it’s better if you get top-notch strings from any of the aforesaid brands. That way, you won’t regret your purchase later. If you’re skeptical about any brand or the product and believe it won’t turn out to be as satisfactory as it seems, take the “Returns” into account.

If you haven’t bought a ukulele yet, you should take a glimpse at my take on choosing a ukulele.

Also, these ukulele straps that come with hooks will have your heart for sure, and here’s the best part: you will never have to pick your drilling machine to drill a hole in the ukulele.

The Best Ukulele Strings for Beginners?

Although every single pack of ukulele strings reviewed above comes from Big Brands, if you still can’t get any idea which one you should choose, we suggest you pick the D’Addario’s nylon strings. They sound great and have been used by many famous musicians like Jake Shimabukuro and other players.

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