6 Best Ukulele Wall Mount 2023

Ukulele wall mounts are a great way to show off your instrument while keeping it safe and out of the way. There are a variety of wall mounts on the market, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

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Here are a few things to consider when choosing a ukulele wall mount

  • The weight of your ukulele. Some wall mounts can hold heavier instruments, while others are designed for lighter ukes. Make sure the mount you choose can support the weight of your uke.
  • The size of your ukulele. Wall mounts come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to choose one that will fit your instrument.
  • The type of mount. There are several types of wall mounts available, including hooks, brackets, and arms. Choose the mount that will work best for your needs.
  • The location of the mount. Make sure you have enough space on the wall to install the mount before purchasing it.

Once you’ve chosen a wall mount, it’s time to install it! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a safe and secure installation. Once mounted, your ukulele will be safely out of the way and easy to show off to friends and family.

1. String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount

The String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount is the perfect way to show off your prized ukulele, mandolin, banjo or balalaika while keeping it safe and secure.

The mount is made in the USA from quality materials and is backed by a lifetime structural warranty. So don’t risk your investment – get a String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount today!

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I highly recommend the String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount to anyone looking for a safe and secure way to display their ukulele.

The mount is made in the USA from quality materials and is backed by a lifetime structural warranty, so you can rest assured that your instrument is in good hands.

The mount is also very easy to install, so you can have your instrument on display in no time.

2. String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Stand for Mandolin Ukulele Concert

String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Stand for Mandolin Ukele Concert

The String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Stand for Mandolin Ukele Concert is a great choice for those who want to display their ukulele on the wall.

The hardwood Black Walnut cradle is designed specifically for concert ukuleles and is made in the USA.

The cradle features a wooden block and steel construction with rubber cradles which will last a lifetime. The updated design balances the uke more vertically than previous designs, making it the perfect choice for those who want to show off their prized instrument.

Installation is easy and can be done in minutes with just a screwdriver – no drilling required!

This mount is also backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, everyone can appreciate the beauty and tone of a ukulele.

They make great gifts for kids, musicians, or anyone who loves music (or handmade goods!). Please note: The cradle only fits the concert-sized ukulele.

3. Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger stand 2pack wooden fits Mandolin

Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger stand 2pack wooden fits MandolinThis wall mount won’t just keep your ukulele safe, but it also highlights the beauty of this small yet sturdy instrument. Uniquely shaped “ukuleles” are designed to hold any type or size guitar securely and at an ideal height for easy access while tuning up before taking that first big step into making music! This bundle includes two identical hooks – one red A-frame (soprano), yellow G strung Hawaiian baritone 10 fret neck 12 string banjo 5 strings 6 wiretops starter pack .The sleek black walnut hardwood construction helps make sure you have space left over on either side after installing batteries in remote controlled devices such as TVs remotes

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4. Guitar Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger

Guitar Ukulele Wall Mount HangerIf you’re looking to mount your guitar or ukulele away from pets, the Guitar Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger is a great option.It’s made of soft padding so it protects against scratches and has metal hooks for hanging on drywall with ease! The hardwood base can take up 33 lbs.If that doesn’t sound like enough weight then there are also two walls available in order reach higher ceiling heights where this would be handy – You could chose other options as well.Lastly: Its packaging makes excellent gifts; be sure not skip telling all friends about these hangers as well.

5. Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Stand Holder for Ukulele

Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Stand Holder for UkuleleThe Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Stand Holder is great for when you are in the mood to play your ukulele. It gives you the convenience of being able to place it on the wall when not in use.This way it can be placed in an area where there’s nothing blocking its path and it won’t take up any much room.This stand is made out of carbon steel that has been wrapped with high-quality rubber tubing sponge cover for soft, slip-proof protection.The thoughtful design ensures that your instrument will be well protected during installation. The stand itself has enough support by screws and a plastic dry-wall mount at the right place, making it easy to install by yourself.It is great for use in the occasion of home studio, office and instruments exhibition. Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Stand Holder for Ukulele is a great accessory to have if you are looking for ways to organize your space and keep your ukulele safe at the same time. Get your today!

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6. Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger Moodve

moodve ukuelle wallsrtandThe ukulele wall mount is made of high-quality Black Walnut hardwood and carbon steel, which can hold up to 40lbs.It’s perfect for any instrument that has a narrow neck or body style including banjos mandolins etc.The rubberized finish keeps your precious memorabilia safe while preventing slipping on smooth surfaces so you don’t have worry about damaging anything in the process!This stand will make an excellent gift idea as well because it not only provides stability but also gives off a stylish vibe no matter where its placed within


For those of you looking for ways to show off your favourite ukulele, there are several options out there that should keep your instrument safe and sound while still looking stylish.

The list above features our top picks to help make the right choice easier! Some of these products require minimal installation (of course if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then a professional is always a good idea).

Always be sure to double check where the product will go in order to avoid future issues or concerns. Furthermore: most of these come with a lifetime warranty which is great news!

This protects against any defects that may appear earlier than expected which is especially helpful when considering using tools such as wall mounts.

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