10 Best Ukuleles for Beginners in 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]


Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

  • Made of mahogany wood
  • Bosts Pau Ferro fretboard
  • Abalone-style Rosette
  • Great finishing


Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case/Gigbag

Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case

  • Made of Mahogany wood
  • Aquila Nylon strings
  • Features a digital tuner
  • Instructional DVD


Enya Concert Nova U 23-inch, Waterproof Ukulele

Enya Concert Nova U 23-inch, Waterproof Ukulele

  • Waterproof ukulele
  • Super lightweight
  • Produces brighter sounds
  • Boasts a cutaway body

We have got a thorough guide on Tenor ukes, Kala’s ukes, and we even covered the must-have things one needs to keep in mind while shopping for a ukulele. That means we did everything we could to keep the beginners at ease, but since some of you guys wanted us to suggest some of the best ukuleles for beginners, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we ended up writing this article which is dedicated to all the ukulists getting started.

We’ve already discussed the different sizes of ukuleles in one of our articles (linked below). So, if you feel a little bit confused, it’s about time you be aware of the nuts and bolts of how to pick the right-sized ukulele without breaking the bank. Also, we’ll shed light on whether or not you’ll be in need of accessories as a beginner.

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Top 10 Ukuleles for Beginners

Coming up with the well-versed decision for one of the best ukuleles is no piece of cake—it requires deep research of the nuts and bolts of ukes, and most importantly, you will need to spend your days and nights to find the perfect pick based on your budget.

When you begin learning something new, whether it is a skill or something else, you need to pay special attention to the techniques so you don’t miss anything important—also in the case of uke learning.

What’s more—you must be having all the accessories, such as a gigbag, pick, and instruction DVD, for example, so that you can easily master the art of strumming. You must be familiar with the finish that your uke comes with—also, set your preferences for the size of the uke since that’s what changes the whole game.

So, let’s begin with our first product on the list:

1. Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case/Gigbag

Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele Bundle with Hard Case/Gigbag

This KA-C concert ukulele couldn’t get any better. It’s got all the things a beginner might be in need of when trying a uke for the very first time, be it a hard case (or a gigbag, depending on what bundle you like to go with), a clip-on tuner, instructional DVD, and polishing cloth.

So, what else do you need to let the strumming game come on?

It’s not everything you’d be pleased with—this bundle, although is packed with all accessories, is very reasonable when it comes to its pricing. You even have the opportunity to choose the kit based on your personal preference i.e. whether you want a gigbag or hard case, you’re good to go.

However a hard case is a must-have container for carrying your uke in your car or for keeping it as safe as possible, if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on the strap in the package, you’ll need to go with the “Gigbag” option because the strap is not included in the hard case bundle.

Plus, if you choose the gigbag kit, you’ll also receive extra Aquila strings that will be useful when the quality of original (ones that come pre-installed) strings become poor in years.

If you’ve been a huge fan of Kala’s ukes, you would find Kala Waterman Ukulele very much satisfactory.

Let’s bring out the pros and cons of this uke:


  • Made of mahogany wood
  • Concert size is perfect for beginners
  • Fingerboard is made of walnut
  • Features cream binding
  • Extra Aquila strings
  • Comes with a clip-on tuner
  • Has an instructional DVD
  • Includes a polishing cloth


  • None to mention

2. Enya Concert Nova U 23-inch, Waterproof Ukulele

Enya Concert Nova U 23-inch, Waterproof Ukulele

Have you come across a waterproof ukulele?

If not, this ergonomically designed uke will exceed all of your expectations, for sure.

Enya is renowned for its beautiful designs and artistry, and this waterproof ukulele for beginners is no exception. In fact, it’s a great uke for both male and female ukulists out there.

The reason why I believe it’s a perfect-fit uke for girls is that it’s available in blue, pink, orange, and red colors. However, boys could rock with either black or white.

On top of being entry-level friendly (since priced somewhere around $76), the kit includes the basic must-haves for a newbie, a gigbag, capo, strap, to new a few.

There are many things that make it stand out, including eye-popping design, waterproof capability, and its body has been designed in a way so that you could easily clean it when it gets dusty.

If you’re a girl, we strongly advise you to go for it because I don’t think that you’ll get a better deal than this, and such amazing features without breaking the bank. In spite of offering so many outstanding pros, it is super lightweight (only weighs 1.25 lbs) and boasts a thin body (2 inches only).

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro ukulist, this uke will have all of your expectations met in the first place.

I can’t stress this enough—this uke looks classy and catches attention in a fraction of seconds. What’s also good is that you could choose your favorite color for your peace of mind. Now, let’s see what feature of this uke made ukulists’ day—along with the cons.


  • One-of-its-kind uke; waterproof ukulele
  • Highly durable; made of carbon fiber composite polycarbonate
  • Available in a variety of colors; offers versatility
  • Wins hearts; highly rated by ukulists
  • Produces brighter sounds compared to other ukes
  • Super lightweight; only weighs 1.25 lbs
  • Ultra-thin uke; only 2-inch thin body
  • Stands out from other ukes; boasts a cutaway body
  • Accessories included: a padded gigbag, capo, strap, etc.
  • Comes with Enya fluorocarbon strings


  • None

3. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

While people most of the time come across the Kala brand while digging up the best ukuleles for beginners, this Cordoba 15-cm uke is no exception. Just like the above-mentioned uke, this one is also having different sizes, namely concert, soprano, and tenor. In fact, you can also decide to own an electric-acoustic uke so you could own the switching game like a pro.

It’s not just the “LOOKS” this uke is loved for by the ukulists, its high-quality, clear, bright sound will have you astounded for sure, courtesy of the mahogany that it’s equipped with at the top, bottom, and sides.

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Tuning this uke sounds an easy-peasy job, thanks to the pearl button tuner—and it always stays in tune, meaning you won’t be having a heart attack due to those muffled sounds. As you hold this ukulele in your hands, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind feeling due to the quality construction all around. Yes, its back, top, and sides are made of solid mahogany.

Playability makes a huge difference when playing your most favorite chords on a guitar or ukulele. That’s why it is important to pay heed to the playability as well. As it turns out, this uke, even in that area, gives you great peace of mind.

Its satin finish is what makes people fall in love with it, and speaking of the rosette, it boasts an abalone one that’ll just blow your mind. While playability plays a significant role, it may get affected by the type of strings your ukulele is equipped with. But don’t worry—you’ll get to touch those soft and elegant Aquila strings on this uke.

The satin finish is a great choice for beginners as it helps your uke be protected against scratches, plus, the sound will resonate as it should. Additionally, a satin finish gives your ukulele a more natural look.

To see safety information, click here.


  • Made of solid mahogany (top, neck, back, body)
  • Boasts a Pau Ferro fretboard
  • Ultimate craftsmanship; great finishing
  • Features natural satin finish; offers great resonance
  • Reasonably priced; up for grabs under $100
  • Brags an abalone-style Rosette; stands out


  • No accessories

Still can’t decide?

4. Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit

Donner Tenor Ukulele with Gig Bag Strap, Tuner, Picks

Presenting the #1 Bestseller, ranked in the “Musical instrument” category. From gigbag to strap to extra strings to online lessons for beginners to a clip-on tuner to picks to cleaning cloth, you just name it, it’s all the things in the first place for you.

Available in 3 different sizes—21, 23, 26 inch—this uke will be a perfect-fit stringed instrument for a beginner like you, especially if you’re on the lookout for all accessories to help yourself learn all the strumming patterns and techniques.

Better sound transmission is something you’ll experience when you hold this good-looking ukulele in your hands. The reason why learners fall head over heels in love with this uke is that it’s super easy to tune, and although you could download a free app for your smartphone for tuning purposes, I don’t think you’ll need that since this uke comes with a clip-on tuner.

A pro ukulist doesn’t have to worry about joint and finger pain while playing the ukulele, however, beginners may not know the know-how of strumming. But there’s nothing you need to be afraid of since this uke is packed with soft nylon strings that won’t be a burden on your fingers whatsoever.

Since this uke is very budget-friendly, you can get it for as low as $56.09 easily and begin your musical journey. This one is highly rated for beginners and easy to learn. This ukulele doesn’t come tuned to avoid damage in transportation.


  • Offers better sound transmission
  • Made with the most sought-after mahogany
  • Ultimate artistry; semi-open finish
  • Produces warm, rich, pleasant sound
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Super easy to tune; features a tuner
  • Boasts a backpack with an adjustable strap
  • Highly polished & smooth surface


  • Nothing to mention

5. Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit (LTP-S)

Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit (LTP-S)

I get it—features matter most and make a ukulele stand out from its counterparts, but when beginners are taken into consideration, they need a quick-start guide along with online lessons so as to get a better understanding of how to master the art of uke playing.

Guess what—this uke from Kala lives up to your expectations as it’s comes packed with such things. Also, being smaller in size (hence Soprano), this one is a most sought-after ukulele for beginners as it’ll fit into hands and, therefore, won’t require much action and won’t hurt.

In spite of being listed at a lower price, you’ll also get a case that will keep your ukulele in mint condition. Although this one doesn’t feature a cleaning cloth, I believe you’ve already got one at home. If not, getting a cloth is not rocket science.

Ensure your uke creates great sound is important and that’s where the tonewood comes in, making a huge difference. Not just that, there’s a 20-page quick-start guide that contains all the must-have points one needs to keep in mind while learning to play the uke.

Apart from tonewood, what also turns out to be a game-changer is the strings. Luckily, this one is packed with Aquila strings that have been made in Italy, and not to mention that shark-teeth rosette and NuBone’s nut and saddle.

To know more why this uke is worth your attention, please head over to the pros and cons:


  • Made with the most coveted mahogany
  • Boasts Aquila strings (made in Italy)
  • Equipped with NuBone’s saddle and nut
  • Package includes a gigbag for safety
  • A 20-page quick-start guide for beginners
  • Super easy to tune and learn to play
  • Free app to tune to get things done quickly
  • Very reasonably priced; inexpensive uke


  • App comes with a trial of 4 days only

6. Ranch Soprano 21-inch Professional Wooden Ukulele

Ranch Soprano 21-inch Professional Wooden Ukulele

Are you after an all-in-one kit?

If that’s what you’re after, look no further for this uke is all you need. Yes, you read it right—this professional uke kit includes all the necessary things you need to get started with your uke lessons.

The kit comprises a travel zip gigbag, an electric clip-on tuner, extra strings (from Aquila), shoulder strap, ukulele picks, soft cleaning cloth, and you’ll be amazed to know that its bridge is made of rosewood. The next-level artistry has been achieved while making this uke, and that’s why you’ll get to lay your eyes on the durable and elegant edges.

On top of the pre-installed rivets for the strap, you’ll two extra rivets, just in case something happens to the original ones. Overall, it’s an amazing piece of artwork and offers a smooth and accurate playing experience. Besides being beautiful, this uke is sturdy, meaning it will offer you the longevity you’re looking for.

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Quick tip: when you purchase a new ukulele, it’s natural to face tuning issues because new strings need some stretching. Once they’re done stretching, you will achieve stability in tuning and your uke will produce harmonic sound.

Let’s go over the benefits and demerits of using this uke:


  • Fuller, warmer, and deeper woody tones
  • Packed with Aquila strings; feels softer
  • Quite easy to set up, tune, and learn
  • Boasts Sapele wood with crafted artwork
  • Comes with a gigbag; easy to take anywhere
  • Pack includes a shoulder strap for ease of use
  • Soft cloth helps keep uke in mind condition
  • Ukulele picks included; no more fingers pain
  • Kit has a clip-on tuner for fine-tuning
  • Extra strings to replace the old ones


  • None

7. Lohanu Concert-Size Ukulele Bundle

Lohanu’s Tenor Ukulele Bundle (With Accessories)

There’s a major reason behind why I’ve included most ukuleles with accessories in this article—it helps beginners find the help they need and learn uke at their own pace. That’s why most ukuleles that we’ve suggested beginners in this comprehensive article include add-ons, such as clip-on tuner, gigbag, extra strings, picks, etc.

The question is: does this uke also come all such extras?

Well, the answer is ‘Yes’—you’ll get your hands on everything and, therefore, learning won’t be an issue. You can also choose your favorite size for the ukulele which are three: concert, soprano, and tenor. Soprano uke is the smallest uke in the family, then comes concert, and finally tenor.

Although larger uke is known as a baritone, it’s not available as part of this bundle. But don’t stress yourself because we don’t recommend you buy a baritone as a beginner either.

This ukulele bundle has so much to offer the beginners or new ukulists, including all the must-have accessories one needs to get started with uke playing. If this kit sounds familiar to you, maybe it is because we’ve already reviewed this model in one of our earlier articles. Their customer service is amazing and they offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to the next-level features, this ukulele also stands out in terms of looks, not to mention the laser engraved logo. It is equipped with frets that are so smooth that you won’t hear any finger scratching sounds while strumming your uke.

Now, let’s break down the pros and cons:


  • Made of premium-quality Sapele wood
  • Boasts super Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Creates no scratching sound
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Highly suitable for beginners
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Stylish and long-lasting ukulele
  • Highly reasonable; inexpensive


  • Those who love mahogany may not like it

8. Kmise 23-inch Electric-Acoustic Hawaiian Ukulele

Kmise 23-inch Electric-Acoustic Hawaiian Ukulele

Although for most beginners, an acoustic ukulele is recommended, there are times when ukulists—who like to experience things a bit differently—prefer an electric-acoustic uke to just an acoustic one.

If you’re that person, this ukulele is just for you.

After playing your uke on acoustic mode for hours, if you feel like switching to the electric mode, this uke has got your back. It’s packed with a built-in EQ that helps you make the most out of tuning while using it as an electric uke. To help you achieve rich and loss-less tones, they’ve used bone nut and saddles.

Apart from looking for important features in a uke, you must also think about the finish, speaking of which, it boasts a natural matte finish that is a primary choice for those who don’t prefer the very shiny surface of their ukulele. Equipped with solid spruce, it’ll improve with time and produce bright and crisp sounds.

Its built-in tuner is what makes it poles apart from other ukuleles in the market, and perhaps that is the reason why it’s a must for those who perform on the stage.

It’s true that its sound gets better as it’s made of spruce tonewood, what’s also satisfying is that it’s complete value for money—yes, it’s up for grabs for under $60 only. Although this one looks great, if you need a slight change in it in terms of shading, you’ll love 3 different shades: UK-24, UK-24B, and UK-24C.

Enough of the features, let’s dive into the benefits and cons:


  • Made of premium solid spruce tonewood
  • Spruce, being a softwood, maintains sustainability
  • An electric-acoustic ukulele
  • Boasts a built-in EQ for tuning
  • Feels very smooth & soft when holding
  • Offers lossless sound transmission
  • Produces rich and bright tones
  • Boasts Aquila strings; great intonation, vibration, and super easy to tune


  • No picks

9. Hola HM-124EB+ 24-Inch Ebony Concert Ukulele

Hola HM-124EB+ 24-Inch Ebony Concert Ukulele

I’ve kept you posted on many ukuleles above that are perfect for beginners, however, you may have noticed that none of them is up for grabs in a variety of colors and shades.

How about you invest in one of Kala’s ebony ukuleles?

Well, we can’t stress this enough that the ukes from Kala are of premium quality, but what also can’t be neglected is that these Kala’s ebony ukes are not entry-level friendly—they’re highly-priced.

That’s why we picked this one—Hola 24-inch ebony concert uke because it is not that expensive. Plus, verified customers are very much satisfied with their purchase.

What’s surprising in this kit is that you won’t get that old-fashioned typical gigbag; instead, what you’ll get your hands on is a padded gigbag. It means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your uke while putting it in the backseat of your car or somewhere else at home where you think children may come.

In addition to the bag being first-class, the most sought-after Aquila strings have been installed onto this model. This uke should be a blessing for those who want an ebony wood body without having to break the bank. Yes, you read it right—this uke is very affordable as compared to the ebony models brought to life by Kala.

Having said that, you could effortlessly save up to $100 on your first Hola’s uke—this one. Walnut fingerboard is like a dream come true—you’ll get to lay your eyes on walnut neck and fingerboard.

Need to know more?

If affirmative, pros and cons await below.


  • Made of one-of-a-kind ebony; sustainable uke
  • Free 2-month live ukulele lessons (included)
  • Comes with a paddle gigbag, strap, and picks
  • Premium Aquila strings, made in Italy
  • Always stays in tune; offers peace of mind
  • Giftable; a perfect gift for birthdays
  • Boasts walnut bridge, fingerboard, & neck
  • Compensated bone saddle & built-in strap pin
  • Features fret binding; stands out
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  • No clip-on tuner

10. Kmise Deluxe Top Solid Spruce Concert Ukulele

Kmise Deluxe Top Solid Spruce Concert Ukulele

It’s no wonder that Kmise has been changing the game in the industry of stringed instruments. I mean, look at this 24-inch ukulele designed for beginners. It is super easier to hold and play without any scratching whatsoever.

Since it’s fitted out with Aquila nylon strings, there’ll be no problem while strumming or slapping on the fretboard. Yes, with this solid spruce ukulele, you could definitely slap like Davie504.

It creates stronger vibration while you strum it and the fretboard is well finished, thanks to the smooth walnut that has been used in it. It’s no news that stringed instruments, such as a uke, need special care because anyone could sit on them, break their strings, or worst-case scenario, a kid may take it for a bat or toy and swing it in the air.

Therefore, it’s important to keep it protected from being damaged. Luckily, there’s a solution to that too, and guess what—you don’t have to pay any extra for the security.

Yes, along with the uke, there’s a professional gigbag that will ensure that your uke stays safe all the time while you’re busy handling other responsibilities.

Although there are no cutaways in this model, its ABS binding gives ukulists a vibrant, beautiful, and comfortable feeling. The bone and saddle are from Real Bone and it boasts the most renowned rosewood fingerboard along with specially designed fret wire.

Customer satisfaction is Kmise’s top priority. Therefore, they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to all their customers. So, if—after you’ve purchased the uke—you think that this uke is not meeting your expectations, you could freely return it.

But I don’t think you’d need to do that.

Need to gift this to someone on their birthday?

Well, this one would be a perfect fit for them for it is 100% giftable for a music lover, especially the string instrument devotee. Not just that, you could gift this to someone who is willing to take part in the music classes in an instrument or online.

Let’s uncover the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Made of mahogany (top and back)
  • Boasts Aquila nylon strings
  • Features smooth walnut fretboard
  • Equipped with Real Bone nut & saddle
  • Chrome and sealed tuner & Okoume neck
  • Ideal for beginners, intermediate uke players
  • Includes a gigbag and a clip-on tuner30-day money-back guarantee


  • Tuner is not of high quality

FAQs on ‘Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Q.1: How to play the ukulele for beginners?

What does it take for a beginner to learn to play a uke? Also, can you learn it for free?These are the questions that pop up in the head.Luckily, learning to play a uke is no rocket science. In fact, any beginner can do that. You can easily find thousands of tutorials on ‘how to play the uke (for beginners) online’ and you won’t be disappointed. However, if you don’t want to learn to play the uke online, you can take help using the quick-start guide that comes with most of the ukuleles we’ve reviewed above.

Q.2: What ukulele is best for Beginners?

Which is the best ukulele—is it Soprano or Concert?

The answer is both. It actually depends on your hobby and personal preference. If you have smaller hands, I believe Soprano is the best pick for you because it is smaller in size, whereas, if your hand size is medium, then go for a concert.

If you’re sure that your hands are bigger, then it is advised to shop for a tenor since it is pretty large in size, but not as large as Baritone.

Q.3: How to Tune Ukulele for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner, it means it’s your first time using a uke. That’s why you need to tune your uke before playing your favorite music chords.

Tuning a uke is easy. You just need to be familiar with basic chords. Uke can be tuned using an app or without one.

If you don’t want to tune your ukulele without an app, then a digital tuner is all you need. Usually, a uke is having four strings: GCEA.

As you master the art of uke playing, you won’t need anything—neither an app nor a digital tuner to tune your ukulele.

You’d be able to tune by ear easily.

Q.4: How to Tune Ukulele for Beginners?

Looking for a comprehensive guide on ‘how to pick a uke like a pro?’? Well, I have exactly the same.

I’ve already written a thorough article on picking up the right ukulele in which I’ve covered the following:

  • Size
  • Construction method
  • Tonewood
  • Cost
  • Tones
  • Tuning
  • Accessories
  • Mistakes to avoid

I strongly suggest you read that guide before making a decision.

There are other things you’ll learn in that guide.


Let’s admit it—picking up the right-sized ukulele for beginners is no piece of cake, but it’s no rocket science either, especially when you have access to this article.

As a beginner, you may tend to go for a cheap ukulele—which is normal, however, we suggest you put the quality first because you don’t buy a uke every day, right?

Whether you’re shopping for your kid or it’s you who you’re gifting the all-new uke to, don’t go too cheap or you’ll end up buying a piece of junk.

Yes, any uke that you see being priced less than $30 is clearly a red flag which, under any circumstances, should be avoided.

If you still can’t decide which one to choose from the above-reviewed ukes for beginners, it’s about time you pick the ‘Editor’s Choice’ because that’s where you won’t ever go wrong.

That’s all for ukes for beginners, see you in the next one!

Get One and Strum Like a Pro!

Don’t miss out on these best Ukuleles for Beginners; rather, stay one step ahead and steal the deal by choosing the overall best, premium, or budget ukulele in the table. Also, keep in mind all the things we’ve mentioned above so you don’t end up buying a piece of junk.

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