7 Best Ukuleles For Kids — Our Top Picks for 2023

Some kids are funny and some are intelligent. Some love playing outdoor games while others  are completely against it.

Then there are the kids who are passionate about music. Such kids happen to be the fan of some pop singers, rap god (you know who I’m talking about), country singers (even Taylor Swift loves ukes), or perhaps, ukulele artists.

It’s no wonder that music can be beneficial for your kid’s growth in different areas, whether it is about learning linguistics, mathematical, or social skills.

It can help your child in brain growth. Even some research has shown that those who are attached to music—one way or another—are more likely to develop working memory skills than those who are not.

So, if you want your kid to get the best of increased coordination, it’s about time you gift your kids the best ukulele on their birthday.

7 Best Ukulele For Kids of All Ages

But, is gifting your kids the ukulele that easy?

Well, definitely not.

Competition is stiff in the market in this day and age, and I can’t stress this enough. A large number of ukuleles are released by renowned brands every day, which makes decision-making a challenging task.

It gets ever crazy with kids—they don’t prefer every type of uke; rather, what they need is a specific type of ukuleles that have been designed especially for them–one that is colorful and easier to hold.

Whether your little angel is 3-5, 5-9, or 9-12 years old, you’ll find this article a lifesaver.

Best Ukulele For Kids

What’s important here is that the ukulele you choose for your kiddo must be friendly or it’s not worth spending your bucks for it. That’s because you don’t want your kid to spend hours trying to understand the nuts and bolts of ukulele playing, do you?

Therefore, I’ve decided to shed some light on some of the best ukuleles that have been crafted with simplicity in mind.

1. Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit for Kids

Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit (LTP-S)

Enough with the story-telling, let’s jump to the specs of this uke from Kala and see why it’s worth your attention—if you’re dying to want this for your kiddo, or perhaps give them on their upcoming birthday.

There are many reasons why this “Learn to Play” uke from Kala achieved #3 position on our “Kala Ukuleles”.

Let’s get to know why.

First off, this uke is made of one-of-a-kind wood, Mahogany. Not just that it’s equipped with the shark-teeth rosette (yes, literally).

Not sure if your kid will get their head around the playing?

Well, rest assured because there’s a booklet that is packed with the instructions from the industry’s top uke players. That means there’s no way your child won’t understand anything.

Is your young’un not a big fan of glossy toys?

Well, lucky you—this could be the best ukulele for your kid because it features a satin finish that will have no negative impact on their eyes while they’re having a good time with it.

What’s also included in the package is a tote bag (with a Kala logo on it) that will ensure the safety of your ukulele after you’re done playing it. There’s even an app designed to help you set your uke up.

Features like ‘Tuner’ on the app will keep satisfactory as you may need to tune your uke every time before playing it in the beginner as the strings take some time stretching, but don’t worry—it gets fine with the time.

What makes Kala ukuleles even cooler is that they’ve been used by most famous music artists, and 21 Pilots is one of them.

Still not surprised?

Let me edify you through Pros and Cons.


  • Boasts next-level mahogany construction
  • Soft Aquila nylon strings from Italy; ease of use
  • Includes free booklet for quick and easy guides
  • Lightweight; doesn’t put a strain on hands or shoulders
  • Kit includes a tote bag for uke’s safety
  • GraphTech’s saddle and nut
  • Free online lessons on the go
  • Tuner available on the App
  • Giftable and designed for beginners


  • No picks included

2. Sawtooth Learn To Play Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit for Kids

Sawtooth Learn To Play Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit for Kids

Let’s face it—not every kid is a fan of those big baggy gigbags.

Plus, these bags don’t complement the place where you put your ukulele.

That’s where this ukulele comes it. It’s been crafted with all the artistic needs in mind. Yes, on top of bringing that next-level craftsmanship to the table, it boasts a ukulele stand which is very unlikely to see in this day and age.

But, wait…is there a gigbag with the pack, as well?

Yes, that’s right. It seems like a win-win situation. That’s because you don’t want to take your uke stand everywhere—the only gigbag would be suitable for such a purpose.

Made with long-lasting basswood, it’s going to be a go-to stringed instrument for all beginner and intermediate ukulele players. And, if I’m not wrong, your kiddo is a beginner uke player or want to become one, right?

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Tuning is something every uke player has to struggle with, especially in the beginning because, as we know it, the strings need some time stretching. That’s why you need a tuner to keep the uke tuned all the time and guess what—this uke comes packed with a clip-on tuner as well.

Speaking of the fingerboard and bridge, both have been crafted using the most sought-after wood: rosewood. But, that’s not everything.

For a next-level look, this uke is equipped with tuning keys (that offer tuning with precision), dot position inlays.

You could easily up the playing game and make the most out of playability using those 15 frets.

Having a hard time understanding the chords?

Don’t panic—there’s a chord guide with this kit that will keep you satisfied to the fullest. Remember, if you have no knowledge of the chords, you won’t be able to play any song.

Need to gift this to your kiddo? It’s going to be a perfect gift for your 10-year-old son or daughter who wants to join a ukulele club in the upcoming days.

It also includes free music lessons from music legends. These lessons will allow your kiddo to go from beginner to an advanced uke player and you’d be amazed to see them catching up on their playing skills.


  • Boasts basswood body, gold rosette
  • Features rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Comes with a glossy finish
  • Clip-on tuner to keep the uke in tune
  • Gigbag for the extra safety or portability
  • Chords book to learn how to play songs
  • Compliments and stands out; features a stand


  • No capo included

3. Everjoys Soprano Ukulele for Kids with Add-ons

Everjoys Soprano Ukulele for Beginners with Padded Gig Bag

Kala—a well-known company whose uke ranks at top of this list of ukulele for kids—believes that you don’t need a lot of accessories to play the ukulele because they think it is about the quality of the uke and not the add-ons.

Well, that’s true to a great extent. However, some may disagree with it, especially those who’re looking to buy a ukulele for their kids.

Does this uke look familiar to you?

If you have been an avid reader of our blog, you might’ve read an article from me on the cheapest ukulele. That’s where I believe you may have seen this uke because, in addition to being a great-sounding uke, it is also reasonably priced.

Although there are many worth noticing in this ukulele, the colorful nylon strings will catch the attention of anyone sitting around your kid, for sure.

The body and top are made of basswood that will help you discover that melodic sound.

If you don’t want your kid to have any kind of calluses on their hands, it’s better to choose a ukulele that comes with free picks. Or if you’ve already gotten some, there’s no biggie.

What’s good about this ukulele kit for kids is that it has got all the things your kiddo may need in the first place, including a strap, gigbag, tuner, capo, extra strings, cleaning cloth, and two picks.

All in all, it’s a perfect-fit uke to feed the musical curiosity in your kid.


  • Top & back made of top-quality basswood
  • Boast super fine nylon strings for extreme comfort
  • Features a strap to hang from; no strain on hands
  • Gigbag for added safety and security
  • Comes with a tuner and capo for accurate tuning
  • A cleaning cloth to always keep uke as fresh as new
  • Two picks to never get those calluses on fingertips


  • Some complain it’s not a padded bag you get with this kit

4. Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit for Kid & Adult

Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit for Beginner Ukulists

Need a ukulele that your kid as well as you can play in the spare time without any problem?

Meet Donner soprano ukulele that can be used by the kids’ parents to give them the music training or lessons. It’s the shortest uke in the ukulele family—its length is about 21 inches. That’s the reason it easily accommodates kids’ hands.

On top of housing all the add-ons in the bundle, they’ve made sure that you get the next-level playing experience and feel those sweet, bright, and warm sounds.

Unlike the rest of the ukes, this one is equipped with accurate and smooth, silver chrome-plated tuners—meaning, your uke will never go out of tune.

And, even if someone messes with the tuning pegs while you’re away, don’t worry—there’s a tuner that comes with the package, allowing you to straightforwardly tune the uke in next to no time.

Can you imagine your ukes strings coming out after a couple of days?

Well, that’d be an unpleasant experience. But rest assured because no such thing will happen as this uke boasts high-quality nylon strings that feel smooth when touched and offer bright and warm sounds.

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What if you want to teach your kiddo how to play uke easily?

Well, this uke for kids from Donner makes learning super easy and fun.

You’ll get free online lessons with this bundle that will allow your little angel to have an understanding of how chords work and what exactly it takes to master the art of uke playing.


  • Stylish and made of long-lasting Maplewood
  • Very lightweight; only weighs 830grams
  • A-one nylon strings; produces bright tones
  • Silver chrome-plated tuners for perfect tuning
  • Includes all accessories a beginner needs
  • Comes with free online lessons for kids
  • An ideal choice to gift a kid on birthday


  • Didn’t find any

Still can’t decide?

5. Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele (Colorful Pick)

Hape Kid's Wooden Toy Ukulele (Colorful Pick)

Are you looking for a ukulele for your 5- or 10-year-old kid?

Do you want a uke that is made of non-toxic material?

Need a ukulele that sparks interest in your kid?

If you answer all of the questions in the affirmative, you’ll find this Hape’s ukulele very much fascinating. What intrigues me about this ukulele are those colorful, eye-catching patterns that I believe every kid will fall in love with.

No matter what color has been the most favorite of your kid lately, this uke is up for grabs in all of them—be it blue, green, red, dot blue, and dot red. So, when you make up your mind to go with this one, show your kid the color they’ll love and then make an intelligent decision.

From playability to tuning, everything is perfect. In fact, it features non-toxic finishes and child-safe materials that ensure the complete safety of the children.

This uke could be a great beginning to teach your little master about the world of music—like basic strumming technique, rhythm, chords, frets, tuning, etc.

That way, your kid can also develop creative skills, and it’ll also help them in auditory.

Things that I find fascinating about this ukulele (for kids) are that it is inexpensive, durable, eye-catching, and most importantly, it can be used by any kid who is 3 years old or more. However, you need to hand this to your kid with caution or make sure that you’re around while your kid spends their time with it.

The only thing I don’t like about this uke is that there are no accessories. But, that’s just fine because when you’re this little, you don’t want to be confused with loads of things while the only thing you want to do is play the uke.

As far as the tuning is concerned, I think the parents can be a helping hand. If you think tuning is taking over you, don’t sweat it—it takes some time in the first few days for stretching.


  • Stunning design; sparks interest in kids
  • Super easy to play and hold; friendly
  • Raises kids spirits and helps develop creative skills
  • Features non-toxic finishes; not harmful


  • No accessories for beginners

6. Hola! Soprano Ukulele Bundle with Canvas Tote Bag

It’s no news that Hola’s ukes are eye-catching, great-sounding, and a piece of art. What’s more, Hola tries to provide all the accessories in their ukulele bundles that have been crafted for beginners, especially for kids or teenagers.

This ukulele for kids is no exception since it houses 3 beautifully designed picks and 1 strap will help your kiddo hold the ukulele easily—yes, without straining the hands.

Construction plays a significant role when it comes to offering that look and feel to the person holding the uke. Therefore, being aware of the wood the ukulele is made of is imperative.

Unlike other ukes, this one is made of different first-rate woods, namely Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany, and Walnut. All these woods have been used in different parts of this uke.

Speaking of the body alone, it’s made of Maple.

As for the strings, Hola has got your back—you’d be touching those popular and premium strings that any professional or experienced ukulele player would recommend you: Aquila strings.

It’s available in a variety of colors which gives people the freedom to choose their favorite one. Plus, the gigbag will make sure your uke stays safe all the time when you’re not using it. Although this one doesn’t have a uke stand, it’s still worth your attention.

As great as this uke sounds for dedicated people, it’s also good for those who wish to learn music as a hobbyist.

The live free lessons are the true gems. This would help ease the process, who knows—you could get the stardom you’d been wishing your entire life?

Now, let’s jump to the pros and cons.


  • Boasts maple body construction
  • Free live lessons for beginners
  • Versatile; available in various colors
  • Includes a strap; won’t put a strain on hands
  • Comes with a tote bag; packed with safety
  • 3 beautifully crafted picks to avoid calluses
  • Reasonably priced; offers bang for bucks
  • Experts’ recommended Aquila strings for great sound
  • Fingerboard and bridge are made of walnut
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  • Strings require some time stretching out

7. iECO Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit for Kids & Adults

iECO Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit for Kids & Adults

The package of this one looks very much familiar with the one I got the opportunity to give the once-over in Kala’s ukulele article. Yes, the packaging looks like one in which Kala’s “Learn to Play” kit comes packed. However, there are major differences between these two models that we’ve talked about there.

So, let’s get a closer look, shall we?

While Kala’s uke didn’t come packed with the extras for beginners (especially kids), this uke won’t let you down in that area as it boasts a complete bundle that will get your kid going.

Being a 21-inch uke, I can guarantee that it’ll accommodate your kiddo’s hands in a perfect manner. But, don’t just take my word for it—see what other verified customers are saying about the ease of use and playability of this ukulele.

Construction matters most if you’re in need of a uke that produces sweet and warm sounds. That’s where this uke will keep you fully satisfied, but then again, it’s not made of top-of-the-line wood like mahogany. Still, that doesn’t mean basswood sucks—it’s also good and used to make stylish ukes with a matte finish.

Age limit sometimes could be confusing for parents because the companies don’t label it properly on the product they’re selling. Take this uke for instance. I mean, it does say that it is made for kids, but there’s no sign of how long the kids should be in order to play it or whether or not it’d be safe for them to be around it.

But don’t worry, whether your kiddo is 3 years old or 10 years old, I believe they’re going to love it. Reviews clearly suggest that music-loving kids who are around 5 years have found this uke a great to be very satisfactory.

In fact, those who are aged 15 or 20 and aren’t even musically inclined were also surprised to have the true beauty, and they had fun playing it.

With the frets, tuning gears, nylon strings, and a perfectly built resonance box for a quality sound effect, this uke from iECO has got everything a ukulele should have.

The question is: are you planning to gift this to your kids or cousin?

Whatever the scenario is, I believe you won’t regret the purchase. So, before the price goes up again, it’s better to steal the deal and grab this top-rated uke before it’s too late.


  • Top-notch craftsmanship; boasts basswood construction
  • Easily fits in hands and fun to play for kids and newbies
  • High-quality nylon strings for brilliant sound (tones)
  • Kit includes everything your kid needs to start playing
  • There’re spare strings you can replace with the originals
  • Cleaning cloth comes with to keep the uke ship-shape


  • Does not use Mahogany

Bottom Line

Let me be frank here. Kids are stubborn. Once they lay their eyes on something, they can’t let go of it—no matter whatever it is. That being so, parents end up buying them exactly the same toy because they don’t want to see those tears running down their cheeks.

But, you don’t only want to give one or two of these best ukuleles for kids only if they’re stubborn—you could have one of these for your kid whether they’re shy, defiant, or possess any type of personality trait—introvert or extrovert.

If you’re a grown-up and looking for the best ukuleles for beginners, you must check out our blog segment where you’ll get exactly what you’re on the lookout for.

Also, Kala makes one of the best ukuleles for people of all ages—from kids to adults, and I can’t stress this enough. They are one of the most sought-after brands that exist today.

Although as a rule of thumb you’re meant to only go for soprano uke if you’re getting one for your kid, if you are not aware of the ukulele size picking guide, I strongly suggest you read this out:

So, are you able to make an intelligent decision now?

Would you like to share your experience with me?

Let me know things you’ve experienced while buying a ukulele for your kid, such as choosing the uke size, deciding on the brand, etc.

I’d love to hear from you.

Let Your Kid Strum Like a Pro!

Don’t miss out on these best Ukuleles for Kids; rather, consider all the pros and cons I’ve laid out above to make an intelligent decision. Do you think you need to show the final ukulele you come up with to your kid so that they can decide if it is appealing or not? Well, there’s no need to do that because each one of them reviewed on this page will have your kid’s heart at first sight.

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