Best Wooden Recorders 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Finding the best wooden recorder can take an incredible amount of time and effort looking through them all and trying to read all the reviews.

That’s why we have done all the work for you and created this article so you can save your precious time.

Below are the best on the market today for you to pick from.

Top 6 Wooden Recorders

#1 Yamaha YRA-312B Recorder

The Yamaha YRA-312B Alto Recorder is a wonderful recorder that is suitable for beginners as well as those who have more advanced recorder playing skills.

You will love the gorgeous sound that this highly refined wooden recorder produces every time that you use this instrument. It cannot be denied that the wood is truly of excellent quality.

You will apprentice the fact that this recorder Is constructed to be light in weight for your ultra comfort during playing this fine quality instrument.

Also, you will like the fact that this delightful recorder has been constructed with the ability to produce vibrations of a high frequency with a true standard of excellence for the ultimate recorder playing experience. 

#2 Honher 9950 Pearwood Recorder

When you are looking for a great recorder that performs well for those who are just starting out in the world of playing recorder music and that will also perform well for those who are playing at the professional level in public performances, then you most assuredly need to consider getting the Hohner 9960 Pearwood Soprano Recorder.

The sound that this instrument produces is sweet and clear, just the way that you want it to be. You will appreciate the fact that this high quality recorder is truly designed with ultra special convenience in the design, as it is constructed in three pieces.

This results in making the instrument easy to render adjustments concerning the positioning for the hole of the C note based on the size of the hand of the player.

The mouthpiece is beautifully hand polished and fits all mouth shapes rather well for a comfortable playing experience each time you use this refined recorder.

#3 Eastar ERS-31BM Recorder

In such cases that you have been disappointed by the sound quality of other recorders, it cannot be denied that the Eastar ERS-31BM Recorder Is the right choice to get excellence in terms of sound quality.

Moreover, the intonation is exactly as it should be without any note being too high pitched. You will certainly like the fact that this instrument does not easily screech as some other poorer quality records may tend to do.

When you have been disappointed by other recorders that did not resonate all that well and that did not seem to be all that stable during the playing of various sequences of music.

Whether you played alone or when you played in a group, you will be pleased that you will have high class resonation and superior stability every time that you use this recorder that demonstrates excellence in regard to every sphere of its craftsmanship. 

#4 Yamaha YRT-304B Recorder

When you open the package of your Yamaha YRT-304B Tenor Recorder, you will surely be wowed by the beautiful appearance of this amazing recorder. It is crafted with a standard of meticulous care which is seen in the definition that is given to the instrument at all levels.

Moreover, the essence of the wood is highly refined which adds to the gorgeous appeal of this pleasant musical instrument. You will be pleased regarding how the sound of this recorder tends to penetrate the atmosphere.

The sound is delightfully bright to make all your recorder music as enchanting as possible.

When you need a recorder that you will make your music prowess shine during a solo performance or during a studio recording, then this is truly the recorder that you should consider getting due to the fact that it permits astounding ease of control and beautiful intonation that brings all your music to the highest level of perfection. 

#5 Aulos Classroom Alto Recorder

Truly, the Aulos Classroom Alto Recorder Is a terrific record that is worthy of your consideration. You will be impressed with the beauty of the delicate appearance of this well made recorder.

You will appreciate the selection of top quality material that has been used for the creation of this superior recorder. Every element and detail of this recorder are without a doubt made with high grade applications.

This musical instrument, though small in size, has a lot of musical power, as it puts out beautiful music with a great volume every time you play your favorite songs on this impressive recorder.

When you get this recorder, you will surely be dedicated to your music even more in terms of practice and public playing sessions. This is due to the fact that this recorder makes all the components of each piece of music so thrilling to listen to.

This is a product that is ultra stable to allow you to enjoy all sequences of music with a firm finish without any notes fading. Thus, this recorder boosts your music playing confidence and performance outcome.

#6 Aulos C539 Multi Recorder

When you get the Aulos C539 Multi Recorder, you will note immediately that this musical instrument demonstrates strength in the way that it is made, so it is highly durable.

Therefore, this instrument will last for many years. As a result, it will allow you much playing enjoyment both for yourself and when you also seek to engage with people via live performances of your splendid recorder music.

Further, it cannot be denied that this impressive recorder demonstrates noteworthy strength in that it produces music that is consistent and strong every time you use this recorder.

You can have the peace of mind that all the notes will be full through to completion, without ever fading away in the middle.

This is a well crafted recorder that is admired by both beginner recorder players as well as more advanced recorder players, which is why it is categorized as being one of the most preferred wooden recorders that is available on the market today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden recorders better than plastic ones? Not necessarily, although they are usually easier to play than plastic recorders and tend not to get filled with moisture and spit.

How do I choose a wooden recorder?

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