Dean Backwoods 2 Acoustic-Electric Banjo – In Depth Review

If you want to use your banjo for modern as well as traditional performances then you will have to choose an instrument that can allow you to get the maximum versatility. 

The Dean Backwoods 2 Electric Banjo with 5-string can be the best banjo for this purpose. 

This electric banjo is known for its sleek design and a DMT Humbucker pick-up set into its neck position to provide you with a powerful electric banjo to produce tones as per your rig or PA.

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Comprehensive Review Of The Dean Backwoods Acoustic-Electric Banjo


Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo also has a transparent Remo head to allow you to see through the wood as a resonator made of mahogany wood to increase the volume of your acoustic performance. 

The fingerboard of this banjo is made of smooth black walnut wood with inlays made of pearl dots and 26  scale. It also has open-face vintage tuners to tune-in the notes as well as to add to its stylish looks. 

Thus the Dean Backwoods 2 can be the right option for you if you are looking for a banjo that can be used with electrical settings as well as in acoustic settings with equal ease.


Here are the specifications of the Dean Backwoods Banjo:

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 42 Inches
Weight 10 lbs.


The head of Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo includes an 11 inch long transparent Remo and a 24-piece bracket to make it different from some of the starter-level banjos

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This 24-piece bracket and transparent Remo in its head ensure to provide a consistent voice and greater stability in the tension as compared to the stability and voicing found in banjos with 18-piece brackets. 

Its neck is made from mahogany and its fingerboard is made from rosewood to give it an elegant look. You can play it comfortably like professional banjo players with the help of its 25.5” long scale. 

You can tune this banjo easily with the help of its Grover tuners and 7 frets made of pearl dots on its fretboard.

The single DMT Design Humbucker pickup in Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo has been designed distinctively by Dean to produce a completely authentic voice of banjo by using combo amplifiers and speaker cabs while playing it.

It also allows you to explore the complete range of tones by plugging it into your DSPs or FX board.

Player Profile

Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo has been designed by Dean for the banjo players who want to integrate the sound of the banjo tunes tuned in the natural environments of the U.S. for many centuries. 

They have designed this electric banjo carefully to improve the tone and playability of the banjo players, beginners as well as seasoned. 

Moreover, they have introduced high-quality electric banjo to make it easy for the players to play guitar at present to switch to this new musical instrument easily after learning its ins and outs. 

About Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars is a company that was established in 1977 to make guitars and other musical instruments for those musicians who are obsessive to make music that can be played all over the world in some of the best studios and on some of the most prominent stages. 

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They followed the highest standards of the music industry while making iconic musical instruments like acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and basses, etc.

The company dean Guitars is owned and operated by musicians. The staff in this company include knowledgeable and hard-working musicians so that in this company they can make the best instruments to play as per their liking.


After reading the review of Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo it can be concluded easily that it is one of the best musical instruments designed and created by the musicians working in Dean Guitars so that the beginners, as well as seasoned banjo players, can play it easily. 

This banjo allows them to integrate traditional tones with modern music to create unique tones for music lovers.

When one holds Dean Backwoods 2 an Acoustic-Electric Banjo in his hands then he/she automatically becomes part of the legacy of Dean Guitars as well as the family of its musicians. One can start his new journey of music by playing this electric banjo.

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