Deering Goodtime Artisan Review

Let’s get to the point. The Deering Goodtime Artisan Banjo is great for beginners and intermediate players who want a quality long lasting banjo. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Though there are a large number of banjos available at a lower price, many banjo players prefer to purchase and use only banjos which are manufactured in the United States. 

Compared to the inexpensive imported banjos, the local banjos are usually of better quality, more durable and it is also easier to get the banjo repaired if required. 

One of the most reputed manufacturers of banjos in the United States is the Deering Banjo Company. The company which was established in 1975, by Greg Deering specializes in banjo manufacturing and has become the largest manufacturer of the banjos made in America.

In its quest to manufacture the most affordable high quality banjos, Deering has replaced its Classic Goodtime banjos with the Deering Artisan collection, using the improved tooling available and the latest banjo features. 

There are four different variants of the artisan banjo in the artisan collection and this Deering Artisan review with mainly focus on the Deering Artisan Goodtime Openback banjo, which is the least expensive model in this collection. 

The lightweight banjo has a maple neck and fingerboard, and the rim is made from 3-ply maple which is violin grade. The neck and rim maple is stained rich brown so that dirt marks are not easily visible. Both the neck and pot of the banjo have a satin finish for durability.

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 48 Inches
Weight 7 lbs.
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The neck of the banjo has twenty two frets which are pressed in, made from nickel silver. The banjo has pegs for planetary tuning, with spikes provided at 7, 9 and 10 frets on the fifth string so that alternate tuning is possible. 

The fifth string tuner of the banjo is geared. The banjo includes a bluegrass type maple resonator, and a tension hoop made from steel. 

Deering has patented its Goodtime tone ring, and this metal ring is included in this banjo. The inlays are of a vintage artisan type. The Goodtime tailpiece included is also patented.  See our Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo review.

The pot or tophead is 11 inches in size and frosted. There are sixteen bracket shoes and flat hooks with nuts on the pot. 

Its Artisan bridge is made from maple and ebony. A coordinator rod made from steel is provided for adjustment. The armrest and other hardware are nickel plated.

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Banjo Player Profile

The Artisan Goodtime banjo is mainly designed for a banjo player who is interested in practicing the banjo for many hours to improve his skills but wants a quality banjo that will last for years.

Or intermediate banjo players who want a quality budget banjo. 

Like most musical instruments, the music of a banjo player depends on the quality of the banjo, hence most instructors advise their students to purchase a quality banjo like the Artisan Goodtime. 

This banjo is recommended by banjo teachers to their students because of the musical accuracy of the banjo. It is also easy to play, durable and can be easily adjusted as required.

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The banjo is ideal for amateur banjo players, who hope to play professionally in future and has many features of professional grade models.

Pros and Cons of The Deering Artisan Banjo


  • Made from high quality maple for better sound and distinctive notes 
  • Designed so that the player can play the banjo for many hours comfortably without feeling tired
  • Has planetary tuners with a geared tuner for the fifth string
  • Spikes are provided at the 10,9 and 7 frets on the neck for alternate tuning 
  • Maple neck and rim, which are stained a rich brown color.
  • Light in weight so that it can be easily carried while travelling, and also moving it.
  • Easy to play banjo since note separation is clear
  • Adjustments can be made using the coordinator rod provided. 
  • Banjo is supplied with light gauge Deering banjo strings already strung, they do not have to be purchased separately 
  • Musically accurate banjo, for better quality music
  • Less maintenance required, warranty offered for six years
  • Easy to play banjo, no additional assembly is required.


  • Higher price compared to other banjos for practice
  • Only comes with the banjo

Final Verdict

Many banjo players who are spending many hours practicing the banjo are interested in purchasing a high quality banjo so that they can play professionally in future. Learn about beginner banjos.

That is why the Deering Artisan banjo is highly recommended by music teachers since it is musically accurate, easy to adjust, comfortable, well designed, made from high quality material, is durable and made in the United States and we highly recommend this banjo.

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