Deering vs. Gold Tone Banjos (Which One Is Better?)

Upon going to a banjo store, you might wonder the difference between a Deering banjo and a Gold Tone banjo is?

According to banjo owners in various forums, the Deering banjo gives a much better tone and is comfortable.

It is also said that a Deering banjo can be kept and can last a prolonged lifetime use.

A Deering banjo is made from a firm and sturdy maple finish and may look more basic than other banjo models.

The sound of your Deering banjo would still depend on the brand that you would choose.

On the other hand, we have the Gold Tone banjos.

For some banjo owners, if you are a beginner and opting for a more affordable yet quality banjo, then the Gold Tone banjo might be for you.

The Gold Tone banjo has a pitch rim, twin coordinating rods, standard banjo keys, and a chord board.

If we talk about its price range, the difference is that the Gold Tone banjo is much cheaper than the Deering banjo.

Have you decided yet? You can still explore this article to know more about everything you need about banjos.

About the Brands

Banjos have a wide range of selections when it comes to brands. However, these two banjo brands remain undefeatable and are now the leading top banjo brands chosen by individuals in the market.

Gold Tone

The Gold Tone and Deering banjos are among the most famous and well-known banjo brands of all time. These two are still the number one recommendation of banjo experts to people who want to learn how to play the banjo.

With that, let’s dig deeper into these two popular brands of banjos.

One of the top-tier selections of banjos is the Gold Tone Banjo. The Gold Tone banjo was created and developed by the Gold Tone Music Group company, founded in 1993.

Since then, the said company has released exceptional and high-quality vintage banjo designs.

The Gold Tone Music Group was established by two folk music lovers, Wayne and Robyn Rogers, in 1970.

The brand was once named Strings N’ Things Music Center in 1978 and was eventually renamed Gold Tone Music Group in 1993.

Wayne Rogers produced the first Gold Tone banjo, and they called it TB 100 original Travel banjo.

As their brand became well-known and reviewed by banjo experts, Wayne decided to create more exceptional vintage collectibles and designs of banjos.

The Gold Tone banjo is proven to be high-quality yet affordable and suitable for beginners in the music banjo industry.


Moving forward, the next banjo brand would be the Deering banjo. The Deering banjo brand also emerged in the mid-70s, specifically in 1975.

It was established and founded by Greg Deering and Janet Deering in the Spring Valley of California.

In 271 years of making banjos, the Deering banjo is now one of the known and popular brands of banjo in the market.

The Deering banjo brand was focused on making the most delicate handmade banjos at a wide range of prices.

The Deering banjos, known as the Great American Banjo Company, was being run and supervised by Greg and Janet’s daughter, Jamie Deering.

The Deering banjo is continuously thriving and creating banjos for the new generation as time goes by.

Banjos and Types of Each Offer

Each brand has its best-selling and unique designs of their banjos. Thus, here are the banjos and the types that each brand offers.

Gold-Tone Banjo Types

The Gold Tone banjo was classified into two sections: the Gold Tone CC 100R or the Top Gold Tone Banjo and the Gold Tone CC 50, also known as the Top Beginners open back banjo.

According to reviews, the Gold Tone CC 100R, or what they call the Top Gold Tone Banjo, is the preeminent and most delicate banjo. Its features like the banjo’s neck, body, and bands are made from maple wood.

Also, the Gold Tone CC 100R banjo includes copper tension rods and two-way adjustable locking tuners.

Another great feature of the Gold Tone CC 100R or the Top Gold Tone banjo is its black frame with a curvy maple truss rod cover and a moderate string tension which provides a stunning playing performance in the banjo.

It also has an excellent modulator that is great for producing rich and bright tones. One unique feature about this banjo is its accessible back that you can open to generate pleasant tones.

The Gold Tone CC 100R contains five strings and a pitching mechanism that allows you to adjust the tunes of your banjo quickly.

The other classification is the Gold Tone CC 50 or the Top Beginners open-back banjos. This type of banjo is suitable and recommended for banjo beginners.

Its lightweight, satisfactory quality, durability, and exceptional design and color make this banjo unique from the other.

The Top Beginners open back banjos have a covered resonator that produces excellent tones.

Deering Banjo Types

If you are looking for another brand and type of banjo, then the Deering Goodtime is also recommended.

The Deering Goodtime banjo features a covered-back design and a solitary connected maple soundboard that is essential in providing excellent sound transmission.

It also has five strings and is easy to tune, guaranteed to hit minimum to maximum chords with ease.

Where Are They Made/Manufactured?

The Gold Tone Banjo

  • Made from: Maple Wood, Rosewood, Ebony, and Blackwood materials
  • Manufactured from: Korea and China-owned factories

The Deering Goodtime

  • Made from: Maple wood and Nickel plated materials
  • Manufactured from: Spring Valley, California


The main difference between the Gold Tone and Deering banjo is its built, durability, equipment used, and of course, its price.

The Gold Tone is said to have more variants and designs and is much more affordable than the Deering banjo. It is also recommended for beginners to play the banjo.

On the other hand, the Deering banjo was much more durable and well crafted. However, it may be more costly than the other brand.

Still, the two brands are the same in their sound quality. According to reviews, both of them release high-quality sound and music.

The Final Verdict – Which One Is Better?

To give the conclusion and help you decide between two brands, it is recommended for beginners to get the Gold Tone banjo as it is more lightweight, affordable, and a lot of variety and designs are available.

However, the Deering Goodtime banjo is much more suitable for professionals in banjo music.

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