10 Tips To Become a Better Harpist

Whether you are a hobbyist or want to become a professional. These tips will provide great insight and help to help you become successful.

Whichever the case, these tips will help you in fulfilling your desire to become a better harpist.

1. Have A Plan

Whenever you are playing, you should have a set goal in mind. 

Make sure you have the songs and notes you need to practice before you actually sit down and try to focus.

Therefore, you will need to have set short, long,  or long term goals. The different purposes maybe for the year, month, or a day.

2. Relax

Currently, having a quiet mind is next to impossible. A calm mind is essential as it helps one to pay attention to a given issue. 

You should look for a quiet room from which you will be practicing.

3. Play The Hard Songs

When using the harp, you should not just be playing through music. There is a need to skip the easy parts sometimes. 

Make sure you slow them down and afterward practice them until you end up playing them in the best way using the best tempo.

Try and identify what you’re already good at and what challenges you and start doing those parts instead of just playing the easy parts all of the time.

Here are some of the best harp music books for beginners.

4. Practice Often

Ensure you groove the mind, body, and fingers three times in 10 minutes in a given day. Any practice done is much better compared to no form of practice at all. 

Always remember that fingers, mind, and body are muscles needing to learn and absorb information and also, at times, rest from getting information. A marathon session may end up doing you more bad than good. 

When you practice daily, you will be surprised at the amount of information you will end up learning day in day out.

5. Control The Tempo

Controlling of tempo should be learned slowly in accordance to how much you can absorb in a day. When you start getting the concept, you will be free to start building upon your speed. 

With time, you will end up becoming an expert.

6. Start Small 

One should pay attention to practicing little by little. The little practice should always be followed with a lot of repetition. 

In most cases, the small sections will be implying two or at most three beats at ago. In some cases, you may practice only a few lines.

7. Write Things Down

When practicing, it is good to write things down. By hand if possible to make sure that there is a better possibility to remember everything you need to do.

Make sure to write down the things you need to work on for your next practice session and just for you to think about during your day to day life.

 By doing this, you will end up having astounding memory. You will mark any mistakes you make and later focus on eliminating it.

8. Practice With Both Hands Separately 

The best way is practicing with one hand entirely and then with the left hand alone. Afterward, you should consider putting the sides together and using both hands for plucking the strings

The next step is moving to the other measure to resist the temptation of having to play the whole peace all the way through. 

By using sticky notes, ensure you are covering all the steps which are surrounding what you are learning.

9. Play The Song Backwards

Rather than starting with the first note and later stumbling to the end, consider learning the last phrase. Afterward, learn the last phrase and, eventually, the phrase next to the last. 

When you get to the first phrase, you will have learned all the other phrases.

10. Learn The Rhythm First

In case you are having some trouble getting the hang of it, you should consider just feeling the groove and rhythm in the music and let it seep into your body and slowly learn hand placements. 

When you get the concept of the rhythm into your body, playing it will be much more comfortable with the harp.


Finally, you have tips to become a better harpist. Ensure you put these very important tips into practice beginning with your next session. 

When you follow them, you will end up becoming a great harpist in your community and the world who everybody will wish to work with.

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