Best Harps For Kids in 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

A great hobby to cultivate in your child is music. In particular, musical instruments. Learning musical instruments takes patience and persistent spirit.

Selecting the best harp for your child is a great determinant of their success in the mastery of this classic instrument.

But fear not as we did the dirty work ourselves.

We got a look at all the harps out there and came up with the five that deserve a mention.

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Top 5 Children Harps

#1 Roosebeck Baby, 12 String Harp

This is a product that is perfect for your child and our obvious winner.

From the carvings alone, you can tell you would want to be with this harp for a long time.

It comes in handy for those people who are pretty experienced with playing various instruments.

Roosebeck was definitely confident about the materials they used for this product.

You can immediately conclude it is sturdy so it is going to last a long time. As well as beautiful.

In addition, since it was made from wood, it feels great to hold it. You can tell the material is great once you get a hold of the item.

Don’t sleep on the design at the bottom of the harp either as it looks amazing.

Conclusion: We feel this is the best children’s harp available.

#2 Lily Harp, 8 Strings, Knotwork

It is the perfect product for those who need an affordable harp.

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It will feel great to hold this instrument so you will be motivated to use it more often than you thought.

You won’t regret it though because this hobby can be quite addicting.

It comes with a beautiful rosewood frame that is handcrafted.

It comes free tuner as well.

Conclusion: For people on a budget that also want a great looking harp with great sound quality.

#3 Roosebeck 12 String Harp, Lacewood

This 12 string harp will knock your socks off the first time you unbox it.

Featuring a lacewood frame and birch soundboard.

It’s built with a sturdy frame and supported well.

You are going to have an easy time playing your favorite songs on it.

The package is a complete one as a tuning set is also included. You know that is going to be useful when the time is right.

Not only that, but there is also an extra string set included. It means they are confident you are going to be using it for a very long time.

When the time comes that the strings give out, you have an extra set to replace it.

#4 Royal 12-String Harp

This twelve string harp from Royal is beautiful.

Handcrafted awesome carving designs on it. Those will certainly be noticed and complimented.

It comes with a water resistant case as well as a free tuner and an extra set of strings.

Royal also ships their items fast so don’t be surprised when it arrives sooner than what you expected.

You are going to be very pleased when you receive this package.

#5 Celtic Irish Rose Harp 8 Strings

This features an 8 nylon string harp made from handcrafted materials and the carving are to die for. 

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But the quality isn’t what we’d like it to be but it will certainly stand up with the other options in the list.

Especially at the price point you can’t really go wrong.

It comes with a free carrying case and an extra set of strings.

In fact, they have a one-month return policy.

Yes, that basically means you can return the item any time during that month if you were not satisfied with the product.

Buyers Guide: Choosing a Children’s Harp

Finding a small, lightweight harp that your child can learn on anywhere with is hard and there are a lot of companies that manufacture harps though so it may take you some time to browse through them all.

Learning the keys strokes and harmonies of any instrument is a time consuming project and once you have mastered it, you will serenade and amuse all your family and peers with beautiful tunes.

The harp is one of the most unique instruments to learn. It will make them stand out and it is not a cliché instrument like the keyboard, piano or guitar.

All the above harps are great options for beginners.

Of course, you can’t buy them all so just choose one.

It would really depend on a number of factors especially your budget.

Thus, assign a budget for buying this instrument and that would help you narrow down your choices to one or two items.

When you finally made your choice, you can thank us later. We would love nothing more than to help a fellow harp lover.

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Encouraging your child to pursue a hobby may probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Hobbies not only keep them busy and occupied in a positive activity, it will also culture a sense of drive and responsibility within them.

They are a great pass time and with the world being as dynamic as it is, they can serve as a career path in the future.

This information will be a guide on choosing a child friendly harp for your child. Remember, all these harps have small component and they serve as a choking hazard for children.

It is advisable to pick a harp for a child who is above 3 years of age.

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