How Long Does It Take To Learn The Bagpipes?

Bagpipes are fantastic music instruments from the way they look to the fascinating sounds that they produce. They are unusual in that they make a sound that attracts many people who love them intensely.

It takes about six to twelve months to play a simple song and two years to play more complicated songs swiftly. However, this can change depending on your time, dedication, passion, and love towards playing the fascinating instrument.

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Is it hard to learn the bagpipes?

Bagpipes are quite challenging instruments to play to entertain yourself and your listeners.

This is because you have to balance between many factors, including playing the right notes, filling the bags with required air, and getting appealing sounds.

How do I start learning the bagpipes?

Getting started playing a bagpipe instrument is surprisingly comfortable. The most crucial tools that you require are practice chanter and a tutor book.

What is a practice chanter?

A practice chanter is an accessible version of the bagpipe. It has all the bagpipe components, including the blowpipe and chanter but no bags and the drones. It is used by both beginners and professionals when practicing new music.

It is preferred as it is easy to use because it requires fewer efforts in blowing than the bagpipe. Besides, a beginner can get a tutor book comprising of bagpipe training lessons.

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It guides the trainee through all the instructions and movements necessary to become a top-class piper.

There are several key points to take into consideration before embarking on a bagpipe playing session.

Air Supply

A bagpipe requires air to produce a sound. Traditional bagpipes were complicated to use as compared to modern ones. Pipers were needed to cover the blowpipes’ tips using their tongue to prevent air already in the bags from moving out.

However, modern bagpipes have a non-return valve feature designed to help in air retention. Both the current and traditional bagpipes still exist. You only have to pick one that favors you best.

Filling the bagpipe with air is not all when using the bagpipe. For the desired sound, you must consistently blow in the necessary levels of air into the bagpipe.

An inflated bagpipe bag holds air for almost half a minute. When inflated, always ensure that you supply air equally to the instrument to avoid getting frustrated with the sound produced.

To achieve this, ensure that you are highly concentrated on your work.


Before using the bagpipe:

1. Learn to tune it automatically due to alterations that may have occurred due to reeds moisture and temperature changes.
2. Learn more about balancing and tuning the drone from your instructor, which can take time.
3. For a bagpipe with multiple drones, tune them one by one, each at its own time.

Learning Fingering Positions and Starting To Play Your Favorite Songs

To become an expert bagpipe player, take into consideration all the factors above. Practice consistently to add on your bagpipe playing skills. Becoming an expert bagpipe player might cost you your precious time and capital, but you have to trust in the process.

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Can you teach yourself bagpipes?

Learning how to play the bagpipes on your own is possible but quite tricky and time-consuming.

You can learn how to use the bagpipe from reading the tutor book, visiting various publications regarding playing the bagpipe from the internet, and watching tutorials and videos from youtube.

A practice chanter is also an essential tool for the task. However, a bagpipe instructor’s services would be more useful as they provide physical training to the learner.

Besides, they provide immediate feedback and answer the questions that you might have on time.

What age can you learn to play bagpipes?

Many people believe that they are too old to learn how to play the bagpipes or improve their playing skills. They think that only young people can understand.

However, age is just a number, not a barrier to preventing or learning a new thing. Several factors are preventing older adults from learning how to play the bagpipes.

They include:
o They don’t practice as the young, energetic people do
o They are sometimes distracted by life’s events.
o They believe that age hinders them from learning new things.

Both young people and the old can learn how to play bagpipes. They only require to create learning time and dedicate themselves to the instruments.

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