How Much Do Accordions Cost?

When you love accordion music, it is natural for you to want to play the accordion for yourself.

You may be then wondering how much does an accordion cost or why the various types of accordions are so expensive.

The reality is that they are expensive because they are made with high-quality materials.

Also, many parts are so intricate and they all must move in unison to create the kind of music that you care about.

As a result, it is an expensive process to create accordions with a high level of precision, because many of the elements of accordions are made by hand and also pieced together hand.

This contributes to them being costly instruments.

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Piano Accordion Cost

A beginner piano accordion will cost around 0 – 0

An advanced mid-range piano accordion will cost around $500 – $1,500

When you are wondering about the cost of a piano accordion, a beginner piano accordion can cost about two hundred and thirty dollars.

Then there are piano accordions that are geared more toward advanced players that can be four hundred and fifty dollars up to almost one thousand four hundred dollars.

A mid-range priced accordion for those who are more advanced in their accordion-playing skills is considered to be around seven hundred dollars.

Button Accordion Cost

A beginner button accordion can cost around 0 – 0

An Advanced button accordion can cost around $500 – $1,000+

Then it is popular to see many button accordions priced around five hundred and fifty dollars all the way up to one thousand five hundred dollars for the type of button accordions that are designated for those who are more advanced accordion players.

A mid-range price for these accordions for those who are advanced players is regarded as being eight hundred and fifty dollars.

Concertina Accordion Cost

A concertina accordion for beginner players can start out at a price of just under two hundred dollars.

Then when consideration is given to the cost of concertina accordions that have been masterfully crafted for more advanced players, it is noted that such accordions can range in price from four hundred dollars all the up to almost one thousand six hundred dollars.

It is noted that a mid-range in terms of price for this sort of accordion for those who play at a more advanced level would be about seven hundred dollars.

Diatonic Accordion Cost

A diatonic accordion starts out at close to five hundred and sixty dollars for those who are looking for a beginner-level diatonic accordion.

The price can go up to as high as almost one thousand hundred dollars for this type of accordion that is designed to accommodate more advanced players.

It is realized that a mid-range price for this kind of accordion is noted to be about eight hundred and sixty dollars

Why Are Accordions So Expensive?

Accordions are regarded as being expensive due to the reality that accordions possess an abundance of parts and there are many different functionalities of those parts.

Most parts of the accordion are crafted by hand. Also, top-quality elements are used in the making of the accordions. All these factors contribute to the high price of the accordions.

They are outstandingly beautiful instruments and are made with meticulous care, which contributes to the fact that they are priced at high points on the market today.

It is noted that accordions also are not sold in abundance as much as other instruments, which also adds to their high cost.

Human effort is required to ensure that all the wood that has been conditioned is processed via a jig for the fabrication of many intricate and small parts.

Also, it requires the application of human effort to cut, build and sand various elements, including the case. Then there is the placing of the veneer on the instrument as well, which is also done by hand.

Moreover, it is noted that human hands engage in the bending of many pieces of wire and attaching them in the right places within the accordion.

In addition, human effort is truly required for the shaping of the reeds and the pounding of the rivets, etc. Many details of the accordions that people are enjoying playing today are not at all mass-produced in factories.

They are meticulously crafted by hand.

Therefore, it is noted that human labor for so many tedious hours does cost a lot. Then the retailer also must make money, as the retailer purchases the accordions from those who created them to resell them for a profit.

Consequently, it is understandable that these factors contribute to the high cost of the accordions overall.

What Is the Most Expensive Accordion?

The most expensive accordion is considered to be the Pigini Mythos. It is priced higher than any other accordions that can be purchased at this present time, as this accordion is priced at an astounding forty thousand dollars.

Many people who have this accordion believe that it is worth the price because it produces the richest tones that are almost velvety.

It is an instrument of Pingini who is a notorious producer of reeds. However, Pingini had a team that helped him, which included some of the top accordion players around the globe.

The materials in this accordion are classified as being unquestionably the best. Take into consideration, for example, that the bellows applied the usage of excessively costly parts to achieve a lyrical quality of music.


Many people indeed enjoy accordion music, as accordion music adds an extra elevation to the sound of music that cannot be achieved with other types of instruments.

However, accordions can be costly, especially for users who are seeking to acquire an accordion that is designed for more advanced players.

Indeed, the more advanced accordions types, such as the piano accordion, the button accordion, the concertina accordion as well as the diatonic accordion, all hold price points that are more expensive than the price points of the beginner types of accordions.

But the money that people pay for their beloved accordions is well worth it when they are making beautiful accordion music for their entertainment and also for the enjoyment of crowds.

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