How Much Does A Mandolin Cost? (Price Guide)

If you’re wondering how much a mandolin costs then this article is for you. This is a question that many beginners ask who have suddenly grown interest in learning how to play a mandolin echo very now and then.

If you want to venture into this epic world of mandolins, then you should be prepared.

Although Mandolin may cost as low as $100 while the high end costing up to around $10,000+, there is a need to be realistic, especially if it is a beginner looking to buy the instrument.

The range is significant, and if you are first time buyer, you need to be careful as some too cheap could make you end up buying a machine that is not effective.

Mandolin TypePrice Range
Beginner Mandolin$100 – $400+
Intermediate Mandolin$400 – $800+
Professional Mandolin$600 – $3,000+

The guide below will help you know what kind of Mandolin to expect at a particular price. 

Training for Mandolin requires a financially capable person who will afford the training and purchasing of their own instrument. 

So before you start training how to play Mandolin, you need to buy your instrument at the budget you can afford. This article covers at length all you should know about mandolin prices.

Things You Should Know Before Buying

You need to identify what type of music you want to play before purchasing a mandolin. Different mandolins produce different sounds and they vary in price.

Music Type

Mandolin Music TypePrice Range
Bluegrass Mandolin$300 – $1,000+
Classical Music Mandolin$400 – $2,000+
Irish Music Mandolin$300 – $1,000+

A-Style vs. F-Style

Another thing to consider and also affects the price is the style. The F- Style costs slightly more.

A-Style vs. F-Style Price Range
A- Style $300 – $1,000+
F-Style $400 – $2,000+

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Mandolins


In the market situations, not only Mandolin, products that fall under the same category and quality have the same price range too.

For instance, some low price mandolin models may be around $300. All models under this level may offer the same playing experience.

As a beginner, it is ok to choose the least expensive instrument since you can still resell later.

The Style of Mandolin

Style is another factor that sets the price of a mandolin either up or down. Mandolin may be A style or F style with either Oval or F- hole shapes.

F-styles models are designed after Gibson’s 1920s models and have a beautiful sound. F-styles are best for bluegrass music, and the mandolins have F-holes. The A-style is another style of Mandolins created with Oval-shaped holes.

A-style mandolins are a more affordable and attractive look hence a perfect choice for beginners. 

Wood Construction

Mandolin with a solid wood, be more quality, durable and better tone in comparison to the one with layered (laminate) body materials. Mandolins manufactured from laminate style looks impressive, particularly blend contemporary technologies. Solid construction costs more.


Well, this style also described as Neapolitan takes the feature of classical design. Some modern mandolin featuring this design is excellent. However, most still have low quality hence attractive low prices for beginners.

Electric Or Non- Electric Acoustic 

Electric Mandolins are marked with an e to show that they have an electric back up system. Electrical retails more costly than non-electric mandolins, which are the best choice for starters.

There are more other factors not included here as you should know any slight reason that leads you to take a specific instrument that has the financial value. Some mandolins have varied strings materials, depending on the quality and value of metal alloy making them.

The portability and aesthetic look influence values too. Mandolin players may choose a particular instrument irrespective of its price as long as it does not cause him or her fatigue when carrying it for a long time in the stage.

What You Can Buy

Budget Mandolins $100 – $300 

Mandolins at these prices are the cheapest types in A-style and F-style. The F-styles should sell at a higher cost than the A-style.

Therefore, an F-style at $300 is not advisable to purchase even if you are a beginner. For starters looking to develop, it is prudent to invest in an A-style mandolin in the high price range.

Price Range Of $400 to $600

If you invest in mandolin relative to this and up, it can help you grow gradually. Most beginners start at this point because the instrument can help them master some notes with lesser effort.

With this instrument, you can feel the support of ebony fingerboards, inlays, and some few other firm materials. But $500 gets you a really nice mandolin.

Price Range of $700 To $800

With this much money, you can buy a structurally advanced mandolin with quality hardware like better string allows, more aesthetic feel, more durable inlays, and wooden maple materials.

The range is not only for beginners but also typical professionals use them.

Mandolins Retailing At $900 and Above $1000

These are top quality mandolin available in some high end online stores and local stores alike. They are excellent instruments commonly found with trainers in the music school and perhaps with few students.

They mostly used on stages and concert halls. Most Mandolin in this price range is designed to fit, brand new with quality solid wood like spruce and mahogany.

Custom Made Mandolins for Professionals

This is the most expensive mandolins on sale. Most of them do not have displayed price, but the price is determined by the brand.

Some are customized as gifts for the talents awarded during big competitions held by the brands. They are not sold to everyone but those Icons on the public eye.

Big-Name Mandolins for Worlds Renown Artists

Most players with this kind of multi dollars mandolins are those famous who everyone wants to have a glance at their stage skills. The users help market big brands as well as maintaining them at top positions.

Whenever musicians get on stage playing the instrument in this range, the leads take back buyers in masses to the producers marketing the company’s other models. Some such mandolins feature in magazines and journals held by famous people around their target audience.

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Final Thoughts

With this meticulous guide on how many mandolins should cost, you should be able to what range you can reach when you go shopping.

The final decision is yours as an ultimate judge, and this article intends to give you a brief formula in acquiring helpful instrument. Since we all have different purchasing powers, quality comes at a price.

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