How Much Does a Saxophone Cost?

In this article you will learn how much saxophones cost as well as why they cost so much and how much you should spend at your specific skill level.

If you are a complete beginner just learning or maybe a student all the way to professional level player. We will define the price range that you should dip your to into so you don’t waste your hard earned money.

The average saxophone will cost anywhere from about $200 to around $600.

It is noted that there are more expensive ones as well, but this is the average range in price.

Price Range
Beginner $200 – $500
Intermediate $500 – $800
Professional $700 – $5,000+
Alto $200+
Tenor $300+
Soprano $400+
Baritone $2,000+

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Types | Cost

Alto Saxophone Cost

If you are seeking to get an alto saxophone, the truth of the matter is that an alto saxophone can range in its cost. The starting point for an alto saxophone in terms of cost is noted as being around two hundred and twenty dollars.

Then there is the realization that the high end price point is as much as two thousand three hundred dollars. The mid range price point for an alto saxophone is regarded as being about seven hundred dollars. 

Tenor Saxophone Cost

When you are interested in knowing the cost of a tenor saxophone, the starting price for this type of saxophone is regarded as being set at three hundred and sixty dollars. Naturally, there is a high end price point for tenor saxophones as well.

Hence, the price point at the high end for this type of saxophone is recognized as being as much as two thousand three hundred dollars. A mid price point range when you desire to acquire a tenor saxophone is regarded as being about seven hundred dollars. 

Baritone Saxophone Cost

The baritone saxophones are seemingly the most expensive. It is realized that the cost of a baritone saxophone can start at a price point of around five thousand six hundred dollars.

The high end price point of the baritone saxophone is set at around nine thousand dollars at this present time. A baritone saxophone commands a price on the market in the mid range of about six thousand five hundred dollars. 

Soprano Saxophone Cost

When you desire to get yourself a soprano saxophone, then it is noted that the starting price point concerning this type of saxophone is regarded as being set at three hundred dollars.

Then the high end price point for the soprano saxophone the market at this present time is set to as much as one thousand three hundred and forty dollars. The mid price range when you desire to have such a saxophone is noted as being about five hundred dollars. 

Skill Level |Cost

Beginner Saxophone Cost

You can get a great beginner Saxophone between $200 – $500 that will help you learn to play and get better.

Intermediate Saxophone Cost

If you’re at the intermediate level then you can a Saxophone at around $500 – $800.

Professional Level Saxophone Cost

There is no real end to top of the line Saxophones when it comes to cost but we will try to give you a number to relate to. Anywhere around $700 – $5,000+.

How Much Does a Used Saxophone Cost?

A used saxophone may be a good option when you cannot afford a new one. You can save a lot of money when buying a used saxophone, depending on the kind of saxophone that you desire to acquire.

A used saxophone is regarded as having a starting price point of around two hundred dollars and can go to as much as three thousand dollars. 

This is certainly based on the type of saxophone that you are seeking to find. The more notorious brands of saxophones tend to sell for higher prices.

But the quality of the higher priced saxophones cannot be denied. On the other hand, you can also usually get a pretty decent performing saxophone at the more moderate prices as well. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Saxophone?

Saxophone rentals cost around $40 to $100 a month depending on the type, quality, and where you rent it at.

Renting can give you some time to play around and see if you enjoy the sax without having to pay the hefty price tag of buying.

Buy Or Rent?

Deciding whether to buy or rent your saxophone is an important step. Buying a sax will require a lot of money up front but will save you money in the long run.

So the question comes down to are you going to play a lot for a long time or not? If you are then buy if not then rent.

If you need a saxophone for school then we suggest renting depending on how long you will need it and how much the price to rent will be in your area.

Why Are Saxophones So Expensive?

Surely your purchase of your saxophone is rather costly. This may lead people to wonder why saxophones tend to be so expensive. The reality is that new saxophones are shiny and beautiful and they have a high level of special appeal.

These are the key factors that really contribute to the high prices of saxophones that are on the market today. 

  • Quality
  • Sound
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Brand

It is noted that not all saxophones play at the same level, which is why there are alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones as well as soprano saxophones.

That is why a person will need to decide which type of saxophone he or she would like to acquire in order to engage in playing the saxophone.

As a result, this will truly impact the price of the saxophone that the person decides to purchase, as there are indeed different price points for these various types of saxophones. 

Also, saxophones that are new will be ready to play immediately as soon as you take them out of the package.

This is a factor that is also regarded in the setting of the price. It is the sheer convenience of being able to use a gorgeous instrument immediately that makes it valuable in terms of acquiring a high price at the point of sale from the customer.

Due to the usage of high quality plating or lacquer on the saxophone, this most certainly figures into the high price of the saxophone that one desires to have, whether it is a tenor saxophone, an alto saxophone, a baritone saxophone, or a soprano saxophone.

After all, it is the lacquer or the plating that makes this instrument so sublimely beautiful in appearance.

Moreover, there is the application of the best mechanisms to make the saxophone function at a high level of perfection. Those mechanisms cost money to work together to make this fine instrument.

This is another consideration that contributes to augmenting the price of the saxophone. 

Furthermore, the quality of the sound of the saxophone contributes to the price of the instrument. The highest priced saxophones generally have the best quality of sound, such as those saxophones that are played in the professional orchestras and for live performances.

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