How Much Does A Sousaphone Cost?

The sousaphone is a rich brass wind instrument often used in military brass bands or music schools. This instrument is known for creating a great sound tone.

If you consider taking the sousaphone more seriously, you need to get an instrument of your own.

Before finding your own sousaphone, though, you need to know that they do cost a pretty penny.

To find out exactly how much this instrument costs and why it is so expensive, read on.

This article discusses how much sousaphones cost, both new and used, how much it cost to rent, and why they are so expensive.

Let’s get started.

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Average Cost Of A Sousaphone?

Like any other instrument, it costs quite a lot to buy a sousaphone. The cost for one of these instruments will normally range between $8,000 and $10,000. The exact price will depend on a variety of factors such as the condition of the instrument and the manufacturer.

If you buy a sousaphone from a well-respected manufacturer, expect the model to cost more. In contrast, a sousaphone from a lesser-known manufacturer will be much more affordable.

Buying A New vs. Used Sousaphone

In addition to the manufacturer, the actual state of the sousaphone will affect its exact price. As can be expected, buying a used sousaphone will be much more affordable than buying a new one.

If you are on a budget, you will likely find a used sousaphone for as low as around $1,000. Anything under that price range is probably of poor quality, and you should skip it.

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If you want a brand spanking new sousaphone, you can expect to pay up to $10,000 for the model. Instruments of this price will be completely new and often created by a well-respected manufacturer like Yamaha.

What About Renting A Sousaphone?

Even buying a used sousaphone can be very expensive. If you are short on cash, then you might want to consider renting a sousaphone instead.

Renting a sousaphone for a short amount of time will be cheaper than buying one. However, renting a sousaphone for many years will quickly add up and cost more than outright buying an instrument of your own.

Renting a sousaphone will cost anywhere from $400 to $700 a month. As with buying a sousaphone, the exact price will depend on the model you buy and its state.

It is often a great idea to rent a sousaphone while saving up for your own model. Be careful how long you rent the instrument, however. You don’t want to spend more money on renting than it would buy your own instrument.

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Why Is A Sousaphone So Expensive?

Sousaphones are incredibly expensive because of the materials used and the labor required to make them. Since these instruments are so large, they require a lot of metal for construction. This sheer amount of metal required makes the price incredibly high.

More than this, creating a sousaphone takes a lot of labor. For the instrument to get the correct sound, the parts must be carefully made and crafted together.

You also have to consider that shipping and handling go into the final price for the instrument. With a product so large, it is easy to understand why shipping would be so expensive.

By putting these factors together, the sousaphone is a highly expensive instrument. From its expensive materials to its extensive labor required, the final price is high, meaning that you should be incredibly dedicated to the craft before buying your own instrument.

Final Thoughts

Like many other instruments, the sousaphone is highly expensive. To buy your own instrument, expect to pay around $8,000 used and $10,000 new.

For rental, expect to pay under $1,000 per month, but make sure to not pay more in rent than you would from buying an instrument outright. The monthly rental fee will quickly add up. 

It goes without saying that both buying and renting a sousaphone does not come cheap, but it is worth it if you dedicate enough time and energy to your craft.

The sousaphone creates such a rich sound that any brass band is incomplete without it. Save up your money wisely and practice hard. You will be glad you did.

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