How Much Does a Sousaphone Weigh?

The sousaphone is a among largest the brass instruments that weighs as much as fifty pounds (even though the majority of the sousaphones weigh just half of that or less).

When unrolled, an average Sousaphone can be around 18′ long! It is made from sheet brass, typically silver, or yellow with gold, lacquer, silver, and coating options, just like the majority of brass instruments.

But how much does a sousaphone weigh? Here is an overview of sousaphone as well as its average weight.

Depending on the brand, the average weight of brass sousaphones is about 30-45 pounds, whereas fiberglass sousaphones, (white plastic-y ones) weighs less by far, about 15 pounds.

Whereas the latest sousaphones weigh around thirty pounds or maybe less, the older instruments might weigh up to fifty pounds.

How Big Is a Sousaphone (Size)

The Most recent sousaphones are typically made in key of BB♭; the majority of the past sousaphones were pitched with key of E♭. However, the present manufacture of sousaphones in that particular key is limited these days.

The shape of the sousaphone is such that its bell is on top of the head of the tubist and projecting frontward.

Its valves are directly located facing the musician somewhat higher than the waist and all of its weight usually rest on musicians left shoulder. Its bell is usually removable from the body of the instrument to smooth the transportation as well as storage.

Apart from the general shape plus the appearance of the instrument, the sousaphone is exactly the same to a tuba.

Even though sousaphones might have a more limited variety than their counterpart concert tuba (the majority of the sousaphones have three valves instead of four to lessen the weight), typically, they are all capable of playing similar music and generally have sections written in its bass clef.

The early sousaphones had a diameter of 22-inches (560 mm) bells, with 24-inches (610 mm) bells famous in 1920s. However, from mid-1930s going forward, the sousaphone bells have since been the same with a 26 inches diameter (660 mm).

The Dimension: the Length of a Sousaphone is about 42 inches. The size of the Diameter bell is 25 inches. It comes in white color. It has pure brass metal that is made in white gloss polish.

The 25 inches length incorporates the fold up of the brass sheets of its bell at the frontage.

In the modern years, the sousaphones have been obtainable and made of fiberglass durable plastics rather than brass.

These days, the sousaphones fiberglass versions are mostly used for marching, while brass instruments are being used for every other situation.

How Much Does a Jupiter Sousaphone Weigh?

The Jupiter Fiberglass Sousaphone is among the more strong marching instruments that are presently on the market. It comes with a strong white fiberglass body featuring a 26 inches bell for a wonderful projection.

It also has a simply detachable valve as well as slide body for easy and trouble free maintenance. The detachable valve part is ideal for allowing complete access to the parts that would normally be inaccessible to a repairing technician.

The Playing Weight of a Jupiter sousaphone is 22.4 lbs with a Bore Size and bell size of 688 inches and 26 inches respectively. The Jupiter Sousaphones comes with the quality as well as value that are ideal for your budget and performance.

Fully featured and durably built, these instruments will provide many years of dependable service it will serve you for long as it is made in the required weight and materials thus long lasting.

Its weight makes it perfect for marching bands, jazz outfits as well as show orchestras it blends in perfectly.

How Much Does a Yamaha Sousaphone Weigh?

The Yamaha Sousaphone is probably the most excellent sousaphone around these days. The manufacturer has done wide research when developing this improved low brass device.

After examining it, you will discover a lot of similar aspects on their top line equipment which you will on their specialized solo as well as symphonic devices. These instruments are “most excellent in class”.

The Yamaha full brass sousaphone is good for those who would like the improved sound excellence of a brass instrument and one who wouldn’t mind regarding the weight of the sousaphone as much.

The Yamaha sousaphone weight is between 18 pounds (8 kg) to 50 pounds (23 kg). This is a great sousaphone which is capable of holding the sound simultaneously at all volumes.

This is the weight that you should go for as it has its value when it comes to a such an instrument. its weight determines a lot when it comes to its work.

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