How Much Does a Trombone Weigh?

To get an average weight, you have to find a whole bunch of trombones to weigh because you can get so many variables.

The average weight of a Trombone weighs around 7-12 pounds and depends on various factors such as materials and brand

Small, medium and large bore trombones can either have or lack attachments that can be closed or open wrap. A large-bore professional tenor that has completed wrap F attachment weighs approximately 4lbs.

The small-bore student model trombones used in school weigh a bit less compared to large Bore. Trombones can get made of different materials. It depends on the kind of metal alloy the instrument gets made of.

The weight of Trombone also varies between brands; some horns are a bit bigger while some have bigger bells. The bigger the bell diameter, the heavier the Trombone would be. Other factors that make up the weight of the Trombone is the size of the Bore.

A larger Bore constitutes a more incredible amount of weight than small and medium bores. Similarly, if you happen to be one of those artists who love customized Trombone, it will be a bit difficult to determine the actual weight of the materials used.

For example, Trombone with a wooden case compared to one with a metal case weigh definitely.

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How Much Does a Trombone Case weigh?

To confidently answer how much does a trombone weigh, we have to consider several models and make for this particular case. Many trombone cases are ranging from small cases, medium and large cases for large Trombone.

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Therefore, we will look at several trombone models and give us an overview of how much an average trombone case weighs.

First, we will consider Bach C1867A, a trombone case for either medium or large Bore open wrap. This case comes with a well-crafted wooden shell case. This shell gives the Bach Trombone case a unique slimmer design.

If you happen to be keen, you will notice that it has a compact rectangular shape than the conventional traditional cases. Bach trombone is classified in hard shells and has an average weight of approximately 1.3 to 2.8 kilos depending on size.

The other case we will consider is the Bach C1867B, which comes in medium and large Bore with a traditional wrap.

Similarly, this trombone case lies in hard shells and gets usually made of a wood shell case. It comes with a rectangular compacted classic design.

One unique feature with this trombone model is its interior trombone case designed with brown well-trimmed leather and comes with hinges and brass latches already fitted. It’s relatively stable and reliable, especially when it comes to securing your Trombone.

On average, this trombone case weighs about 6.1 lbs.

There other trombone cases that are usually customized depending on your needs. You can have your trombone case made with a unique, complete cradle with slide handles supported by small blocks.

Some professional cases usually come with a small accessories compartment. This kind of trombone case is a bit hard to estimate how much it weighs as the average weight will depend on the customization required and the materials one may choose to make their case.

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How Big Is a Trombone (Size)?

When it comes to buying a trombone, size is quite an essential factor you have to consider seriously. Several factors determine the size of your Trombone; one of the determining factors for the Trombone’s length is usually the Bore.

Bores are usually classified and characterized into four distinct groups, which typically give your Trombone the size. First, there are large bores, which produce quite large and loud timbre. A large-bore will make a large trombone for you.

There is also the medium bore with the characteristics of a large bore, but it’s a bit smaller than the large Bore. They are used mostly on the orchestra.

Small Bore, on the other hand, usually are responsible for producing brighter sound and is suitable when used to play high notes. Their small size in nature makes them ideal for solo and pop music performances.

Dual Bore, on the other hand, combines two distinctive features in which the inner slide into two different sizes with the lower side taking the more significant share of the size inconsideration to the upper side.

Various trombones come with differing bore sizes depending on the instrument’s use. For instance, a Bb jazz instrument will usually come with a bore measuring about .485, while a bass trombone with an average bore size of .562 is a very different Trombone when it comes to actual sizes.

On the other hand, if you consider securing a tenor trombone, these instruments usually come either in medium sizes or large Bore. A large tenor trombone instrument will, on average, measure approximately .547.

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Bore’s size is generally very fundamental for tonal flexibility, control, and symphonic projection, and depth put all together.

The other factor that contributes to the size of your Trombone is usually the bell diameters. Bell diameters also lie Bore vary from one Trombone to another depending on the instrument’s use and purpose.

On average, bell diameter usually ranges from an approximate size of 6.5 to about 10.5. Some manufacturers can customize your trombone bell diameter to give you a larger bell diameter, which produces more significant sound dynamics.

With a larger bell diameter, you can rest assured that of a well-round fatter sound as it is unlike with a mere direct projection from a small bell diameter

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