How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?

If you are thinking of taking up the trumpet, you need to know how much they cost.

The exact cost for a trumpet will range widely, starting at $200 for low-end beginner trumpets, while more expensive professional trumpets can cost over $2500.

The reason that there is so much variety in trumpet cost is that there are different types of trumpets, and different factors like material and condition can also affect the cost.

More than that, you can also buy new or used instruments, or you can rent them instead.

To find out more about how much a trumpet costs, read on. In this article, we look at the different factors that affect the cost of a trumpet.

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How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?

Generally speaking, trumpets will range anywhere from $200 to over $2500. If you are a beginner, most trumpets that cost between $400 and $1200 will suffice.

These trumpets will not be as impressive, but they are great for learning.

For intermediate players, intermediate and step up trumpets cost anywhere from $1200 to $2300.

Still, the most expensive trumpets are those used for professional use. Those will cost around $2500 or more. Shockingly, professional trumpets can cost as much as $10,000.

Trumpet Cost By Type

When you are thinking of buying a trumpet, you need to consider the type. There are a variety of trumpets to choose from, and each one will have its own price. Here is a look at the most popular trumpet types:

Bb Trumpet

Of the different types of trumpets, the Bb trumpet is by far the most popular. Most students who are learning to play the trumpet will begin with this instrument. Despite being used for beginners, the Bb trumpet is also popular for professionals as well.

Since this trumpet is so popular, it is much easier to find an affordable option on the market. At the same time, you can find extremely expensive Bb trumpets for professional use. For beginners, you can opt for options starting at $200, but professionals have bought Bb trumpets costing as much as $10,000.

C Trumpet

Though the Bb trumpet is much more popular, the C trumpet is growing in popularity. For example, they are popular in orchestras and often used alongside Bb trumpets. The C trumpet will be higher in tone than the Bb and have a smaller body. Because of the popularity of the C trumpet, its cost will be pretty similar to the Bb trumpet.

E Trumpet

The E trumpet is great for orchestra playing because it has a higher tune. This improves accuracy, and it makes the fingerings feel more natural. Though it is not used as much as the Bb or C trumpet, this is a good professional option.

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E trumpets tend to be a bit more expensive than Bb or C trumpets. Since they are used more so for professional playing, expect to pay a more intermediate or professional price for this trumpet type.

Marching Band Trumpet

The marching band trumpet, as you should assume from its name, is specifically designed for marching bands. This means that the trumpet is much more durable and rugged so it can withstand outdoor marching band scenarios.

The cost for a marching band trumpet is pretty similar to the cost of any other intermediate trumpet. You should expect a marching band trumpet to cost around 00 or more.


Another popular trumpet type is the cornet. The cornet is similar to the Bb trumpet, but it has a more compressed design. This makes it easier to hold and handle, especially for beginner players. The cornet will bring a lighter and more mellow tone than the Bb trumpet, too.

Because of its more compressed design, cornets typically are more expensive than Bb trumpets. This is because the compressed design requires more delicate structures and features within. Most cornets will cost between $300 and $5000, but more professional models will cost more than that.

Piccolo Trumpet

The piccolo trumpet is the smallest version. It has a much higher pitch than other trumpets because it uses less tubing. Most often, the piccolo trumpet is used in religious settings.

Like the cornet, piccolo trumpets tend to be much more expensive than other trumpets because of their delicate frame. Their small size means that they have incredibly small parts within, which requires more work for production.

Though you can find a piccolo trumpet for $400, models this cheap are often made of plastic instead of metal. Piccolo trumpets made of metal, on the other hand, are likely to be $3000 or more.

Slide Trumpet

If you are just learning to play the trumpet, then you might not want to opt for the slide version. Still, the slide trumpet is great if you know how to play the trombone and want to expand towards the trumpet. This is a great choice for experienced jazz players. Most slide trumpets start at around $500 and go up in price.

Herald Trumpet

The herald trumpet is rather rare and is mainly only used in ceremonial settings. It has much tighter coiling in the instrument body, which means that the straight tubing is elongated further away from the player. You would typically only play this trumpet for parades and processionals.

Since herald trumpets are so rare and have a unique construction, they are much more expensive than other options.

Buying A New Vs. Used Trumpet

If you’re thinking of buying a trumpet, you should consider the condition of the trumpet. You can buy trumpets either new or used.

Obviously, new trumpets will cost more than used ones, but you can still find a used trumpet that is both affordable and in great condition.

If you buy a new trumpet, then select the trumpet based on the type and cost. You won’t have to worry about dents or other manufacturing issues if you buy a trumpet new.

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What To Do If You Want A Used Trumpet

For those on a tighter budget, you might want to consider a used trumpet instead. Used trumpets will often be great instruments, but they are more affordable.

Still, you need to make sure that your instrument is of good quality before spending the money.

Before getting your used trumpet, make sure that it has no dents. Look over the entire body, including the valves, slides, and mouthpiece.

Though you can expect to have small dings, make sure that there are no dramatic dents, especially in the three places just mentioned.

In addition to checking for dents, also checked the slides and valves. They need to be able to move without sticking. If you find that the valve or slide is stuck, you need to make sure they fix it before you buy or rent the instrument.

While looking at the valves and slides, make sure there is no green scaling or deposits either.

Finally, look at the accessories and case. Make sure that your trumpet comes with a third valve ring.

You may want to see if it comes with the first valve ring and saddle as well. Also, look to see if there’s a mouthpiece, cleaning supplies, or anything else you may need.

What About Renting A Trumpet?

Renting a trumpet will normally cost about $20 to $75 a month. The exact price will depend on the condition of the trumpet, as well as the brand or manufacturer.

In certain scenarios, you may find it more advantageous to rent your trumpet instead of buying it. Before renting or buying your instrument, weigh the pros and cons of both.

Here are some reasons that you may want to rent a trumpet instead of buying one.

Children Change Their Minds

Children often change their mind in a blink of an eye. If you have a child who is claiming they want to play the trumpet, but they have no experience with the instrument, you may want to rent the instrument first. This will save you money if the child decides within a month that they actually don’t want to play the instrument.

Renting Is More Affordable

If you don’t have enough money upfront, you may want to rent a trumpet while saving up for buying your instrument. Renting by the month is more affordable than buying one outright. However, renting a trumpet will add up quickly. If you rent for too many months, it will quickly cost more than simply buying a model.

Should I Rent A Trumpet?

Knowing whether or not you should buy or rent a trumpet can be difficult. Really, the choice comes down to how seriously you take playing the instrument and how long you intend to play it.

You should rent a trumpet if you are worried your child is going to change their mind, or if you need to save up for a trumpet first. These are great scenarios to rent a trumpet because it will save you money.

You should not rent a trumpet if you want to use it for professional use. Buying your own trumpet will be worth the investment if you take playing the instrument seriously. You should also buy a trumpet if you have been renting for many months.

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Eventually, the cost of renting will cost more than buying your own.

Why Is A Trumpet So Expensive?

Trumpets, like other musical instruments, are expensive because of the materials, construction, and included parts. The cost is affected by many factors, such as the finish or service. Here is a closer look at the factors that make a trumpet so expensive:


In order for the instruments to have the correct sound and be durable, trumpets are coated in a certain finish.

Beginner trumpets often have a lacquer finish, but intermediate and professional trumpets are plated with silver.

Obviously, the silver plating makes intermediate and professional trumpets much more expensive.


The condition of the trumpet will also affect its price. A completely new trumpet will cost more because it has never been used and doesn’t have any dents or repairs. The more used or the worst condition your trumpet is in, the more affordable it will be.


Not all manufacturers produce the same trumpet. The manufacturer of the trumpet will greatly affect the price.

Lesser-known manufacturers may use poor metals or construction, causing them to be more affordable but less impressive as instruments. This also makes the instruments more susceptible to damage.

Highly respected manufacturers, however, use high-quality metals that are durable and create a good sound. This makes these trumpets more expensive but more worth the investment.


To properly protect your trumpet, you should get a case. If you buy a trumpet with the case included, it should cost around $100 or more. Not all trumpets will come with a case, though. Buy a separate case if your trumpet does not come with one included.


As with the case, a mouthpiece can cost more than $100. Some trumpets will come with a mouthpiece, while others require you to buy a mouthpiece separately. Trumpets with the mouthpiece included will cost more than those without it.


Some trumpets will come with additional features like Monel pistons, hand-hammered bills, larger bores, and annealed brass. Often, these features will come with more intermediate or professional trumpets. They will make the trumpet cost more money.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, trumpets are a big investment.

Still, there are so many options on the market that it will be easy to find a trumpet that matches your budget and needs.

Out of all of the instruments, the trumpet is one that is much easier to find at a more affordable price.

When buying any trumpet, just make sure that it is of good quality. You don’t want to waste your money buying or renting a trumpet that is damaged and not able to produce the sound it is supposed to make.

If you carefully consider a trumpet that is still in good condition, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth and learn how to play the instrument well.

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