How To Amplify a Harp: (The Ultimate Guide)

You need your harp to raise in volume and the sound to translate perfectly to your audience. 

Amplifying a harp is not an easy task, and its amplification is done to enhance the sound effect of a harp and is necessary when you are playing in.

Here is the ultimate guide to amplifying your harp:

The Best Way To Amplify a Harp

While you want to expand harp, then there are many processes to increase your harp.

One of those is with the help of the microphone, and the second is with the help of PA. So, let’s discuss all these things in detail:

This is the device attached to the harp that makes it pick up sound effectively. It changes the vibration of the strings into electrical sound waves that allow magnification of resonance. 

Pickups vs. Microphones

Pickups are also known as transducers, which are having the capability to convert mechanical signals to the electrical signals, which automatically induce the sound effect.

These days, pickups are the best way, which is very beneficial in enhancing the sound effect of a harp.

You can get the best results with the help of the pickup, as they are very sensitive. There are several musical instrumental companies, which make the soundbox in such a way so that it will be easy to adjust the pickup. 

It is more beneficial than that of the microphones. You can find the pickup on the back or the side of your harp.

You can definitely use a microphone but just remember that mics have more of a chance to sound terrible like unwanted feedback and honestly they are just really annoying to move around and setup


Pickup: A good-sized pickup will cover a large area of the harp and will be sufficient to pick up the whole range of the vibrations and produce a more quality sound.

Mic: You will need at least two mics to cover the whole harp.

A single microphone would only cover a part of the harp and will only pick up sound from that part. This will call for more microphones, and yet the sound won’t be as even as compared to the pickup.

Learn how to mic a harp.

Using The Amplifier

It is the device, which captures the electrical signal and automatically increases the effect of sound. I then connected along with the speaker with the help of the speakers.

Once you have done with the pickup, then it is the time to use the amplifier, which is very important in increasing the sound effect of an amp. 

While you are looking for the speaker, then from the market, you can find out the best choices of the amplifier. They can be easily used on any instrument and choosing the right one can be difficult for you.

So, if you are organizing a small event, then you can go for 60-100W of the amplifier.

With the amplifier, you can adjust the volume, which includes how loud you want to change the volume. Even though you can improve the balance among the tonals with the help of EQ.

Equipment that is necessary for you, when you want to amplify a harp

Cables: The cables are the best and must have to make connections, and it is beneficial in transmitting the signals among the devices.

Equalizer: As its name describes, it is the equipment that is very beneficial in adjusting the balance among various frequencies with the help of the electrical signal. It plays a vital role in boosting or cutting the effect of the rates.

Compressor: It is very much beneficial in compressing the levels of the audio signal and reduces the impact of the louder sounds and makes it into the softer one.

Speaker: It is also known as the electro-acoustic transducer; it is the device, which is responsible for converting the audio signals into the necessary sound effect.


What harp pickup should i use?

You should use a pickup that fits in your harp perfectly and that it gets all the sound from the whole harp. People swear by Dusty Strings but If you want a less expensive one that is on the same level then here is the pickup we recommend.

What harp amplifier should I use?

You should use an acoustic amp with around 60 Watts to 100 Watts with two channels. Here is the amplifier that we recommend.

When should you amplify your harp?

Amplifiers are useful for concerts, weddings, outdoor events of any kind. Especially if you are looking to play on the street or something like that you need to be quite stressful to get the proper sound. 

You will also need to decide what the best method would be depending on your environment and setting.


So now that amplifying your harp really isn’t that hard, maybe annoying, but pretty easy. 

Getting a harp pickup that covers your whole harp and an amplifier you are off to the races.

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