Ibanez B-300 Banjo – In Depth Review (2023)

Being a music lover or professional, you need an unbiased review about the musical instruments before investing money on it.

Today we’re reviewing the Ibanez B-300 Banjo which is among their most quality instruments and one of the most exclusive banjo of the company.

Absolutely stunning to look at and joy to play.

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Comprehensive Review Of The Ibanez B-300

It has a tradition, construction design and tone. It is pretty affordable and the price is totally worth it. Ibanez is well known to produce the combination of classic and modern technology acoustic instruments. B-300 is one of them.

It is a traditional 5-string banjo with a mesmerizing modern look. It is a banjo with rosewood resonator and a high gloss finished mahogany bowl.

Its steel tension hoop with a set of 24- brackets make it totally worth its price. Other parts and features will be discussed later.


One of the most important aspects for a musician to select an instrument is, its style and eye catching appearance.

Although it doesn’t affect the talent of your music, it is a kind of complimentary quality of your instrument. Ibanez B-300 is equipped with many quality products that make it more stylish and compatible. Some of them are discussed below.

It has a very compatible and stylish design that makes it easy to handle and trendy by look.It has a glossy finish in back, sides and neck.

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Special acrylic fretboard inlay provides it an attractive appearance.The wood used in its resonator is Rosewood with abalone inlays and the rim is made of basswood.

It has dual coordinator rod construction that makes it perfect to replace or upgrade its coordinator rods.It has pearl headstock and fretboard inlays. For a perfect sound performance it is equipped with 11 inches coated Remo weather king head.


To get a perfect sound quality and keep you in tune this acoustic instrument is equipped with a number of quality components and design specifically according to the required function.

The main specifications of the Ibanez B-300 Banjo are:

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 48 Inches
Weight 14 lbs.

Along with the above listed physical specification some other specifications there are some of the functional specifications of the product that make it more compatible for the user of all the categories.


For amazing sound, this exclusive instrument by Ibanez is equipped with best quality and well organized equipment.

Chrome frictional tuners

It has 4-Chrome frictional tuners mounted throughout the headstock of the banjo to adjust the pressure in strings through friction to keep your sound in desired tune.

Basswood block Rim

The basswood is said to be most suitable for acoustic instruments because of its property of acoustically transparency. So it will enhance the tone of the sound.

Mahogany Neck

Mahogany is a king of wood which is well known for a mellowing sound. So using this wood in neck will gave you an experience of louder sounds that any other wood.

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Rolled Tone ring

It is basically the ring that is found between the body and the head of the banjo.it is a round brass rolled in the form of a ring that matches the outside circumference of the rim.

The sound quality, tone, volume and voice of the played sound depends on this ring. It will provide you with a distractive sound.

Player Profile

Ibanez B-300 is a perfect banjo for all the scenarios. It is not dedicated to a certain category. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced musician or just a new learner, you can just go through it.

Whether you want to explore new notes or you, want to just practice your previous one, it is the perfect acoustic instrument for you.

Ideal for Beginners

If you have just started playing banjo then this is an idol instrument for you. Quite easy to handle with its lighter weight and compatible design to hold it properly with dedicated strings and frets make it simpler to understand for beginners.

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For Intermediate Players

Not just for beginners, it is also very compatible for advancing students.

The students who want to upgrade their skills from starting banjo to or any string instrument, this is an idol product.

It uses a familiar guitar bridge system which is adjustable like other banjo and string instruments with different enhancements in sound strings.

For Pros

Being a pro string musician, you are aware of the quality and required features in any string instruments. As B-300 is manufactured for dedicated quality wood for different sections like neck, bridge, rim, etc.

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Also if you want to develop your skills on any new instrument then this is what you need because it is an exclusive product by Ibanez of this kind. Ibanez is a brand that offers electric guitars, bass guitars and other acoustic accessories.

Among them all B-300 5- string banjo is the most expensive product in their catalog.

After taking a look at the provided summary you can easily conclude that the product is totally worth it.


So it can be concluded that in the category of acoustic instrument, trusting the most reliable brand is much better than going with some other brand.

No matter if you are a beginner, learning or an experienced musician, the product will never disappoint you.

It could be more difficult for you to buy string instruments of your choice, but after having the review from experts and having the complete knowledge of the product can make it easy for you. Simply go through the proper sources and identify the quality product.

Therefore take an unbiased review on the bases of your requirement and go for the best.

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