Ibanez M510BS Mandolin (In Depth Review)

Strumming the strings of the mandolin and creating beautiful music is a delight for music lovers.

The rich quality of sound together with the beautiful classical textures of mandolin makes it one of the best instruments to enjoy creating and playing folk songs.

You want to try your hand at playing the mandolin but you are confused about whether to go for the Ibanez M510BS model. 

This article will give you a complete product review of Ibanez M510BS based on its sound quality, strings used, and instrument specifications.

After reading this article, you can make up your mind whether this mandolin model is best suited for you.

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Ibanez M510BS: An Overview

This mahogany beauty can not only enrapture the crowd with its musical notes but also with its lustrous looks. This model is ideal for beginners who want to grasp the essence of the melody created by mandolins.

Ibanez M510BS is also ideal to be used in impromptu jigs which can lighten up the environment.


This mandolin comes with a solid A-style look having smoothly sculpted tops and 2 sound holes present in its body. 

If you have a doubt whether there is a difference in the tonality of an A-style Ibanez and an F-style Ibanez, the answer is no.

There will be some discernable differences but A-style Ibanez will be giving the same music quality as F-style.


Here are some of the specifications of Ibanez M510BS:

Strings 8
Frets 20
Size 27 Inches
Weight 2.5 lbs
  • Tuning Mechanism
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Ibanez M510BS features chrome hardware fitted with die-cast chrome tuners. This aids in providing the instrument with various tonal qualities by tuning into the desired setting.

  • Materials Used

Ibanez M510BS has been constructed with an assortment of materials. The neck, the sides, and the back have been constructed with high finish Mahogany wood. The bridge and the fretboard are made up of richly colored Rosewood.

The finishing touch and the craftsmanship employed to give a glossy touch to this beauty makes this instrument stand out in the crowd.

The mahogany body with a spruce top helps in producing the low notes with the original and unmodified strains. The Rosewood layer on the bridge and the fretboard contribute to offering a rich tonal purity and sound quality while the mandolin is played.

The refined finishing touch of the brown sunburst producing a beautiful shine, adds to the allure of this musical instrument.

Which Type Of Player Is Best Suited For Ibanez M510BS?

It is ideal to be used by beginners who are foraying into the world of mandolins. It is very easy to set up and comfortable to be used which can aid the entry-level players in getting a hang of it.

This instrument is best suited for a few hours of usage and finds itself difficult to sustain continuous professional mandolin practices for long hours.

Hence it is ideal for small gigs and impromptu performances for the people who know how to play the mandolin.

This is a very good catch for the beginners who get this high-quality beauty at a reasonable price and can learn different types of tones.

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Pros & Cons

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before getting your hands on an Ibanez M510BS:

  • It is advisable to purchase your own strings after consultation with a musician or the shop owner. The strings that come with Ibanez M510BS are not made of good quality material unlike the rest of the instrument. You should go ahead and get a better set of strings so that it does not hamper your learning.
  • It is advisable to get the initial tuning done by a professional mandolin player or an owner. You might find it difficult as a beginner to set up the tuning of the instrument initially. Once it is done, you can create your music to glory.


All in all, Ibanez M510BS mandolin with A-Style set up is recommended for anyone who wants a great piece of craftsmanship at a reasonable price

As a beginner, this will be like your dream instrument as it is simplistic and Ibanez has always lived up to its promise of providing good quality instruments.

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