Roosebeck Minstrel Harp Review – In-Depth Analysis

This harp is for beginner to intermediate players. If you want a harp that’s beautiful and quality sound at a low-ish price point then this is for you.

Roosebeck is a very well respected manufacture and have their own line of harps. Today we will be doing an in depth analysis and review of the Roosebeck Minstrel Harp.

So without further ado let’s get in the details.

Roosebeck Minstrel Harp (See Details)

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Roosebeck Minstrel Harp 29-Sting Chelby Levers is among the best available harps in the musical market that features sleek and smooth design of the Chelby levers that gets reflected in functionality.

While comparing this to standard Roosebeck harp levers, Chelby levers remain superior mechanically and appearance wise as well.

With its unique design, the lever is engaged with its string from sides and the possibility of strings lifting off bridge pins gets limited.

Professional harpists also appreciate blue and red colored caps making it simple to locate C and F levers for strings.

The lever remains attached to the base through a hex bolt. The synthetic washer gets spaced between base and leer, while creating a controlled and smooth lifting action resisting the slipping once it gets engaged.

Each lever’s base gets mounted to the arm of the harp through two screws, once any adjustment becomes necessary.

Bridge pins meant for Chelby levers get a lot improved and they can easily get adjusted in or out, after simply moving the hex wrench.

Strings 29
Type Lever
Size 38 Inches
Range C3 – C7
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The 29 DuPont hard nylon strings, between C3 to C7 range, 24 sharpened levers, inlaid and engraved walnut frame with birch high finished plywood soundboard meant for great strength and sound.

Although, you must wipe the strings down with dry and clean cloth after you use them. When storing the instrument, you must consider changing strings upon picking this again up.


The Stylish Celtic Thistle design that has been hand carved with side panels gets an exquisite appearance for the harp. The harp soundboard produces exceptional sound quality and performs really well on durability as well.

The stylish Celtic Thistle design remains hand carved in the side panels making it look distinctively appealing compared to other harps. This is approximately 38” high including an extra string set with the tuning tool.

Product highlights:

  • 29 strings with 4 octaves
  • Ideal for beginners as well as intermediate students
  • The harp note range is of C3 – C7
  • Strings are color coded
  • The 24 Chelby levers are simple for changing keys.
  • The keys are handcrafted from solid wood
  • The birch soundboard produces an exceptional strength and sound
  • Additional string set with tuning tool also included
  • The gig bag of Nylon is also separately available

Sound Profile – Who should play?

Harps are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes that suits well with people of different ages with level of playing. So, if you’re an ambitious beginner who looks out for anything to practice, you can consider lever harp.

The style is well known as diatonic meaning that it is limited with key numbers in which it can be played.

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Despite all of this, the harp would still present a lot of challenges for newbie.

The 29 stringed Roosebeck Minstrel Harp is ideal for musicians who are looking to practice alone or for musicians who travel a lot.

After advancing, musicians can move on to the 34-stringed models but still can often use the same as well.


Harps are worthy investments so as a beginner or an intermediate harp player you can enrich its music for decades upon taking its proper care.

Throughout their evolution the best ones are available at present and musicians have loved these instruments since a long time.

So if you’re someone who has just thought of getting yourself in harp playing or want to enhance your harp skills, you can surely go for the Roosebeck Minstrel Harp that has been claimed as one of the best beginner and intermediate level harps on the market.

While you’ll have to be diligent in the maintenance of instruments, you can easily perform the tasks.

The Minstrel harp is known for its simple care and maintenance with crystal clear sound and any newbie can essentially keep it just like new with unparalleled and smooth performance for long.

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