Recording King RK-R35-BR Banjo Review – Is It Worth It?

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The Recording King RK-R35-BR is a high quality banjo, available at a far lower price compared to other banjos available in the market with the same quality and features.

The quality of music produced by any musician depends to a large extent on the quality of the musical instrument which he or she is using. That’s why banjo players will always be interested in purchasing a high quality banjo at an affordable price, even if they are not playing the banjo professionally.

The RK-R35-BR banjo has a Mastertone-style cast brass bell tone ring and one-piece flange. It has a maple resonator and maple neck, with a two way adjustable truss rod. The main section of the banjo has a steam bent 3-layer maple rim, similar to other best selling banjos from Recording King. 

The rosewood fretboard is designed for comfortable use. There are 24 hooks in the brass tension hoop, so that players can adjust the tension on the head with great precision, similar to other quality banjos. 

The RK-R35-BR banjo incorporates top-notch design features and uses materials and components of the best quality.

To further complement this banjo with professional-quality features, two coordinator rods, planetary tuners, and a geared fifth peg are also included.

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 42 Inches
Weight 7.5 lbs

The maple resonator of the banjo has a matte brown finish which is hand rubbed, so that dirt marks and stains won’t show easily. The fretboard and the Madison peg head have a seagull inlay, to give the banjo a classic look. 

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The hook and nut hardware is nickel plated with a satin finish, and threaded according to American standards. The tailpiece and armrest are in genuine presto style. 

This banjo has a maple/ebony frosted bridge, and a Remo head size of 5/8″. It also has a compound angle, and a blackhead peghead with mother of pearl inlay. The weight of the banjo is less than 15 pounds, so it can easily be carried by players of all types.

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Banjo Player Profile

This banjo is ideal for the recreational banjo player who is reasonably proficient in playing the banjo, and is interested in finding a high quality banjo at a reasonable price. If that’s not you, no worries – check out our article about the best beginner banjos.

After spending some time playing the banjo for a few years, many banjo players start to get interested in picking up a higher quality banjo that will better complement his or her talents and skills. 

However, many of these higher quality banjos can cost more than $4,000, and lots of banjo players are unable to afford such an expensive banjo. 

The RK-R35-BR banjo is highly recommended, including by some professional banjo players who claim that the quality and sound is as good as the banjos used by professionals. The RK-R35-BR is highly versatile, and can be used for playing folk, bluegrass, or clawhammer. It’s a truly high quality option for players who are jamming on just about any style. 

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Many parents also purchase this banjo for their children who have become proficient at playing the banjo.

PRO TIP: If you’ve moved past the beginner stages and are looking for a more intermediate banjo book, this book is a great option.

Pros and Cons of the RK-R35-BR


  • High quality banjo at a reasonable price
  • Well designed banjo, comfortable for all players to use
  • Has a good tone and sound quality
  • High quality components used, which will last for a long time
  • Professional quality construction, so that it can be easily handled
  • Hardware is nickel plated with satin finish, to prevent corrosion
  • Good resale value compared to other inexpensive banjos
  • Seller will ship the banjo quickly after the order is placed 
  • Seagull inlay for classic finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Some helpful accessories are not included with it, and will need to be purchased separately 
  • Banjo case has to be purchased separately

PRO TIP: When you’re looking for a banjo case, try to find a hardshell option to offer the best protection. This banjo case brings hardshell protection at a reasonable price.


Many musicians are interested in purchasing a high-quality and well-designed banjo, but are unable to afford a professional-grade banjo, which can cost at least a few thousand dollars. 

Hence the Recording King RK-R35-BR banjo is highly recommended, since it comes packed with many of the same features and has the same construction as more expensive banjos from Recording King and other brands. 

The tone and sound of the banjo is of the highest quality. Most musicians who have purchased the banjo are extremely happy with the quality and price of the banjo.

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This banjo is highly recommended because of its high quality, affordable price, and great sound for any style.


What is the price of the Recording King RK-R35-BR banjo?

The Recording King RK-R35-BR banjo typically costs around $1,000.

What is the RK-R35-BR banjo made of?

The Recording King RK-R35-BR banjo features a maple resonator and neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a Remo head.

What type of music is the RK-R35-BR banjo best suited for?

The RK-R35-BR banjo is suitable for various types of music, including bluegrass, old-time, and folk.

How many frets does the RK-R35-BR banjo have?

The RK-R35-BR banjo has 22 frets.

Is the RK-R35-BR banjo suitable for beginners?

The RK-R35-BR banjo is an intermediate-level instrument and may not be the best choice for beginners.

What is the weight of the RK-R35-BR banjo?

The RK-R35-BR banjo weighs approximately 12 pounds.

Is the RK-R35-BR banjo easy to tune?

Yes, the RK-R35-BR banjo is easy to tune and stays in tune for extended periods.

What type of bridge does the RK-R35-BR banjo have?

The RK-R35-BR banjo features a maple and ebony bridge.

Does the RK-R35-BR banjo have a truss rod?

Yes, the RK-R35-BR banjo has a two-way adjustable truss rod, which allows for easy adjustment of the neck’s curvature.

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