Rocket Ukulele Review (2023): Is it Worth your Money?

Music goes back farther than we can remember; some say as far back as human beings have existed on this planet.

Even though there are countless theories about what led us here. But there’s one thing that remains true: all humans share an innate drive for making and listening to musical sounds of various sorts.

Everyone deserves a little romance.

Forget Coldplay, forget your ex’s name — I’ll show you how to light up the most romantic evening with just one string and a couple of chords!

I know, playing an instrument can be such hard work, but not for today.

Well, that’s because Rocket Ukulele has got your back.

Rocket Ukulele Review

I know, I know, you want to just skip ahead and start playing that ukulele music right now (you’ll get there soon enough.) So, for those who just can’t wait—here’s the tl;dr:

Rocket Ukulele is a great tool for beginners. You’ll learn the basics of the instrument without having to spend hours on YouTube watching videos or buying expensive books.

The lessons are clear and concise and will teach you how to read tabs as well as tune your instrument with ease in no time at all!

Their main promise to its users is that you can learn how to play the ukulele in thirty days.

Rocket Ukulele teaches you tablature and ear training so when someone plays a song on guitar, piano, or drums at your party, everyone will be able to join along with their own instrument!

Rocket Ukulele Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

The Ukulele Rocket is a program that will take any person’s ukulele skills to the next level.

This program consists of five lessons and one 30-day challenge that trains you in playing the Ukulele, from chords to strumming patterns and more. It also includes access to live chats with instructors so you can get answers anytime day or night!

People often ask if it’s hard. The answer is no; this course has been designed for beginners who have never picked up a ukulele before.

Do people need at least some experience with basic music theory like knowing how notes are named (C sharp) and what sharp means (sharpened note)?

Well, not at all. They’ll teach you from scratch, regardless of what type of ukulele you have: tenor, concert, soprano, or guitalele.

In this course, the experts will guide you through all aspects of playing the ukulele from mastering chords to strumming songs that sound like hits.

And they’ll do it in fun and easy step-by-step videos so there’s no advanced knowledge needed. This is going to be awesome stuff for you whether you’re 12 or 70 years old!

This course includes an instructional booklet and a set of papers that are compatible with the Rocket Ukulele electric instrument.

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Step-by-step videos are provided on assembling, tuning, fret, pluck, and wearing this awesome instrument.

With Rocket Ukulele, you can learn how to play with total ease and without any hassles. That’s because the program is designed specifically for people who are new to playing an instrument!

The lesson content of this course will teach students (no matter if they’re kids) everything they need to know to start their own ukulele journey from scratch—complete with huge amounts of tips, techniques, professional songwriting advice on chord progressions, and melodies written by industry professionals.

But, Why Learn How to Play Ukulele?

The ukulele is not just an instrument—it’s your escape route from the everyday.

The Rocket Ukulele allows you to learn any type of song without fear, hesitation, or boredom because our program simply tunes itself to your specific skill set.

Jazz? You’ll become one with Miles Davis’ smooth soloing ability.

Rhythm and blues? The funk will flow through your uke’s strings effortlessly.

Rock? Legends like Jimi Hendrix or Tom Petty are now at your fingertips–easy peasy!

Pop? One-hit wonders by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber can change everything about your uke playing style.

Unfold this little musical time machine and explore the uncharted territory of string instruments.

What’s more, you can pull it out of your backpack when you’re on a plane or train and wait for the scramble as people try to get away from its noise.

Don’t be shy—play some Bach, Victor Herbert, Manuel Ponce—just like an island urchin would do back in the day!

Listen closely and hear the romantic heat shimmer through your uke’s steel or nylon strings because sometimes imitation is in fact very close to being genius.

Is Ukulele Better than Guitar?

The ukulele is such a wonderful instrument—it’s small enough to be carried around and brings those big and fuller tones to the table.

The Ukulele has been seen as the ultimate beginner guitar ever since its creation in 1896 by Portuguese immigrants from Madeira Island because of how easy it to play the four strings are compared with many other string instruments like guitars or violins that require more hand strength than people who may not have grown up playing those types normally would.

Ukuleles are portable, lightweight, and inexpensive. They can be used to play many different types of music such as Hawaiian folk songs or traditional jazz tunes like “What a Wonderful World.”

Why should I invest in a ukulele when the guitar is more versatile?

A good question! The answer lies within what type of sound you’re looking for.

Like guitars, there’s also electric (plugged into amps) acoustic (unplugged), classical/nylon-stringed ukuleles that offer a softer tone or resonate well while playing soft melodies.

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Steel-string ukes have less resonance but tend to produce louder sounds. So they work better if your goal is strictly volume instead of melody production.

Also, a ukulele is a delightful instrument that can be played by those without formal music training. The simple layout of the strings makes it easy to learn, and its size allows you to take it anywhere with ease.

What Sets Rocket Ukulele Apart?

Rocket Ukulele focuses on instructions for different types of music. They offer instruction for beginners, intermediate players, and experienced musicians.

They teach many musical styles such as Hawaiian fare, jazz, rock, and pop, to name a few, but they also have lessons about the history of the ukulele.

All videos feature experts who want students to learn without stress or pressure. If you just bought your first ukulele then this is an awesome place where you can get started.

Now, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of the Rocket Ukulele:

Rocket Ukulele Pros:

There’s something about Ukulele Rocket that makes it stand out.

It’s a revolutionary new way of learning to play an instrument using techniques that cut down on time and make it easier for people who have never played the ukulele before or even those who are not quite as musically talented as they like to be.

Here’re some benefits you’ll get by using Rocket Ukulele:

  • Revolutionary new techniques for learning the ukulele will take you from novice to master in less than 2 months
  • There are no fuss or confusion—you’ll get a no-nonsense experience; there are never any arguments or mistake
  • Amaze your friends and family with pure musical mastery and become the most talented person at gatherings—guaranteed!
  • Enjoy music more with these few simple steps. With the help of their tutor, you’ll be reading music and writing your own in just weeks!
  • Playing the ukulele is all about following your instincts, and that’s something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, right? Well, guess what—Rocket Ukulele has the same thing to offer.
  • Their specially made uke lessons won’t take you more than a few minutes to master the control over your newfound skills.

Still not goggle-eyed? Well, there’s more!

By joining their course, you will be able to enjoy music more with these few simple steps. With the help of their tutor, you’ll be reading music and writing your own in just weeks!

You can enjoy all types of live performances even if you don’t know how to read a single note on paper or are hesitant about composing yourself by following three easy rules that will make it possible for anyone to appreciate an event.

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Find out what musical instruments might be played at the show beforehand so when they start playing them during the concert, you may recognize some key sounds from listening closely.

Listen intently because this will allow maximum enjoyment while simultaneously keeping up with melodies as well as rhythms happening around them.

Have fun; let loose and get lost in the music.

Enough with the Pros, let’s jump to the Cons segment and see if there’s anything that serves as a red flag.

Rocket Ukulele Cons:

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the Rocket Ukulele website. They make big promises and offer guarantees that are difficult to deliver on.

Learning an instrument takes practice, so far they haven’t really made it clear how much of that you should do and their lack of emphasis on developing a practice regimen is not ideal.

Another thing that caught my attention is that their website is not having an SSL certificate.

Don’t you think that it would send a negative signal to the users visiting their website?

Well, if that’s what you think, you’re absolutely right about that.

  • They don’t value focusing on daily practice and we know that a daily practice regimen is the best way to hone your skills.
  • Rocket Ukulele teaches one specific way of playing the ukulele. So, if that doesn’t work for you, you will be out of luck.
  • The instruction is not totally necessary because a songbook or YouTube can give you instructions.

That’s a Wrap!

Music is something that has been seen and heard throughout the ages. It’s in our DNA to want to create music, so make it happen with your own hands using the Rocket Ukulele course today.

The secretive tone of voice: It’s true what they say, “Timing is everything.” And to achieve that, this revolutionary course by Rocket Ukulele can turn ANYONE into a musician in less than 60 days.

Don’t be left out of all the fun; get on board with this life-changing ukulele course and take your strumming skills to the next level!

I know you’re excited about the Pros, don’t ignore the Cons I’ve laid out above.

Also, if you’ve got a brand new ukulele and want to achieve stability like a pro — especially if you play standing — you these ukulele straps would offer you serenity. Also, I’d suggest you take a look at Fender Ukuleles if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line instruments without sacrificing the quality.

Need the Best Uke made for Beginners?

If this is your first time buying a ukulele, you should check out our beginners guide on the best ukuleles. Also, keep in mind all the things we’ve mentioned above so you don’t end up buying a piece of junk.

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