Rover RB-20 Banjo Review

There are many good banjos that are suitable for entry-level banjos that are used by intermediate players. 

One of those instruments is the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5-String Banjo

We’ll discuss who this banjo is for, the features, the drawback, and if you’re missing out.

Rover RB-20

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The style of any musical instrument is determined by its build and the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5-String Banjo is no different. 

Its build enhances the quality of sound and ease of playability of this great instrument. The expertise in bringing each piece together by the builders is what separates it from other rovers in the market.

The Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String Banjo has an 11’’ inch rim and 3.5’’ inch tension hoop. The neck is made from the exquisite mahogany wood. 

The fingerboard is inlaid with dot position markers and has an adjustable truss rod much to your liking. 

Also, the rover comes with an extra truss rod that you can change at any time. 

The rover is light enough to bring out the best quality and making it easy to handle for anyone including children. The lightweight does not affect the quality of the sound and in any case, it enhances it.

The hardware of the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String Banjo is amazing. 

Its tension hoop is grooved around a nickel-plated piece. Nickel is tough and easy to lift hence making the instrument durable. The hoop is adjustable on a tailpiece tension-style. 

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The guitar style tuners have a 5 peg gear. This model provides optimal action that you can adjust to the level where you feel comfortable.

The Rovers hardware is of decent quality and also functional. For its price range, it is mind-blowing value for money for a rover.

The hardware is durable if well taken care of. Once you make a purchase, you ought to take good care of it ensuring that it is well stored and that it always used correctly.

Key Features of the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String Banjo

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 28 Inches
Weight 8lbs.


The rover has a quite yet mellow sound just like the old traditional open banjos. The sound is balanced and sweet. 

The resonator rover are known to have loud and forward sounds but this one is different. You may have played the open-back rover banjos and dreaded its sound because it was too loud and noisy.

Playing the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String Banjo will give you a great sound experience. The ability to adjust the action of the rover and changing the strings will greatly improve the sound quality. 

The rover can be used as part of a band or solo. If being played as part of a band, the rover integrates very well with other musical instruments like drums, piano, and the guitar. It is indeed a team player!

Player Profile -What type of player is it for?

The Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String is an open book that you can learn any style of play with. It can play the Scrugss 3 finger-style, Pete Seeger style or the clawhammer. 

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If you are a beginner with not much knowledge about these styles, they are the simplest and can learn fast.

The instrument is also quite easy to tune. You can do the Double C-tuning, the C-tuning, D-tuning, D minor-tuning, and the G tuning. 

This means that it offers you a big variety of music that you can play with using this instrument. Other similar instruments in the market may not offer you this level of flexibility and choice.

The 5 strings are specifically designed with a purpose. The four tuners are enclosed while the fifth tuner holds its place and turns easily. 

Other banjos in the market can make you feel frustrated when you are turning them and it affects the quality of sound produced. The pot of the rover is also designed to be reliable and strong but at the same time light. 

Surprisingly there are enough brackets that tension the head which means the tension is even out across all points which makes the sound great and stable.

Final Verdict

The rover is the best for a beginner due to its simplicity and build and most of all price.

You do not need much learning to know how it is played and watching a few clips or reading some literature is probably all you need to begin.

The basic components of the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5 String banjo meet my expected quality standards. 

With the many years I have carried and played the rover, I take this assessment seriously and you should also do the same. My assessment is from the experience I have had over the years.

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Your decision to make this purchase will not disappoint. For the price it is offered at, you can be assured that it is great value for money. 

It will also be a one-time purchase because it is very durable if you take good care of it. I hope you will make this important decision soon.

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