Schoenhut Pink Harp (w/ Bench) – In-Depth Review

There’s no better way to awake art in a child than putting him or her in front of a musical instrument, and this is a great choice for that. Among other beautiful musical sets, Schoenhut now offers this perfectly modeled after an adult harp for children.

Let’s dive deep into the details and see if your child needs this harp.


Not only because of how well designed it is, and how cool and pretty it looks as a decoration, but also for the different high quality melodic music tones it provides with its only 15 nylon strings.

Having in mind of course, that this is a toy, and the expectations of the child becoming a pro out of this, should be definitely not high, this is going to be for sure an amazing start before spending thousands of dollars on a real beginners harp; or at least just to see if the kid doesn’t drop out in the middle of the process.

Getting to know the basic children songs or lullabies should be more than an accomplishment when using this toy instrument. It’s very comfortable to play, can be carried along on the kid’s shoulders, and the strings are totally reachable. 

Strings 15
Type Toy
Size L 8.75 x W 13.5 x H27 inches
Weight 3 lbs.

For a better performance, it’s suggested that the instrument should be tuned up almost every time it’s going to be used. With no pedal included, it still produces great sounds.

For tuning, there are no instructions included either, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle since there are video tutorials on “How to tune a harp” all over the internet.

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It comes with a bench (same color) which your child can sit and play their new harp while being comfortable and hopefully be more receptive to learning the harp and keeping on learning to bigger  and bigger heights.

It doesn’t just come in pink as you probably have seen but there also is a gold version.

It’s a Great Gift Idea

The Schoenhut pink harp could be a great gift for you child. Birthday, Christmas, etc. It’s good to get children learning instruments when they are really young so they can develop their brain more quickly and make it easier to learn not only the harp but anything in general.

Famous People Love It

According to this article a lot of famous people like Chrissy Teigen, Mariah Carey, P!nk are buying this harp for their children to play and learn an instrument.

Who Needs This Harp?

This harp is for children only. This is really only a toy so be careful and set your expectations adequately. Once your child masters this they will need a harp just a step up fairly quickly.


Schoenhut found a way through this little set to assure that the child who plays with this set is going to be having a lot of fun, getting the hang of a musical instrument and learning about it, all at the same time.

If your child is really young then this a great gift to allow them to begin their journey into learning instruments an hopefully hen they grow they will keep it going and keep learning.

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