Washburn B10 Banjo Review – In Depth (2023)

If you’re interested in the Washburn B10 Banjo then this review is for you.

Let’s get into it. This banjo is great for beginners and intermediate banjo players. It is quite inexpensive for the sound and quality that you ultimately get, which is surprisingly good.

Washburn B10 Banjo

Now let’s dive deeper and get into the details of what is good and bad about the Washburn B10.

The banjo is played by many banjo players who are interested in purchasing a banjo made by an American company so that they can be assured of a quality product.

Washburn is one of the oldest manufacturers of banjos in the world, building banjos since the late 1800s. The company has built a reputation of selling some of the finest banjos available in the era.

Washburn continues this tradition of making some of the best handcrafted banjos till date. This washburn b10 banjo review provides an overview of the banjo along with the pros and cons of purchasing this banjo

The Washburn Americana 5-string B10 banjo has a mahogany resonator, and it has a gloss sunburst finish so that the projection and volume can be maximized. 

The banjo is supplied with strings from D’Addario which are already installed and the mahogany neck of the banjo has a fingerboard with twenty two frets.

For smooth tuning, the banjo has die cast tuners. The banjo has an original Remo head for high quality music.

The maple bridge is ebony tipped for greater durability. The bridge is supplied separately and the banjo player should install the bridge on the correct position.

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Some players are using the Cleartune app to adjust the position of the bridge, to get the music quality they require.The setup time for the bridge is typically fifteen minutes.

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 28 Inches
Weight 8lbs.

The B10 has only one coordinating rod and the neck of the banjo has pearl inlays to give it an elegant look.

This banjo is made from alternative engineered wood and a rosewood version of the same banjo is also available. It is also easier to get it repaired at a music shop or resell it at a better price.

A chrome armrest is also supplied with the banjo, so that the player can rest his arm comfortably while playing the banjo.

The length of the banjo is 28 inches, thickness is 6 inches and the width of the instrument is 15 inches. The shipping weight of the banjo is 8.3 pounds.

The handcrafted banjo is designed to last a lifetime of banging around.

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Banjo Player Profile

Many banjo players have preferred to use Washburn banjos because of excellent tone, design, construction and reasonable price, which make it good value for money.

The B10 is considered to be the ideal banjo for those who wish to learn to play Bluegrass music.

Though the comparatively inexpensive banjo is suitable for beginners learning to play the banjo and amateur musicians, it can also be used by professional players.

Due to the high quality materials used, and craftsmanship, the banjo will last for many years.

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Pros and Cons Of The Washburn B10 Banjo


  • Washburn, one of the most reputed producers of banjos, with more than a century of experience
  • Extremely high quality materials used in the banjo
  • Excellent craftsmanship, well designed banjo
  • Price is very reasonable, good value for money
  • Musically, resonance and tone of the banjo are excellent
  • Remo head used is original for better quality
  • Resonator and neck are made from mahogany for better durability, sound quality
  • Armrest is provided for comfortability
  • Ebony bridge is tipped so that it lasts for a longer time


  • Some additional effort is required to set up the bridge on the head of the banjo, following the instructions
  • Since no bag, pickup or straps are supplied, the player will have to purchase them separately or use spare supplies if already available

Final Verdict

The Washburn Americana B10 banjo is highly recommended for beginners who are interested in purchasing a quality banjo from an American company at a reasonable price.

Banjo players who have purchased the banjo have rated the banjo very highly since the craftsmanship is excellent, the banjo is easy to use for both beginners and more experienced persons, and it is good value for money.

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