Why Are Bagpipes Played At Funerals?

Have you been wondering why are bagpipes played at funerals? It cannot be denied that music is a big part of a funeral service. For many hundreds of years, the bagpipes have been used for the sake of commemorating the loss of family members during the time of a funeral service.

Bagpipes are noted as being a highly preferred instrument to play at funerals due to the fact that they sound mournful and can seem to touch the most intricate part of the emotions in a powerful manner.

It is as if the bagpipes are able to express the deep mourning of the soul–a type of mourning that cannot be expressed merely with human words.

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What Is The Song Played On Bagpipes At Funerals?

When consideration is given to the song that is played on bagpipes at funerals, there is a high prevalence of choosing to play the song by the title of Going Home. This song is used for funerals that tend to be religious in essence.

This is based on the Christian principle that many believe that they are going away to return to God their Maker in His wonderful Kingdom of Heaven once they die. The idea of this theme is presented in a rendition of Dvorak’s Symphony Number 9.

This song tends to provide a source of comfort in that though the loved one has passed from this present life, there is the theme that all believers will be reunited once again in Heaven.

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There is the acknowledgment that since the work of the loved one on earth has now been finalized, the person can finally rest. The song reminds us of these principles. 

Then it is noted that another popular song that is played on the bagpipes at funerals tends to be Flowers of the Forest. This is regarded as being a folk song that is of Scottish heritage that was created around the time of 1615. 

This song was developed as a memorial to the defeat that was experienced by the Scottish Army that took place in the year of 1513 at the Battle of Flodden.

This song is normally presented only during solemn times, such at funerals. As a result, it is the tradition of many bagpipe players to play this song only during the time of a funeral. 

Why Are Bagpipes Played On Remembrance Day?

There is the playing of bagpipes on Remembrance Day due to the bagpipes having such a strong connection to the military. The bagpipes had been used during military service to give various commands to soldiers and to honor the death of military soldiers.

The bagpipes are reminiscent of solemn soldiers with the portrayal of poppies on their lapels to honor others who have gone before who died in the battle for freedom. The soldiers have made many sacrifices.

Many have passed away and some are still present among us. Remembers Day primarily commemorates the Second World War achievements of freedom at a bloody cost. But Remembrance Day also commemorates the efforts of those who have also fought in other wars. 

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It is recognized that the bagpipes are part of the military legacy. This is because of the fact that bagpipes are connected to strong ties of freedom. Fascism could have overtaken the world.

But brave soldiers gave their lives in battle to protect the freedom of many nations of the world.

Because of their sacrifices, many of us enjoy freedom today and their sacrifices have impacted many others to follow in their steps to protect the freedom of the nations of the world. 

Can Anyone Have Bagpipes Played At Their Funeral?

It has been a long standing tradition for bagpipes to be the main instrument that was used at funerals that commemorated the deaths of police officers as well as firefighters.

Bagpipes may not seem to be the most preferred instrument in many normal contexts outside of a funeral setting.

However, it cannot be denied that bagpipes do seem highly appropriate for the funeral scene as a result of seeming so mournful and thus being in direct associations with the feelings of the people who have lost a loved one.

Therefore, the reality is that if you like bagpipe music for funerals, you are able to use bagpipe music at a funeral since there are no rules that say that bagpipe music cannot be used by certain people.

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