ADM 5-String Banjo Review – In depth (2023)

Let’s cut to the chase. The ADM 5-string banjo is a beginners banjo that has decent sound and comes with a ton of accessories which are average quality. 

If you’re a beginner or just want something to have fun with that actually has a good sound for the price then this is the banjo for you.

Click here to check it out and let’s get into the details.

The ADM 5-String Banjo is a full size affordable banjo from All Days Music (ADM), a manufacturer of entry level musical instruments. 

All the instruments from ADM are handcrafted and are of a high quality. All banjos are checked for quality before shipping.

Unlike most of the inexpensive banjos that have a friction tuner, the ADM banjo has a geared fifth tuner, for better control and sound quality.

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Features of the ADM Banjo:

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 42 Inches
Weight 8 lbs

This banjo comes with a removable mahogany resonator with 7-ply maple. Removing the resonator can provide greater control and versatility with your music choices and playability.

For greater control the banjo has 24 brackets. The bridge is made from maple and the hinged tailpiece is adjustable. 

The arm rest is chrome plated for greater durability. The shell of the banjo and resonator are made from mahogany for high quality sound and fingerboard is also made from mahogany. 

This banjo’s neck is made from seven ply maple. Other components are made from high quality rosewood with a hard texture so that it is not easily deformed. Using rosewood ensures that the banjo structure remains stable and the transmission of sound in the banjo is also improved. 

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Along with the banjo, an additional set of banjo strings, and more accessories down below. 

Comes With:

  • Banjo
  • Gig Bag
  • Extra Strings
  • Strap
  • Tuner
  • Picks

Banjo Player Profile

This ADM banjo is specifically designed for music students and others who are learning to play the banjo for the first time since it is easy to use, and extremely affordable in price. 

If you are interested in learning to play the banjo as a hobby or professionally, learning to play a particular musical instrument or banjo for the first time, you are likely to make mistakes, and handle the banjo incorrectly. 

An entry level banjo, which is reasonably priced, which they can use to learn to play the banjo. 

The string twist is pearl white, while the banjo is white and wooden brown in color.

Pros and Cons of the ADM Banjo


  • Mahogany resonator and shell for high quality sound that is removable
  • Has 24 brackets for greater control on the music
  • Tuner is simple and effective
  • Harder components are made from rosewood for greater stability, improved transmission of sound
  • Armrest is chrome plated for durability 
  • High quality instrument checked for quality
  • 3 picks, extra string set and gig bag provided free
  • Inexpensive affordable full size banjo, designed for beginners
  • Easy to use, no assembly required for the banjo
  • Can be plucked with the fingers if the picks are not available 
  • ADM is a reputed manufacturer of entry level musical instruments 


  • Finger picks are small, not suitable for larger fingers
  • No left handed option
  • No owners manual
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Final Verdict

Many students and others are interested in finding a low priced full size banjo which they can use to learn to play the banjo. 

The 5 string banjo from ADM is a well designed banjo having almost all the features of a professional banjo, so that the user can learn to play music on the banjo. 

You would be happy with the banjo, since it is well designed and is priced reasonably and will have a ton of fun.

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