Best Banjo For Old Time Music 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

If you are a person who happens to possess a deep love for the look of an old time banjo and the kind of music that it produces, then you will be highly pleased with the selections of quality old time banjos that we mention here.

They truly give you the appearance and performance that you are looking for and these banjos are the preference of many advanced banjo players.

These banjos also are great for those who are just commencing learning to play the banjo, as these banjos are certainly user friendly and easy to play.

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Top 5 Old Time Banjos

#1 Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo

The Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo provides an understated appeal, which is what makes it charming as on old time style banjo. There are twenty-two frets to allow you to play a wonderfully wide range of diverse notes to make beautiful music, whether for your own pleasure or when you have a desire to please a large crowd of people who are real banjo music lovers.

The neck is made of rock maple, which adds to the durability of this finely crafted banjo, along with bow tie inlays of solid hardwood that contribute to an excellent caliber of dependability for a banjo that you want to play a lot of songs on. The tuners are geared and sealed to allow you to tune this amazing banjo with real precision to ensure that your music will sound the best it can possibly be at all times.

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The bridge is constructed of a combination of ebony and maple. The tension hoop is crafted of steel that is of high quality. The rim is made of gorgeous maple. And you will be pleased with the high crown head that provides for a good quality of sound every time you strum along on this sensational performing banjo.

#2 Rover RB-20 Open Back 5-String Banjo

When you are looking for a banjo that reminds of you of older Americana times in regard to the old time tunes that you have come to love, then you will surely want to invest your time, energy, money and effort into getting the Rover RB-20 Open Back 5-String Banjo, which is exquisitely crated of mahogany and East Indian rosewood. The neck of this distinctive banjo is slender in order to allow for ease of playing, which will increase the level of comfort during usage.

This means that you will be able to play this banjo for a longer period of time without any discomfort as a result. The rim is made of quality composite material in a stunning gun metal grey color, which means that you can truly count on this unique banjo to perform well at all times. Further, you will be impressed by how durable the strings are, as they are relatively strong and do not easily break during extended periods of playing your favorite songs on this top class banjo.

#3 Recording King RK-OT25-BR Madison Open Back Banjo

When you are in search of a banjo that has a distinguished essence about it, then you will fall in love with the Recording King RK=OT25-BR Madison Open Back Banjo the first time that you see it. And once you start playing this impressive banjo, you will not be able to put it down. This is a wonderful choice of a banjo that plays professional quality music, which means that this instrument is even fit to use when you want to play in professional settings or when you desire to enter a banjo music competition.

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This banjo is light in weight and is ideal to take along with you if you travel, so that you will be able to enjoy terrific quality banjo music any time anywhere. The banjo provides good resonance and provides a more noticeable vibrant quality to music in comparison to other banjos that do not provide such a high caliber of music. You will appreciate the fact that this banjo has an authentic Remo head, which elevates the quality of the music most assuredly.

#4 Saga SS-10 Old Time Banjo

If you are just starting out in the world of banjo music, then you will be pleased with the Saga SS-10 Old Time Banjo. This is due to the fact that this banjo was designed with beginner banjo players in mind, which is truly evidenced by the fact that this banjo is supremely easy to play. Though this banjo is indeed easy to play, it is also revered as a top preference by many advanced banjo players due to the quality of the tonality of the music that this well made banjo puts forth every time it is played.

You will appreciate the slender neck of this banjo, as this allows for ease of finger movements when you are trying to reach all those various notes for your favorite songs. This banjo is made to be comfortable to play, whether the hands of the person playing this top of the line instrument are large or small. The fret work of this particular banjo provides meticulous accuracy to produce intonation that is correct and gorgeous for all the tunes that you play.

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#5 Gold Tone CC-50 Cripple Creek Banjo

If you have been frustrated by other poor quality banjos that just did not seem to stay in tune all that well, then you will be pleased with the selection of the Gold Tone CC-50 Cripple Creek Banjo. This is an amazing banjo that provides intense quality, which is what you need and expect in regard to your banjo.

As a result, this banjo does indeed stay in tune for long periods of time in order to produce a thrilling musical performance any time you play this fine quality instrument, whether for yourself or when you are aiming to please a crowd of banjo music enthusiasts. The tuners work easily to ensure that the banjo is always in tune and ready to produce rich sounds that combine to make wonderful music time you desire to strum away on this meticulously crafted banjo.

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