Harp vs. Guitar: Everything You Need To Know

Although the harp and guitar are both stringed instruments that’s most of what they have in common with each other. 

Guitars usually only have 6 strings while the harp has up to 47 strings and they are shaped quite differently. The guitar has great mobility while the harp is stationary.

But nevertheless knowing about the differences and similarities of any instrument is interesting and informative.

What’s The Difference Between Harp and Guitar?

Guitars usually have just six strings, thus six diverse thicknesses.

The majority of the harps are typically strung with gut strings, and a usual concert harp will in all likelihood have an arrangement of strings wrapped with wire in the bottom, and then gut strings with 47 strings. 

Many of them use nylon in their upper octaves.

Guitars are usually completely strung in single or the other, nylon or metal.

Difference between harp string and guitar strings

The strings of a Harp are color coded, and thus you recognize the string for each note. The Cs are red in colour while Fs are black-blue, or purple (the majority of them use blue).

The guitar strings gauges are made for guitars while the harp strings gauges are made for the harps, and diverse harps may have the exact necessity for gauges.

With guitars, you might get away with exchanging out to a several gauge string with no much complexity. 

Harps have way more strings than the guitar

Is the harp easier to learn than guitar?

The harp is among the easiest to play than the guitar and not only guitar but in the range of stringed instruments. 

Harps have tolerated since they are easy to get to and kind even to the most elementary of performers. 

As with the majority of the things, the more the effort along with the commitment that you offer to the harp, the more fluent and more convincing the resulting music will be. 

The specific joy that comes with learning the harp over the guitar is that even a plain piece of music, regardless of whether it is played by a learner, sounds lovely.

If the harp is going to be the first musical instrument that you have ever played in your life, you will see it be readily easy to get to. 

People with a piano knowledge are typically plucking two-handed tunes on their first time playing. 

Guitar players realize that there is no hassling of the strings or discomfited hand positions, no pick-offs, no hammer-ons, and the performance is much smoother.  

The guitar is a bit harder. The musical tones patterns are much tricky to learn and also are the scales.  

Learning a harp is pretty more comfortable than learning the guitar and the violin too, against the common misapprehension. 

The guitar and also the violin requires at least several weeks of practicing for you can begin getting a lovely sound from them, while the harp sounds unbelievable right from the start. 

New musical tones are both obvious and straightforward, and no chord chart is needed! The only complexity is that a harp is a bit more costly and there are far fewer lessons on harps compared with guitars.

Which one should you learn first?

It is better to start with learning harp first before a guitar since you will get more theory with the harp than what you will get from the guitar.

You do not have to study it to the high level, although just getting to the third grade level makes nearly each instrument very much more manageable. 

It is very easy to get harp basics fast and not distress your family for years, but the details that entail playing well can be somehow tricky! 

Harps can also be quite more costly depending on which one you get. If you are interested here are the best beginner harps.

As a result, it depends whether you just desire to jam with your friends or play at a high level whichever the instrument you choose!


Regardless of the instrument that you pick, the ancient phrase that says ‘practice makes perfect’ typically fits perfectly on this. 

You have got to spend your time daily by playing as well as listening, and you will find yourself getting better at it. It also comes with self-drive you can get all of them at once if you are determined to know how each of them work. 

There is a pride that comes with you if you can play quite a lot of instruments. 

They bring challenging details in your life that when you grasp them they will stick with you for eternity. 

These are the basic instruments to get over first then the rest will be easy to learn as you only need the foundation and everything else will come automatically without much struggle.

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