How Much Does A Trombone Cost?

Now that you are interested to learn trombone, you need to know first how much does a trombone cost.

This brass instrument has a variety of brands for both intermediate and beginner students. Trombones are popular in jazz music. It is a fun instrument you get to play in a band.

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How Much Is The Average Trombone?

The costs of trombones vary from brand to brand and specific models. You can find beginner trombones in a price range between $400 and $1500. Step-up or intermediate trombones may cost you from $1400 to $2800. Whereas, the professional entry-level trombones start from $2800 and goes up.

The materials and features used contribute to the pricing as well. While .500 bore size seems to work fine with a beginner musician, advanced and intermediate trombones have a bigger bore size, a big shank mouthpiece, a different bell size, and an f-trigger.

So, the price of trombones begins from a few hundred dollars and continues to a few thousand dollars. However, it depends on whether the brass instrument is a professional, intermediate, or a beginner grade, the brand, and the age.

Other important factors that add to the price include the bore size of the instrument, materials used in the making, manufacturer or brand, and the level of craftsmanship. You may find some trombones with extras and accessory kits that make the price a bit higher.

How Much Does A Yamaha Trombone Cost?

There is no question that Yamaha has become one of the largest manufacturers of different types of musical instruments around the world.

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As such, it makes lots of musical instruments and trombones. These instruments are made available in a variety of price points and a range of styles.

Yamaha was established in the year 1887 and counted as one of the respected brands when it comes to good music playing instruments. There are different types of trombones made by the Company. And, they are intended for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

So, you get to see a different price range on all the trombones produced by Yamaha. The Company has tons of designs when it is about trombones.

On average, you can find Yamaha trombones in a price range from around $700 to $6500, and even up for a few specialized instruments.

One of the best advantages of the Yamaha trombones is that they are durable. These musical instruments are tested to make sure that quality doesn’t get compromised before being shipped to the people.

How Much Does A Trigger Trombone Cost?

A trigger is a kind of lever used in certain brass instruments to provide special functionality. You can operate the trigger with your thumb, index finger, or little finger based on the instrument used.

A trigger is commonly found on trombones, tubas, trumpets, and horns.

Before finding the cost of a trigger trombone, it is important to learn a bit about the triggers on the musical instrument.

A trombone falls in the B-flat key category. The tenor and bass trombones have a trigger so that the instrument could be played in the F-key.

The normal usage of the trigger changes the notes and positions slightly. When you are looking to buy a trigger trombone, it is crucial to know beforehand what you want. There are different attributes of the f-attachment on the instrument.

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This may include a tenor trombone that comes with an f-attachment, a mechanical or string linkage, and a traditional or open wrap. If you are looking to buy a trigger trombone, it could have a price range between $2000 and $3500.

A trigger trombone costs a bit more than the regular ones.

How Much Does A Used Trombone Cost?

In most cases, buying a used trombone could be a fine option if you are beginning your journey in the area of music.

However, make sure you replace the mouthpiece before using the musical instrument. Also, you have to take care of a few important things before heading on to the purchase.

Watch out for any kind of major repairs needed in the used trombone. If you need many repairs, it’s better to buy a beginner trombone. Any kind of expensive repairs is not worthy of the price you have to pay to buy the used one.

There are many online sites where you can buy a refurbished trombone. But move ahead with caution and don’t forget to evaluate the repairing cost it may need after the purchase.

Also, you can buy a used trombone from a local music store, if they are willing to sell.

In general, you can find a used trombone with a price tag starting from $650. You could find other refurbished models above the said price.

Keep in your mind that while buying ensure that it has the key features included for your specific needs.

Why Are Trombones So Expensive?

There are lots of factors that make a trombone an expensive piece of musical instrument. There are tons of manufacturers producing a variety of models.

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The trombone is durable and easy to handle musical instruments that emit the best-quality sound necessary for a great musical experience.

However, it is often seen that trombones are expensive not because of the sound they produce, but for the materials used to build it. Therefore, how much you are paying for the instrument plays an important role.

You can go for the expensive one, but it may not deliver what you have anticipated. Always lookout for the key features in the instrument.

These musical instruments are durable, and you can use it outdoors as well. If you take good care of them, like proper cleaning and sensible care, it could last up to a few years of regular use.

That way, you can get the most out of your investment in this expensive musical instrument.


Keep in your mind that the most expensive instruments have a better sound quality and ease of use. However, affordable trombones are perfect if you want to learn the basics of music.

That way, you can develop your skills. So, trombone players need to keep affordability and quality in mind when opting for a brass instrument.

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