Pyle Banjo Review – In Depth

You have made a decision to get a new banjo and it’s already frustrating you to know how difficult making a choice has been. 

The Pyle 5-String Banjo is a good banjo that you can spend little money on but get most the same value as other costlier banjos in the market. 

Banjos are expensive and you obviously don’t want to make a mistake on the purchase and realize that you could have gotten a better deal with the money you want to spend.

Pyle PBJ60 (link)

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The back and the side of the Pyle is made of mahogany material to make it strong and durable. 

The Pyle ease of play and comfortability is due to its lightweight to the extent that you will not be overwhelmed by its weight. Heavy banjos may constrain playability as players struggle to hold them up.

The neck adjustment has a truss rod next to the maple ridge which works well when it is being played. 

Also, the pyle has good tuner key pegs that are also friendly to handle. Its 5th tuner string enables great playability through the ease of changing tunes to produce great and different sounds.

Unlike the other banjos in the market, the Pyle is not set up at the factory. You have to do the installation of the bridge and other little adjustments to suit your needs. 

It is fairly easy because the Pyle manual gives clear instructions on what you have to do and all the parts are properly fixed. 

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Fortunately, you can always call the Pyle seller to give you instructions in case you have a problem with setting it up.

Key Features of the Pyle 5 String Banjo

Strings 5
Frets 22
Size 39 Inches
Weight 7.2 lbs


The Pyle PBJ60 certainly delivers on the sound. While it may not have the most quality of hardware compared to other banjos in the market, it does produce a very high-quality sound. 

The Pyle has a deep and sweet sound that can play any music of your choice.

Bluegrass, folk, country, etc. Plays most types of music decently nothing amazing but definitely surprising.

With a budget banjo you never know what you are going to get but the Pyle is pretty goo in the sound department.

Player Profile -What type of player is it for?

The Pyle can play any type of music such as traditional Irish music, bluegrass music, Dixieland jazz, and country music. 

To play the clawhammer, the Pyle player makes down-like movements on the strings using his middle finger as they pluck the 5th string with the thumb finger. The hand takes a claw shape hence the name Clawhammer.

The Pyle can play the bluegrass music by fingerpicking the index finger and having the thumb pick up the third-string and it drives fast tempo music much to the happiness of the listeners and those making the music. 

Therefore, buying the Pyle is a good way of knowing your kid’s interest in music because it gives them a variety that they can play and in the course of their making of music, you can easily learn of their interests.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Pyle traditional design and rich wood finishing makes it beautiful to look at. The tuning and the fretboard makes it produce iconic sounds. 

Playing the Pyle will create lasting memories for you and those you are playing the music for.

The Pyle PBJ60 may not be the first choice for experienced banjo players because they will probably go for a higher-end banjo but if you are a beginner or looking to buy a banjo for your child. See the best banjos for beginners.

The Pyle is the best option for you as has been discussed in this article. If the positive reviews are anything to go by, you are guaranteed to have the best product in your hands. 

Remember that you do not need to worry about any manufacturer hitches that may arise, which is rare. 

It is also the banjo of choice if you are a frequent traveler as it is light and you can travel with it wherever you go. 

In case they do, the Pyle comes with a guarantee that you can always take it back for rectification of complete changeover.

You can’t go wrong with the price and quality.

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