Best Banjo Under $300 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Do you want a great performing banjo, but you have found that the prices of many banjos are too expensive for your budget at this present time? The good news is that you can indeed get the best banjo under 300 dollars.

#1 Washburn Americana B10 Banjo
#2 Oscar Schmidt OB5-O-U 5-String Banjo
#3 Oscar Schmidt 5-String Banjo OB5-A

We provide you with information about the top ones here for your benefit. Surely one of these selections will meet your needs, so that you can have a terrific banjo without spending an insane amount of money.

#1 Washburn Americana B10 Banjo

The Washburn Americana B10 Banjo is a wonderful quality banjo that has five strings. What adds to the classiness of this budget-friendly banjo is the fact that it comes with a resonator that is constructed of rich mahogany wood. It is noted that a sunburst gloss finishes this wood nicely.

Also, the richness of the mahogany further is showcased in the neck of the banjo that houses a fingerboard that has twenty-two frets. Also, this finely crafted banjo provides you with elevated elegance as a result of the pearl inlays that are supremely deluxe. The tuners are noted as being die cast in order to offer smooth tuning.

This banjo comes with a Remo head that is undeniably authentic to allow for more clarity for the music that you play with this great performing banjo at all times. The bridge is crafted of gorgeous maple and is tipped with ebony to allow for articulation that is elegant and pristine.

Also, the armrest that is crafted of chrome provides extra comfort, so that you can play thrilling banjo music for long periods of time. You will be pleased with how great this banjo will sound once you play it. It is truly easy to tune and will stay in tune well for a long session of enjoyable music playing.

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The bridge is also easy to attach to the banjo. Indeed, this is a terrific selection of a banjo when you are on a tight budget.

#2 Oscar Schmidt OB5-O-U 5-String Banjo

When you need a banjo that will not take too much money out of your wallet and that will perform greatly, then you will be impressed with the Oscar Schmidt OB5-O-U 5-String Banjo. The fret board of this fine quality banjo is made of ovangkol wood. It comes with the provision of a wonderfully crafted resonator that is made with mahogany wood.

You will be impressed with the volume that this banjo, therefore, is able to produce for easy listening when you want to entertain crowds who love banjo music. The neck is made of nato wood that adds to the strength and durability, along with the beauty of this part of this top quality instrument.

The fret board has multiple inlays of gorgeous rosewood. The tone ring provides you with thirty brackets and is cast of aluminum. In addition, the resonator is powerful by producing good quality music with sensational volume. It is further noted that the quality of the resonator stands out as a result of it being made of top notch mahogany wood.

This banjo comes with a fifth string tuner that is geared to allow you to ensure that your banjo is always in tune as you expect it and need it to be when you are playing your favorite songs for your own personal enjoyment or when you are playing to entertain an audience.

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This banjo further comes with a Remo head to ensure that the quality of music that you play is the best that it can be without any twangy tinniness that otherwise could detract from the beauty of your banjo music.

When you get this banjo, you can have the confidence that your music will sound classy and will be pleasant to listen to. 

#3 Oscar Schmidt 5-String Banjo OB5-A

The Oscar Schmidt 5-String Banjo OB5-A will not let you down, as it can keep up with the more expensive banjos that professional banjo music masters play. Indeed, this is quite impressive for a banjo that is considered to be rather economical in price.

Due to this banjo being so well priced, it would make an ideal gift to give to a child who would like to start learning to play the banjo. Or if you have been using an old banjo that someone gave to you and now it is time for a new banjo when you are on a tight budget, this banjo will surely not disappoint you.

The strings on this banjo are well made, so that they can endure many sessions of wonderful banjo playing. The back of the banjo is constructed of mahogany that adds to the beauty and durability of this instrument that is made with classy craftsmanship. The quality is further seen in the gloss finish and the fact that the neck of the banjo is crafted with nato wood.

The good news is that this banjo comes with an authentic Remo head that will elevate the quality of your music that you play on this banjo, so that there is no presence of tinniness in the sound of the music at all. The tone ring is constructed of aluminum and comes with thirty brackets. It is noted that the hardware on this banjo is made of chrome that adds to the durability as well as the elegance of this truly impressive and reliable instrument that will provide you with much musical enjoyment.

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It is impressive to realize that the fifth string tuner is geared in order to allow for easier tuning of this fine quality musical instrument whenever you crave to play your favorite tunes. It cannot be denied that overall this is an excellent choice of a banjo that is easy to play and that offers a real stately look of classiness that you are looking for in your own banjo.

The tone and resonance of this instrument sound professional and no one would likely realize that this is a budget-priced banjo when they hear the quality of the music that it puts forth as soon as you start strumming on the strings. 

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