Loar LM-310F Honey Creek – In Depth Review

You might be an aspiring musician who is planning to get a good quality mandolin but you are looking for credible reviews of certain models before you make the purchase.

This article will give you an overview of The Loar Honey Creek LM-310F-BRB model of mandolin regarding its complete size specifications, materials used, and the tonal quality. 

The rich musical tunes of a mandolin can melt the heart of any music lover. Many beautiful folk songs attribute their musical texture and sweet notes to the strings of the mandolin.

The joy of feeling the lustrous wood with your hands and creating music by strumming the strings of a mandolin is a desire harbored by many aspiring musicians.

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The Loar LM-310F Honey Creek: A Comprehensive Outlook

This beautiful piece of workmanship will make you walk down the memory lane of the 1920s and make you reminisce about the music of that era.

The Loar LM-310F will remind you of the raw traditional melodies which are loved by all generations.

The body is made up of Maple wood whose rich chocolate color adds to the appeal of the instrument.


Loar LM-310F is crafted with an F-style body and is sculpted with hand to give it a raw appeal.

This mandolin comes with a V profile which increases the ease with which a performer can handle the instrument.

If you are a lover of the traditional old is gold’ musical notes then this F-style mandolin with a firm spruce top is just the instrument for you.

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Here the specifications of Loar LM-310F will be discussed in detail:

Strings 8
Frets 20
Size 27.5 Inches
Weight 4 lbs.

Size Dimensions

The length of the Maple body is 12.75 inches and has a depth of 2.5 inches. The entire length of the instrument including the neck and the body stands at 27.25 inches.

Nut Measurements

The instrument comes with a nut made of Bone material, having a width of 1.125 inches.

Type of Strings

This mandolin is fitted with 8 D’Addario strings which are renowned for its ability to produce rich melodies and beautiful musical strains.


Loar LM-310F comes with around 20 frets arranged over the fretboard. The fretboard is made up of Revebond wood material which can give the instrument a classy look.

Tuning and Truss Rod Specifications

The tuning mechanism of Loar LM-310F is taken care of by Grover tuners consisting of Nickel coated tuning instruments. This mandolin is fitted with an adjustable truss rod which can be utilized in both the directions.


The rich and luxurious chocolate-colored Maple wood adorns the body of Loar LM-310F. The back portions and the sides are layered with Maple wood which is coated with a smooth, silky satin finish on the body.

The adjustable bridge on the body is constructed with Ebony wood. The fretboard is created with layers of Revebond wood to complete the look of the body. Ivoroid is used as the binding material in this instrument.

The materials used in Loar LM-310F have been crafted in such a way to produce original and pristine musical strains. The gossamer finishing touch provided by the Satin Brownburst adds to the beauty of the instrument.

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Player Profile

This instrument is equally suitable for both beginner level players as well as experienced mandolin performers. The “V’ shaped profile of the Maple body helps the performer to handle this instrument with ease without having to make considerable adjustments.

The experienced mandolin players can modify the location of the bridge and adjust the position of the frets to produce different sounds.

As a beginner, if you want to get your hands on a quality instrument so that you can enjoy learning different tunes with full glory, Loar LM-310F is the one for you. You can use this for long hours of practice to hone your mandolin skills.

There are certain things that you need to be aware of before picking up a Loar LM-310F mandolin.

You have to get the initial tuning and set up done by a professional. The bridge and the fret positions together with the tautness of the strings have to be adjusted in the beginning so that you can just pick up the instrument and start practicing for subsequent rounds.

Though it produces sweet musical notes it is not suitable to produce deep resonating sounds, unlike Loar’s other models.


Loar LM 310-F gives the music lovers the joy of listening to the genuine mandolin chop which is famous worldwide. The glamour of the Maple Brownburst together with the Satin finish makes this instrument nothing less than a fashion statement in the hands of the beholder.

If you want to venture into the universe of mandolin instruments or want to hone your skills with the instrument, Loar LM-310F will be a good choice for you.

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