Best American Made Banjos

Looking for the best banjos made in America? Perhaps you have been wondering about getting a new banjo and have been saving up for a quite a while for your new banjo.

Here in this article, we will present the top three banjos made in america along with their various features in order to be able to help you to decide which banjo will best meet your needs.

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3 Best Banjos Made In America

1. Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo

The Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo is without a doubt an awesome option when it comes to getting a new banjo.

The neck of the banjo is slender, which makes it comfortable for you to hang onto without being bulky or hard on your hand during playing time. The neck of the banjo is crafted of fine quality maple, which gives it an extra sense of luxury.

In addition, the neck has sealed geared tuners that function optimally well for the tuning of your banjo, so that it is ready to make beautiful music every time you desire.

The three-ply maple rim showcases real craftsmanship pertaining to the Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo.The banjo is constructed with a closed back and a resonator that is single bound, which is crafted of top quality maple.

This banjo puts out good projection in regard to the quality of the sound.

Because the Deerin Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo is made with only the best quality materials, you can have the peace of mind that this banjo is ultra robust. Indeed, it is sturdy to hold up to usage on a daily basis, which means that this banjo will last for many years.

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The head of the banjo measures eleven inches.

On the slender neck of this banjo, you will see twenty-two frets that are made of nickel. The geared tuners will ensure that there will be ample clarity in terms of the separation of the notes.

You will be pleased with the comfort that is provided to you when using the arm rest that is nickel plated during times that you are playing your banjo.

In addition, the hardware on the body of the banjo that is nickel plated adds a handsome style to the banjo.

This banjo possesses five strings and you will appreciate that it is easy to tune. You will indeed be able to achieve high and low notes without any hindrance.

Moreover, this banjo is a good option when you are traveling due to the fact that it is constructed to be lightweight.

2. Gold Tone CC-100 R Cripple Creek Banjo

One of the most widely used banjos is no doubt the Gold Tone CC-100 R Cripple Creek Banjo.

This banjo possesses both a neck and resonator that are crafted of top quality maple. Again, maple has been used for the construction of the tone ring and the truss rod is made of brass.

In addition, there is the provision of a two-way tailpiece that is adjustable.

This Gold Tone Banjo possesses a neck binding that is black along with a head stock that is done in maple veneer.

This banjo provides low string action to ensure that the user has an optimal playing experience. When you want high volume with good clarity, this banjo has a top quality resonator that will come through for you every time.

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As a result, your music will be warm and rich in sound.

You will be able to achieve effortless tuning for your banjo due to the fact that it has five strings and a great tuning machine.

This banjo is not heavy at all, since it is only six and a half pounds in weight.

When you crave that added support while you are playing this fine quality banjo, the arm rest will prove to be convenient and comfortable.

As a result, this will prevent you from getting a strained shoulder and you will be able to play your banjo for a longer duration.

In addition, there is the provision of a case to protect and carry your banjo.

3. Recording King RK-R35-BR

The Recording King RK-R35-BR Banjo provides you with five strings and a geared tuner to help keep your banjo tuned to perfection every time you need it to be.

This banjo possesses a slim neck to make playing comfortable and enjoyable. You will be able to easily move your hands up and down this banjo for a great playing experience.

Moreover, this banjo possesses twenty-four brackets along with the inclusion of a resonator that is crafted of exquisite maple.

The bridge is crafted of good quality maple. You will delight in the fact that the hinged tailpiece is adjustable.

Most customers are impressed with the wonderful sound that this banjo puts forth and this is truly a fantastic looking as well as awesome performing banjo. It cannot be denied that this is a banjo that is high-end.

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It is normal for you to desire to play your banjo without having any difficulties.

That is why the chrome plated arm rest will be the exact solution to help you to play your banjo with true comfort every time. This banjo further possesses a high gloss finish which contributes to the stunning appeal of this banjo.

It has all the exact features that you need to make beautiful music with real quality and clarity.

Since this banjo is undeniably light in weight due to the fact that it weighs in at just a little under ten pounds, you will be pleased that your shoulder will not experience any strain during playing time.

This will allow you to enjoy making beautiful music with your new impressive banjo for even longer periods of time.

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Best American Banjo Companies

There are many great banjo manufacturers in the USA but here are the top few:

  • Deering
  • Gold Tone
  • Recording King
  • Jameson


Maybe it seems truly overwhelming to you regarding which banjo you should actually get due to the fact that there are so many banjos on the market for sale these days.

But you can always trust the good U.S of A to make quality instruments that will last a very very long time that you can pass on.

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