Best Harp Stool & Bench: Reviews & Guide

If you’re finally over that old chair you’ve been playing in or just want a new, better stool or bench then you’ve come to the right place.

There are a lot of stools and benches that impress.

We break down the six that matter.

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Best Harp Bench

Neewer Padded Bench

The appearance is first class so it would look great even if you use it for something else.

Also, its large capacity allows more than one person to sit on it.

This product can also be assembled by anyone who just needs to put a little effort into it. Since there are instructions included, it won’t be long before you get to use it. 

There is also a storage space beneath the cushion. You can put a lot of things in there like songbooks so you won’t forget where you put them. 

Best of all,  it promotes the perfect posture for longer sessions.

SONGMICS Adjustable Bench

If you need a place to store your accessories, just open the seat and you can store it there.

It is definitely not like benches that are insanely priced. This is affordable and has great quality.

You can count on SONGMICS for packaging it nicely. Thus, it arrived in such great condition. 

It also did not make any noise every time the height is being adjusted.

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Neewer Height Adjustable Bench

The stool is designed in such a way that your body will feel comfortable and you can play for hours on end.

Due to the materials used, you are going to think it is pretty expensive.

It is actually the contrary as it is pretty affordable.

Since it is so stylish, it makes the room you put it look great.

Best Harp Stool

SONGMICS Adjustable Stool

Out of all the stools on this list, this one has the most comfortable seat. 

The seat height is adjustable to your preferred level so you won’t have a problem doing what you wanted to do. It definitely performs great for its price. 

Thus, it is worth every penny you pay for it. The seating cushion may be a bit hard for some people though so they should work on making it a little less stiff.

This item from SONGMICS won’t take long to assemble. In fact, you won’t need to use any tools to put this thing together. 

Also, their customer service team would love nothing more than to help you. If you have any questions about the chair, feel free to ask them.

Antlu Rolling Stool Swivel Chair

Due to the fact that they used cotton to make this magnificent product, you’re going to feel utmost comfort while using it.

They also use PVC so you’re ensured that this chair will last a long time. 

It will take some time before you need to buy another one. 

In addition, the frame has a solid design. It seems like they spent a lot of time designing it and it really showed. 

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Best of all, it has a stainless steel base so you won’t easily fall off of it for everyone to laugh at you. 

It is also pretty lightweight so you won’t have a problem moving this item from one place to another.

Boss Office Stool

You can also move freely so you can switch from one desk to another in a matter of seconds. 

It comes with a removable backrest that is completely adjustable so you can adjust it to your liking. It is a lot better than other stools that cost twice or even thrice as much. 

Some people have complained the vinyl did not last that long for bigger people though.

I guess that means it is a better fit for smaller people.

Best of all, anybody could put this stool together even without any prior experience.

Stool vs Bench

This is a somewhat heated debate but most professionals end up using a sturdy bench especially playing a gig. 

You definitely shouldn’t be playing in just a regular chair unless you’re just beginning to learn or are just messing around. 

Proper form and posture goes along way in being a good harpist and doesn’t result in an unhealthy way of playing. 

But let’s get deeper into why you would want one or the other.


Stools are a great place to start for many reasons. Most people have some sort of stool in their home for whatever reason even if it’s just a regular bar stool. It still works. 

Although some people don’t like them because it doesn’t feel sturdy enough which in turn is not as comfortable to play after a while.

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But if you get the ones that we have reviewed above they are all top of the line tried and true stools that you can use for years and years no matter how advanced you are in the harp.


Once you get more into harp playing and playing a lot more in general you might want to consider a bench which is typically more comfortable to play for longer periods of time.

Benches are probably your best bet for overall comfort and long playing times. They also just aesthetically look great and better than stools.

Correct Height

Anywhere between 16 to 20 inch stool or bench is perfect for any harp player.


In conclusion we would like to end by saying it doesn’t really matter if you get a harp stool or a bench. Just choose one that you find attractive and fit well to your body type and which one you would like to have around you and your house.

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